Meaning, hope, aspiration, imagination

About the meaning: The commonly used meanings I found for the Stars were very diverse, even divergent. Some of them felt random to me - random in the sense that I didn't get their connection with a starry sky at all, or because they seemed much more directly related to other Lenormand cards. But there were several clusters of meanings which were immediately meaningful and applicable to me. They all expressed thoughts and emotions the deep, starry night sky evokes in me. My interpretation below focuses on those. The others, I mention briefly in the last paragraph.

Meaning / spirituality / transcendence: The first emotion, or thought process the starry night sky triggers in me is a sense of awe. I stand in awe at how unimaginably vast the universe is, and how small I and my issues are in comparison. But there is also the strong feeling that I am still an integral part of it all, connected with even the farthest parts of the cosmos. So the Stars represent the sublime to me, that which is so all-encompassing or transcendent that we cannot express it with words, and the search for deep connections. Secondly, the starry sky often makes me think about the meaning of it all, about the meaning of life in general or my life in specific. Along this line, I often interpret the Stars as something which is deeply meaningful, or as the search for a higher purpose. Finally, as a sceptic, I might take the Stars as a warning. Sometimes, spiritual ideas become pretentious or unauthentic; spirituality can turn into pseudo-scientific woo. Furthermore, the Stars can hint at escapism.

Hope / wishes / faith: The stars look both far away, and benevolent, sympathetic. There is something in their distant twinkle which seems to whisper of future wish-fulfilment. The card Stars stands for that, for the fulfilment of one's wishes, but even more so for wishes yet unfulfilled, and for our dreams and our hopes. The Stars can suggest that we hope things will turn out well. Either in the form of trust - meaning that we believe with good reason (for example because of past experience) that things will turn out well. Or, the Stars suggest blind faith. They can mean that we believe things will turn out well despite a lack of good reason or even evidence to the contrary.

Ideals / vision / aspiration: Closely related to our hopes and dreams are the ideals we look up to. The Stars represents those, as well as idealisation. The Stars can stand for visions we have of the future; of what we want the future to become. In some readings, the Stars simply represent the future itself, events which haven't happened yet but seem to be already foreshadowed. Additionally, when we have ideals, when we have a vision, we shouldn't just sit around passively and wait for them to come true by themselves. That's unlikely to happen. The Stars might simply state that aspiration is already there, but often they suggest that we could aspire to more. They can be seen as a prompt to reach for the stars.

Imagination / illusion: This dimension of meanings stems from the acknowledgement of the fact that the starry sky has always engaged humanity's fantasy. And it is also a direct deduction from the last paragraph. For in order to envision something we need imagination. We need to be able to imagine what the ideal form of the present non-ideal state would be in order to aspire to the ideal. So the Stars speak to me of the power of imagination - often in a very positive sense. The card could for example be suggesting that it would be productive to envision what could or should be, and how this vision could be made reality. But, the Stars might also suggest that we're engageing in wishful thinking, just daydreaming, or even that we're cherishing an illusion.

Other: As I mentioned in the introduction, this last paragraph lists several more meanings of the Stars which I have seen other people use. In brackets, I state the cards I personally allocate them to. Fame (Sun), encouragement (Dog), recognition (Bouquet), moving forward (Ship), optimism (Sun), innovation (Child), inspiration (Key), intuition (Moon), night time (Moon), multitude (Fish), internet (Garden).

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About the Image: On the one hand, my Stars are just that: stars, forming part of a swirling galaxy. In the centre of this galaxy the largest star shines brightly. Presenting stars as part of a galaxy emphasised the aspect of connectedness to me; the idea that everything, even when it seems self-sufficient, standing on its own at first glance, is always a part of something bigger, too. And the swirling shape of the galaxy also brought a sense of movement with it. Everything is always moving, very slowly, maybe, from a certain perspective, but it is never standing still. The future is already taking shape within the present moment.
On the other hand, if you look very closely, you might get the impression that the galaxy transforms into a human figure - or, that a human figure transforms into a galaxy. Looking at the image from this perspective, a human figure made of stars seems to be holding the largest star closely to their heart, and reaching out for yet more stars. The figure can be seen as that which connects everything, the sublime. And it visualises that part of the Stars' meanings which has to do with wish-fulfilment, and with aspiration. Also, since galaxies in reality do not form humanoid shapes, this part of the illustration also represents imagination as well as illusions.
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