Nouns / phrases: News, messages. Someone brings something with them. Approach. Change (especially change which is brought to you). Something which is new, unfamiliar. Action, activities. Intrusion, invasion, attack. Harassment, assault. Intervention, interference, meddling. Swiftness, hurry. Surprise. Bravado.  
To bring something (e.g. a message), to approach. To act. To change something. To charge, tackle, attack. To harass, to assault. To intrude or invade. To meddle, barge in, interfere, intervene. To overwhelm, press, impose on, hurry. To swagger; to grandstand.
New - in the sense of unfamiliar. Changed; (life-)changing. Hurried, swift, surprising. Active, energetic. Flamboyant, pushy, cocky, ostentatious. Intrusive, penetrative, overwhelming. Glaring, gaudy, shrill, harsh.

As a person:
Someone with the above attributes, e.g. someone who is always active or in a hurry; a pushy or flamboyant person. Messenger, deliverer of news. Busybody, meddler, intruder.

As advice:
Take action! Push for it! Prepare yourself for change! Negatively: Don't boast! Don't impose on others!

Time factor *) : Immediately! Or: not yet because first, something else has to happen, is to come.

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