Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

Preventative measures - any kind of protection against any kind of intrusion (mental, emotional, physical, medical - e.g. "to be on guard", "to set clear boundaries", alarm system, vaccination etc.). Dominant, presumptuous, meddlesome actions. News that make great impact; major change. New boss/teacher. Stepparent. Person who is extremely dominant and pushy, or: a very, very strong and determined leader.

A very important chance. To create your own luck. Leader who is quite easy-going. To be (too) lenient with children, students, or employees. To leave responsibilities to someone else; to let someone else deal with things. To be so untroubled that you don't take any precautions. Untroubled or irresponsible boss, parent, teacher. To be unburdened because you have a strong protector. To protect someone so they can be untroubled. To make light of someone's attempts at dominating.

Travel guide. To be confident about a change. To know how to change something. Preparations for a change or a journey. Absent parent. To search for a parent(al figure). To go exploring with confidence. Someone bossily arranges things on behalf of others whether they asked for it or not. Someone or something interfering. Something that greatly influences the direction we take. An absent parent; absence of a leader. To leave behind someone who had a lot of influence on you. To explore one's own powerfulness; to explore dominance. The attempt to change a bossy, dominant person.

To protect family(members) or the home. Security system. Parent, grandparent - family member that has more power than you and/or more practical knowledge. Family (and/or tradition) has a powerful influence on you. Someone or something that influences the family or home life. A dominant family member (negatively: the family tyrant). Clash of wills at home, hot-blooded arguments at home. Very strict rules. To (re)assert the rules. Influential family.

Extremely strong and stable person(ality). To be unfalteringly and unshakeably confident. Tremendous physical strength and vitality. Physically overwhelming - maybe physical domination, domination by physical strength. To be dominated by health concerns or one's bodily needs in general. To take care of physical needs. Vaccination. Physical protection. Bodyguard, bouncer. To be possessive of physical objects, of physical wealth. Healthy/stable/pragmatic parent(al figure). Parent(al figure) who can give us a sense of belonging. Sense of belonging dominates everything. Something has a dominant influence on our vitality.

Gaining practical knowledge and competence protect against confusion and insecurity. Protection against deceit. Someone's confidence hides their insecurity. Insecurities dominate our life. Something or someone that can guide us in times of confusion. Charismatic leader who has something to hide. Cult leader. Bossiness clouds our mind. Blind fury. To proceed confidently although we are disoriented. Misunderstanding with parent, boss, or teacher.

Conflict between someone who has the power (bear) and someone who wants it (snake). To want power or influence badly. To strive for competence and practical knowledge. Manipulative parent/boss. To move towards the goal with assertiveness (maybe recklessness). To assert what you want.

Loss of a leader, teacher, or parent(al figure). Loss of power. To grief over the fact that one's parental role is no longer needed. To guide others in their time of grief. Or: grief has you firmly in its grip. A loss that has great influence on your life. To bury your parental instincts. To suppress your hot-blooded or assertive nature.

Invest in your friendships now so they'll be strong when times are more difficult (or to prevent them from falling apart). Looking nice, making a good impression, is so important to you that it dominates your life. Influential social circle. An interfering visitor. Someone tries to influence who someone else make friends with. To visit or invite a (grand)parent. To flatter, try to win over, or even bribe, someone who is in a position of power. Powerful flattery; to be easily overpowered by flattery.

To discontinue a dominant habit or addiction. To break away from a dominant parent, teacher, partner, or boss. To radically stop trying to influence something. Parents' divorce. To harvest (hoard, pile up things, earn and save money) now, as a cushion for hard times. Powerful sense of urgency. To put every ounce of strength into finishing something now. To end something in order to protect (yourself or others). To put things in order so as to provide/set direction for the future, e.g. to make a will.

Something you regret has a major influence on your life. To be dominated by a sense of guilt. Strong embarrassment. Physically or verbally aggressive parent or teacher. Abuse of power. Protection against violence/aggression. To protect others from aggression. To speak up. Conflicted leader/parent/boss. To be ashamed on behalf of a parent, or to feel conflicted about parenthood. To fiercely (maybe even physically violently) protect. Bouncer.

Overly excited, or very unstructured, communication with parent, boss or teacher. A very nervous, worried, or distracted parent/teacher/boss - or gossip about them. Someone nervous and unsettled needs a strong, protective person to help regain balance. Emotions go high very quickly and subside just as quickly again. Power fluctuations. To be nervous about having to lead. To react protectively quickly (maybe too quickly).

To look for guidance (from the Child's perspective) / to provide guidance(from the Bear's perspective). To look after (or protect) a child; to teach a child; to lead an inexperienced person. To treat someone as if they needed guidance/protection even though they don't. A young, naive, or vulnerable, person is overwhelmed by someone or something too overbearing or powerful. Parent/child relationship. Growing power; inexperience with leadership.

Protecting, leading, or teaching, is part of someone's identity. Distrust of a leading figure or problems with authority in general. Conflict between being told what to do and wanting to do one's own thing. Having to adapt to a leading role or to being a parent. A leading position that is tricky and needs lots of cunning. Vigorous self-defence. Distrust dominates everything. Self-interest influences all decisions. To provide for oneself.

Very powerful/dominant/influential/choleric etc. person. Parental figure who protects or teaches you. The practical knowledge you need for protecting yourself or others. Looking ahead, providing for risks, has taken over a large part of your life.

Spirituality, or a certain hope or wish, has a great influence on how you live your life. Spiritual advisor or leader, spiritual guidance. Guardian angel. To find some higher purpose, some deeper meaning, in parenthood/being a leader. Someone or something that has a lot of influence on whether your wishes will come true. To let someone or something influence your hopes/wishes. To put (possibly too much) faith in a parent/leader. A powerful (life) vision.

Slow but sure transformation of a once very dominant view. The transformation we go through when under the influence of a strong leading figure - or when we ourselves have assumed a leading role. Transformative power of parenthood. Alpha type personality by nature; a natural predisposition to leadership. The longing be dominated. The longing to become a parent or teacher. Power dynamics change. To accept someone's authority; to go along with someone's guidance. A powerful transition that dominates one's life. Conflict between wanting to go along with something and wanting to assert oneself, stand one's ground. Conflict between someone who likes to let things run their course and someone who always tries to take charge. Someone is possessive by nature - be wary! Return of parent, teacher, or boss. Recurring issues with parent, teacher, boss. To slowly grow into one's role as parent, teacher, boss.

Someone's overly dominant behaviour has turned someone else into a passive follower(and maybe that's not good for either). To make someone obey. Someone submissive and someone dominant. Someone leads, someone follows. Boss vs. employee. Dominant, strong, or protective, friend. To protect a friend. Support for a leader/parent. To be too pliable to a parent's influence. Strong loyalty; powerful friendship. To ask for permission or advice of parent/teacher/boss. Devoted but maybe weak parent(al) figure. To exploit someone.

The perfect leader (natural authority (Bear) plus position of authority (Tower)). To say no to a leading position, to being a teacher, or a parent. Emotionally cold parent/teacher/boss. To be dominated by the wish to always be on top, or by elitism. Powerful solitude or loneliness. To fiercely protect one's boundaries. To put up boundaries against a dominant person; or to finally say no to something that has so far dominated one's life. Inability to connect with others has great influence on one's life.

Something that has a strong (emotional) influence on society as a whole - e.g. propaganda, public opinion, the pressure of mainstream. Charismatic public leader. To present as strong and dominant (even if one might feel different inside). To be influenced a lot by the media, public opinion, mainstream ideas, social networks etc. A very strong social network. Powerful or even aggressive advertising.

Problem/blockade/elephant in the room that dominates your life. Important challenge. To ensure there is provision for hard times. Someone who helps you overcome difficulties. To be forbidden something very strictly. Parent, teacher or boss who is extremely stubborn, or who you can't talk to. Something or someone that strongly influences you for a very long time (possibly even when they aren't there anymore; e.g. a parent's disappointment in you is still painfully present for you even when the parent is long dead).

Something or someone that is (trying to?) influence your decision. Confidence about a decision. To lead the way; to dictate the direction. To protect freedom (especially freedom of choice). Undecided leader/boss/parent. Manifold personal strengths that could be drawn upon. The insistence to go one's own way.

Corrupt leader; someone or something is weakening one's physical or emotional strength, or one's authority. Character assassination. To very slowly let go of a position of authority - maybe too slowly. To fight corruption; to fight off vermin (or a virus). Lack of (physical) strength or assertiveness. To think little of one's own powerfulness; weakening self-doubts. Disingenuous parent/boss/teacher; a very unhealthy relationship with parent/boss/teacher. Sick parent(al) figure.

The power of love / forgiveness. Acts of love / compassion that have a great impact on someone. The love for someone is a dominant factor in one's life. A very loving, affectionate, compassionate parent(al figure) / leader / teacher / boss. To seek reconciliation with parent / teacher / boss. Parental love; or to show affection to a parent. Romantic feelings for boss or teacher (or the other way around). Someone teaches us about love. To tend a (sick? sad?) parent. To take the leading role in a loving relationship. To make provisions so a loving relationship can work well even in hard times. Something has a major influence (positive or negative) on a loving relationship.

Commitment to parenting, teaching, or leading. Relationship with parent, teacher, boss. Dependable or predictable parent, teacher, boss. A very strong relationship. A powerful link or liaison. Connection that gives power/influence. To hold on with teeth and claws; to protect a relationship/connection. To insist on a formal/legal commitment - e.g. marriage, a contract. To take someone by their word; to insist someone holds true to their promise. To bully someone into promising something. Strong coherence or cohesion. Something has a very strong effect.

Teacher, professor. Intellectualism or academic endeavours have dominate querent's life. To combine theoretical and practical knowledge (or: a conflict between the two!). Powerful knowledge/truth. To protect a secret. To not let others know / someone doesn't let querent know. To boast about one's knowledge/education. To be cowed by someone's education.

Communication with or about teacher, parent, or boss; or about power dynamics, or provision. Someone dominates the conversation; the topic that dominates the conversation. Documents concerning insurance, (last) will, living testament. Information about teacher/parent/boss. Powerful information; information that gives power to those who have it. To express one's power/authority; expression of anger.

Bear-Man (a)
Father or father figure. Male boss, leader, teacher, protector. Man who is: strong, dominant, protective, choleric, bossy, possessive, competent, wealthy. Possibly: To protect a male person; to make a big show of one's masculinity; appearing masculine (or male) dominates life. Depending on context: to protect oneself or someone else against a man.

Bear-Woman (a)
Mother or mother figure. Female boss, leader, teacher, protector. Woman who is: strong, dominant, protective, choleric, bossy, possessive, competent, wealthy. Possibly: To protect a female person; to make a big show of one's femininity; appearing feminine (or female) dominates life. Depending on context: to protect oneself or someone else against a woman.

Bear-Man (b)
Father or father figure. Male boss, leader, teacher, protector. Man who is: strong, dominant, protective, choleric, bossy, possessive, competent, wealthy. Possibly: To protect a male person; to make a big show of one's masculinity; appearing masculine (or male) dominates life. Depending on context: to protect oneself or someone else against a man.

Bear-Woman (b)
Mother or mother figure. Female boss, leader, teacher, protector. Woman who is: strong, dominant, protective, choleric, bossy, possessive, competent, wealthy. Possibly: To protect a female person; to make a big show of one's femininity; appearing feminine (or female) dominates life. Depending on context: to protect oneself or someone else against a woman.

Powerful sex-drive; hunger and thirst; to be dominated by sensual pleasures. Someone who tries to influence your sex life. Something that influences your sex life. Great competence in the arts - teacher of the arts. To have strong sensual charisma. To be very present physically. A wonderfully skilled (but maybe overly possessive) lover. To play with domination in sex. To protect oneself or someone else from physical desires. Sex education. Birth control.

A parent/teacher/boss with high moral standards; or who puts a lot of moral pressure on you; who wants you to be a good/better person. Someone extremely moralistic and obtrusively self-righteous. Someone who tells you what's right; moral guide, moral compass. Virtuousness in general or specific virtues dominate life - maybe to much so. Very strong moral sense. To protect one's moral purity. To keep things clean (also in a metaphorical sense!).

Very optimistic or popular leader, parent, or teacher. Someone who can teach you happiness. Life is dominated by optimism - or by the search for happiness. To have fun with a leading or parental role. Parenthood/teaching/leading brings happiness. A parent/leader/teacher who can't (or won't) deal with conflicts. Positive reinforcement. A dominant positive influence. An influence that doesn't go very deep.

Strong emotions. Emotions dominate our life. Something or someone who has a dominant influence on the emotional life. Emotional/needy boss, parent, or teacher. Someone who can teach you how to deal with deep emotions, or with intuition. A therapist. To alternate between being too choleric and overly melancholic. To be dominated by a certain fear or need or by sadness in general. Very profound influence (impact). Fluctuating power/strength. Powerful intuition. Possessiveness out of fear/neediness. To try to protect oneself or someone else from the dark sides of life. A dearly needed respite from someone's dominance or a dominant influence.

To be unguarded against being influenced or bossed around. Liberation from a dominant influence. Someone who helps us understand. To open up to a parent/teacher/boss (e.g. in the way that we let them know things about ourselves, or that we let them partake in our life more etc.). Permission from parent, teacher, or boss. Lack of boundaries in relationship with parent, teacher, or boss. Someone dominant forces their way in. The solution can be found in gaining practical knowledge or in gaining more strength, in being more assertive. To use one's charisma to get someone / something. To say "yes" being a teacher or parent. To bully someone into saying yes. To provide access.

Too much power/influence; too bossy. Extreme possessiveness. To put great value in power. Job that gives authority. Financial issues or job-related issues dominate querent's life. Something or someone that dominates or tries to influence querent's work life, or what they consider valuable. To use money to put pressure on others and dominate them, or, more positively: to use money to provide for less fortunate people. To take charge of one's financial affairs. Someone who helps you settle financial issues. To make a financial investment as provision for the future. Wealth and money has bought you power. Great wealth.

A very, very dominant focal point which colours everything else in your life, which everything else is second to. To focus on power, strength, provision, parenthood, or on parent/teacher/boss. Someone or something who is a very strong, solid, stabilising presence in your life - or whose presence in your life is extremely confining. To life with one's parent(s). To be unable to let go of a parent/teacher/leader - to be unwilling or unable to stand on one's own feet. Confined strengths, bound power. To feel very safe with someone.

The burden of leadership/parenthood/being the boss. The care for a parent is a burden. Religious parent, suffering parent. Burdensome relationship with parent/teacher/boss. To suffer under a choleric parent/teacher/boss. Choleric personality traits are a heavy load to carry; dominant partner puts stress on you. The burden of providing (now, or for the future). To view parenthood as the ultimate life-task. Priest, pastor, pope, cult leader. (Overly) dogmatic views which dominate everything. To struggle against some dominant influence.

Bear - Wild Card
A factor, while unknown to us, is still dominant. An influence which is there but we don't see it clearly yet. Not yet a parent/teacher/boss. Yet unprotected. Question mark regarding parent, teacher, or boss. When there are open questions, you need your parent, teacher, or boss, to guide you. Something which is yet indeterminate, or open, has a major influence on you. Ability to deal with question marks competently. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Bear (see the Bear's keywords).

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