Nouns / phrases: Moon, night, evening. Autumn, winter. Quiet, rest, respite. Sleep, dream. Darkness (literally and figuratively speaking); that of which we are only half-aware; the subconscious. Vague guesses, foreboding, inkling, intuition. Psyche, soul. Emotions, emotionality. Especially: fears, needs, sadness, melancholy. Emotional upheaval, trauma. Depth, profoundness, significance, importance. "Still waters run deep." For some people: attention, recognition/praise, popularity/fame, imagination, creativity, art, romance, attraction.  
To spend an evening/a night with something or someone. To quieten down, rest, sleep, dream. To darken. To be only half aware; to only guess, have an inkling/foreboding/intuition. To feel something strongly; to fear, need, weep. To deepen, amplify, be immersed in something.
Moonlit, nightly, something that happens in the evening. Quiet, restful, restorative; resting. Tired, sleepy, sleeping. Dark (literally and figuratively speaking), obscure, half-aware, subconscious. Full of foreboding, intuitive. Emotional, soulful. Fearful, needy, sad, melancholic. Emotionally upset, traumatised. Deep, profound, significant, important.

As a person:
Person with the above attributes, esp.: someone intuitive, soulful, fearful, needy. Nocturnal person; person who is tired or asleep. Someone who appears in our dreams. A still water running deep. Someone who is traumatised. Someone who is very important to the querent.

As advice:
Take a nap; rest more! Listen to your intuition! It's important! Negatively: Don't get worked up emotionally!  

Time factor *) : When it's quiet. After you've rested. Evening, night time; late autumn and winter.

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