Nouns / phrases: Some small luck, something which is nice, a happy coincidence or opportunity. Short duration. A gamble; risk-taking. Unburdened ease; no troubles, burdens or responsibilities. "Don't take X too seriously!" Little relevance; low importance. The small joys of life. Avoidance of hardship, refusal to take on a burden or responsibilities. Cherry-picking. Humour, jokes.  
To risk or gamble. To not take something seriously. To dabble in, toy with. To joke/fool around. To keep it light.
Lucky, nice-in-a-small-way. Easy, untroubled, unburdened, unperturbed, happy-golucky. Not-serious; joking, humorous, playful. Unimportant, irrelevant. Irresponsible, a bit risky. Short-lived.

As a person:
Person with the above attributes, e.g. happy-go-lucky person; lucky devil. Gambler, risk-taker. Someone without responsibilities (or someone who refuses to be responsible).

As advice:
Jump at the chance! Don't worry, be happy! Just dismiss it! Negatively: Don't gamble if the risk is high! Do your duty for once!  

Time factor *) : Soon and/or quickly over. Take the chance now - or it will be too late!

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