Nouns / phrases: Baby, toddler, child, generally "young(er) person". Someone's (grand)child. Son, daughter. Inner child. Small size, delicateness. Cuteness. Fragility, weakness, sensitivity, vulnerability, harmlessness. Belittlement, minimization. Youth; freshness, novelty, innovation. Games, play, playfulness, inability to be serious. Inexperience; the need for guidance and support. Innocence, guilelessness, naivety. Gullibility, suggestibility. Immaturity. Beginning, start, initiation. First step(s).  
To weaken. To rejuvenate. To minimize, belittle, make little of something. To start developing. To play, play around. To need guidance. To begin, initiate. To take the first step.
Childlike, infantile, little, small, delicate. Cute. Fragile, weak, breakable, sensitive, vulnerable, defenceless, harmless, non-threatening. Young, youthful, new, fresh. Innovative, novel. Curious, inquisitive, playful. Inexperienced, in need of guidance. Guileless, innocent, naive, suggestible, gullible. Immature. Beginning, initial.

As a person:
Young(er) person, see above (e.g. baby, child, daughter or son). Inexperienced, naive person or someone curious, playful. Someone delicate, harmless, or cute. Someone the querent belittles.

As advice:
Take the first step! Approach it playfully; be curious! Negatively: Don't belittle it!

Time factor *) : Childhood. In the beginning, initially, early. Short time spans. Spring/morning.

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