To clarify and deepen my understanding of the Stars, I pondered the following comparisons with similar and/or opposing cards. Maybe my comparisons will inspire you to make your own!

Stars: Sceptic thinking skills are not applied to spiritual claims; belief in something simply because "it feels right". Belief in pseudo-scientific woo.
Child: Sceptic thinking skills are not fully developed yet. Credulity because of a lack of experience.

Spirituality / religion
Stars: Transcendence, mysticism. To feel one with everything. Spiritual experiences. Meditation.
Cross: Organised religion; dogma. Religious rules, texts. Contemplation.

Approach to reality
Stars: Idealisation, spirituality; to seek deeper meaning in everything.
Tree: Realism, pragmatism; to constantly check in with what is really, physically there.
Lily: Sensualism; to seek sensual experiences, especially pleasurable ones.
Book: Intellectualism; to seek theoretical/scientific understanding of reality.

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