Nouns / phrases: Parent, parental figure, leader, teacher, supervisor, coach, boss. Leadership, guidance. Power, dominance, influence. Physical strength, strength of character. Warm-bloodedness, choleric or dominant personality, short temper. Assertiveness, bullying. Competence, capabilities, life experience, practical knowledge. Protection, provision, possessiveness, jealousy. Personal property, ownership. Traditionally also: personal finances, e.g. cash flow.  
To guide, lead, teach, coach, supervise, boss around. To influence, dominate, overpower, bully. To assert something or oneself; to stand one's ground; to take charge. To know how to be competent at something. To (over)protect, provide. To take possession, to own.
Parental, guiding, leading, bossy. Powerful, dominant, influential. Strong, (over)assertive, overbearing, choleric, short-tempered. Competent, capable, experienced. (Over)protective, provident. Possessive, aggressively jealous. Well-off.

As a person:
Person with the above qualities. Parent(al figure), teacher, boss, coach, supervisor, leader. The alpha. Bully.

As advice:
Be a good parent / teacher / boss! Assert yourself; take charge! Protect and provide! Negatively: Calm down - don't boss others around!

Time factor *) : Someone, or something, other than the querent has a major influence on when it will happen / can control when, or if, it will happen.

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