Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

To trust the news; to trust a stranger. To naively believe in the good of anybody who approaches, of anything new that one encounters. Faith that anything that happens will be good (or at least have a purpose). Spiritual believes are changed by something or someone. Obtrusive spirituality. To harass someone else with one's spiritual ideas. Witnessing. Holistic approach. To tackle something with a lot of faith.

An imperturbable belief that everything will turn out right. To hope one'll just be lucky and get what one wants without having to do anything for it. To gamble, to risk something because you hope (or have faith) that things will work out in your favour. To feel at ease and unburdened because of a deep trust that whatever happens serves a purpose.

A journey we've always wished to go on. Itchy feet. To finally dare to go and reach for the stars. The belief that it's better elsewhere. To explore spirituality. The search for meaning. To envision what we would like to change, or where we would like to go. To embark on making one's vision come true. To just daydream about doing something instead of actually doing it. To leave something/someone in order to follow one's dreams. To fantasise about someone who is absent; to keep connected with someone although they are absent.

Hopes and wishes concerning one's family or one's home. Trust in our family. A very conservative outlook on the meaning of life, or a very conservative type of spirituality (organised religion). To keep our hopes/dreams private. To think our family life, or a certain rule or tradition, is all rosy while in reality it isn't. Meaningful tradition; traditions give one's life meaning. To find safety/comfort in daydreaming. Ideals about home/family. The ideal home/family. Idealistic view on our home country.

A conflict between down-to-earth, pragmatical, materialistic world view, and an esoteric, spiritual one. To find one's spiritual footing, or to connect with one's spiritual roots. To aspire to physical health. Alternative medicine (might be useful, or not). To loose our footing in the real world through some kind of illusion/delusion. Maybe we've talked ourselves into a fairy-tale kind of fake spirituality, losing our sense of what's real, losing our appreciation of basic (physical) things.

To lose oneself through the wrong kind of spirituality; to be confused about what life's meaning is; to not know what we truly want. Too much daydreaming makes us lose the sense of what's real. To not know whom/what we can trust. It's hard to aspire to something when we don't see any purpose in anything. Harmful illusions. Loss of reality, because an overactive imagination clouds our judgement. Hopelessness vs. keeping up hope. To look at the future with no idea of what could or should happen, or even with hopelessness.

Spiritual leader; guru. To be drawn to a spiritual idea because it makes you feel powerful (or special); seductive spiritual teachings. To have a strong desire to experience transcendence, and to work hard for it. To very ambitiously do everything to fulfil your heart's desires. To be tricked by faith healers or other spiritual charlatans. To fall prey to a cult(leader).

Loss of purpose/meaning; to bury one's dreams. Loss of hope. To let go of an illusion. The end of a spiritual belief. To seek deeper meaning in the experience of a loss, of grief. Or: To not accept a loss (e.g. "He might come back to me!"). To keep up the hope it things might still work out even if everything seems to be over and done now. To reach out (to others, to god, for help) in times of grief. To suppress one's spiritual side.

The longing for fulfilling, friendly contact with other people. To reach out to others with the hope of getting friendliness in return. Wishful thinking we were more attractive, or our situation was nicer, etc. Illusions about our looks. High hopes concerning a social situation. A type of spirituality in which aesthetics play a big role. To aspire to beauty. To trust someone's friendliness.

To take stock: which of one's dreams have been fulfilled so far, which does one still want to try and fulfil, and which should be given up on? To discontinue wishful thinking. Painful confrontation with bland reality. Sudden loss of hope. Interruption of daydreams. To cut down on what we believe the ideal is. To discontinue something old in the hope of gaining something new which is more meaningful. A deeply meaningful cut or break-up. To find deeper meaning in having been emotionally hurt or physically injured.

To find deep meaning in difficult or painful things that happen. To question one's faith. To be critical of esoteric claims; or, scolding for for wishful thinking or daydreaming. Argument about spiritual beliefs; conflicting wishes. Spiritual ideas about punishment or atonement; e.g. karma. Escapism when confronted with abuse. To trust that a conflict can be solved. Shame because one doesn't meet an ideal. Imagined conflict; imagined guilt.

Fickle trust, fickle ideals. Erratic faith. To see meaning in chaos. To turn chaos into something meaningful. To find the meaningful bits in the chit-chat. Too many ideas at once; unstructured vision. To get distracted from following one's dream. To envision chaos, to imagine stress before it happens. Overactive imagination causes nervousness.

Total credulity. Spiritual indoctrination; high suggestibility concerning spiritual ideas. To be so trusting and credulous that it's endangering our safety. The deep wish to have a child. Immature, childish hopes. Beginning hope, first stage of faith; a new wish etc. Little faith; delicate hope. To allow one's inner child to fulfil their wishes. First step towards the experience of transcendence, of finding a deeper connection with the world. First step towards unification.

A conflict between trust and suspicion. Conflict between egocentric standpoint an a wish to feel connected with the universe. An identity which is very bound to spiritual ideas. Suspicious spiritual ideas. To trust in oneself; to trust one's capability to cope. To transcend oneself. Caution in regard to one's hopes. "To dare not hope".

Spirituality, or a certain hope or wish, has a great influence on how you live your life. Spiritual advisor or guru, spiritual guidance. Guardian angel. To find some higher purpose, some deeper meaning, in parenthood/being a leader. Someone or something that has a lot of influence on whether your wishes will come true. To let someone or something influence your hopes/wishes. To put (possibly too much) faith in a parent/leader. A powerful (life) vision.

Hope that dreams will be fulfilled. To imagine the future. Future wish-fulfilment. Vision of the future. Hopes regarding the future. Idealised spiritual system.

A great longing for transcendence, for feeling whole, for meaningful connections. A spiritual process, a long process towards fulfilling oneself a desire. Spiritual inner nature. Meaningful transition. Transformation of one's ideals. Idealisation of a transition. The hope/illusion that someone or something will transform. To trustingly go with the flow. The idea that "Whatever should happen will happen." It's inevitable - the future will become the present.

The wish to be told what to do; the hope that we'll be appreciated. The hope to find a friend or support. (Maybe gullible) spiritual disciple. Support concerning one's aspirations. To trust someone's loyalty. To believe in friendship. Deep connection with a friend. To ask for permission reaching for the stars. To find meaning in helping others.

Spiritual retreat; meditation. To withdraw in order to think about what we truly wish and hope for. To dare reach for a leading position; to aspire to excellence. Ideals are very (possibly too) high. High hopes. A lonely daydreamer. Spiritual authority. To take control over fulfilling one's dreams. Someone who has power over whether one's wishes will be fulfilled or not. Arrogant spirituality. The belief that it's a spiritual goal to be not attached to anything/anyone.

Dreams about being famous. Society's higher purpose; a spiritual view of society. To put too must trust in public opinion; to be too trusting of social networks. Public spirituality; public worshipping. To be in awe of someone who is in the public eye. To present as spiritual/trusting/idealistic. The ideal society; to idealise one's own other other cultures. Illusions about how society works. To make meaningful connections via social media.

Inability (for fear, or because of doubts?) to reach for the stars, to dare to live your dream. Hope has become doubt. Some faith which used to be strong now suddenly has gone silent. Trust issues. To have the experience of transcendence when in the mountains. The spiritual quality of deep silence (internal and/or external). To feel a disconnect between yourself and something or someone; a general feeling of disconnect.

To go where our hopes and dreams lead us. A meaningful choice; or, to assign to much meaning to a decision. Alternative belief systems. A decision what we should aspire to. To envision (possibly unrealistically or idealistically) all possible alternatives. To be in awe of a choice. Ambivalence concerning a spiritual experience. Ambivalent meaning. Something could mean different things. As a warning: it might be unrealistic that a certain path will lead to the end we'd like it to.

Where there was trust, doubts come in. Slow loss of faith. Corrupt, unhealthy spirituality. The suspicion that one's wishes aren't going to be fulfilled. Something or someone is slowly taking away one's believe that one has the right to reach for the stars. Spiritual poverty; a lack of connection with the rest of the world. Lack of meaning; to lose one's purpose.

A very spiritual view of (romantic) love, maybe too much so. The idea that "Everything is love!" or "God is love!". To dare to reach out for love and forgiveness. The (possibly passive, inactive) hope to find love. To see romance where there is none. Romantic daydreaming. To aspire to be more tender and forgiving. Loving connection; to be connected through love. Imaginary love. Future love. To trust in love; faith in a lover. Idealisation of an existing loving relationship, or of romance in general.

A promise to fulfil dreams, to never give up hope. A spiritual connection. To commit to something too trustingly, out of blind faith. That which causes a need for daydreaming, of wishful thinking. To hope that in the future there will be commitment. A future link. A link to the future. Predictable future events. That which connects everything to everything else. Commitment to one's ideals. To idealise commitment or a specific relationship. Shared hopes, or ideals. Shared vision.

Astrology (and the questionable trust in it); astronomy. An (unfulfilled) wish for education or knowledge or truth. To dare tackle difficult, complicated, or esoteric, fields of knowledge. The dry facts behind spiritual ideas. To study spirituality in general or a specific spiritual system. To trust that eventually "the truth will out".

Conversation about dreams and hopes. Email/letter/conversation one is yearning to receive/write/have. To wish one could communicate better, or that someone else would. To feel in touch with the transcendental. To communicate with the transcendental. Prayer. To communicate full of hope for a good outcome; to let others know something, hoping for a certain reaction. Expressions of hope/faith.

Stars-Man (a)
Man who is: hopeful, trusting, spiritual; or has a lot of unfulfilled wishes. Man who aspires to something, who dares to reach for the stars. Daydreamer / daydreams about a man. Man in the querent's future. To idealise a man or men in general. To have faith in a man without good reason, or to have trust in a man (with good reason). Man we feel deeply connected with.

Stars-Woman (a)
Woman who is: hopeful, trusting, spiritual; or has a lot of unfulfilled wishes. Woman who aspires to something, who dares to reach for the stars. Daydreamer / daydreams about a woman. Woman in the querent's future. To idealise a woman or women in general. To have faith in a woman without good reason, or to have trust in a woman (with good reason). Woman we feel deeply connected with.

Stars-Man (b)
Man who is: hopeful, trusting, spiritual; or has a lot of unfulfilled wishes. Man who aspires to something, who dares to reach for the stars. Daydreamer / daydreams about a man. Man in the querent's future. To idealise a man or men in general. To have faith in a man without good reason, or to have trust in a man (with good reason). Man we feel deeply connected with.

Stars-Woman (b)
Woman who is: hopeful, trusting, spiritual; or has a lot of unfulfilled wishes. Woman who aspires to something, who dares to reach for the stars. Daydreamer / daydreams about a woman. Woman in the querent's future. To idealise a woman or women in general. To have faith in a woman without good reason, or to have trust in a woman (with good reason). Woman we feel deeply connected with.

To desire someone who doesn't know about it or who is unreachable. To hope for a fulfilling sex life. Spiritual view of sexuality; to connect sexually; sexual union; tantric sex. To expect too much from sex, or from a lover. To feel one with the cosmos through sensual experience. Intense spiritual experiences; intense hope. Spiritual maturity; mature hopes and wishes.

Virtuous hopes and wishes; to restrict one's wishes to that which one perceives as pure (and proper). To have very modest hopes and dreams. To trust (maybe too faithfully?) in someone's good intentions. (New Year's) resolutions; to want to become a better person. To believe that becoming a better person is the ultimate purpose of life. To find a lot of meaning and purpose in doing virtuous things.

To dare to just be happy - to go where happiness is. The belief that the purpose in life is to be happy (and avoid pain?). To find happiness in a sense of connection with the world. Great hopes. Superficial wishes. Positive spiritual experiences. Confidence that things will turn out fine. Optimistic view of the future. A celebration of one's dreams. Spirituality for show - possibly annoying to others. Superficial spirituality, or a spirituality which only looks at the positive sides of life.

To trust one's feelings, one's intuition. To find rest in escapism. Too many unfulfilled wishes, or daydreams, lead to melancholy. Daydreams and avoidance of reality. Profound spiritual experience. To find great depth and deep meaning in the emotional life. Emotional meaning. Idealisation of deep feelings. To be tired of hoping. Profound spiritual experience. A very profound illusion/delusion. Dark/sad fantasy. Very significant and meaningful connection. Intuition leads us to where we should be!

To understand one's own hopes and dreams. To find access to spirituality, transcendence. To say "yes" to reaching for the stars fearlessly. To be susceptible to esoteric woo, to idealisation, to daydreaming. The spiritual experience of enlightenment, or moments of satori. To open one's mind to the sublime. Envisioning what we want will lead to solving the problem. To open up to making a meaningful connection. To hope for relief. To reach out for something or to someone immediately, as soon as the wish arises. To be under the illusion that someone accepts us, welcomes us. To aspire to understanding something (better). Idealisation of open-heartedness or open-mindedness (when in truth it is sometimes better to not let ideas or other people in).

Wishes and hopes concerning material goods, money, making a profit. A conflict between wanting things, wanting to earn a lot of money, and seeking deeper meaning in life. Too spiritual; too much daydreaming. To make money/wealth an idol. To aspire to something too much. To aspire to wealth. Trust that there will be abundance. Future profit. Imaginary profit; imaginary value. Business vision. The wish to be financially secure, to not have to worry about making a living. To value spiritual ideas or a spiritual life style. A valuable spiritual insight/experience.

To hold on to hope desperately; to be unhappy with how things are and try to aspire to more. Very strong faith; faith offers a foothold. Focus on one's hopes/dreams. Everything revolves around spirituality. Conflict between wanting to reach for the stars and one's daily routines or obligations. To be stuck in a daydream; to hold on to an illusion. Imaginary safety.

Strong religious/spiritual beliefs and feelings. Conflict between religious dogma and personal spiritual experiences. Conflict between what we feel is right and true for us and what our upbringing or our culture's dominant ideology want us to believe. To trust in fate; to believe that what we perceive as our life-task is also a good thing. The idea that suffering will make us wiser, better. Hope is a burden; wishful thinking causes suffering.

Stars - Wild Card
Wishes, hopes, dreams which we haven't even voiced to ourselves yet. Something is already taking shape and will happen in the future but it is impossible to know it at present time. A dream we haven't tried to follow yet; a vision whose realisation we haven't attempted yet. A hope so vague we can't express it yet. Question mark regarding what we should aspire to. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Stars (see the Stars' keywords).

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