Nouns / phrases: Migration, relocation, movement, transition, reorientation. Crossing of thresholds. Transformation. Long process, ongoing process. Something is already happening, but it is not finished by far! Process which is intense, consumes a lot of time, energy and effort. Natural cycles, repetition, recurrence. Return, reconnection. Instinct, inevitability. Inner nature, inner being, essence. Yearning, irresistible pull.  
To migrate, relocate, move, transition, cross a threshold. To redefine, reorient oneself. To transform. To take a long time for something. To repeat, return, reconnect. To try again. To act on instinct, follow one's inner nature. To go with the flow, let something run its course. To long or yearn for something or someone. To feel pulled towards something.
Migrating, relocating, transitioning. Redefining, life-changing. Transformative; transforming. Ongoing, not finished. Repeating. Returning, returned. Instinctive, inevitable. By nature. (Full of) longing.

As a person:
A person with the above attributes. Someone who mightn't be stable or reliable because they are occupied with their own transformation. The person you feel irresistibly pulled towards. Soulmate. Traditionally also: Someone tall, slim, with long legs, graceful.

As advice:
Follow your instinct; follow the pull of your inner being! Try again! Go with the flow; let it run its course! Make sure you know where to replenish your energy reserves / stop when you need rest! Negatively: Break the vicious cycle!

Time factor *) : Something is taking a while, but it is already happening. It can't be hurried, we have to let it go its natural course. At the change of the season(s).

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