Nouns / phrases: Relationship, connection, link, tie, bond. Causal connection. Bridge (esp. metaphorically speaking), joining. Affiliation, liaison, association, alliance, union, syndicate, coalition. Adhesiveness, cohesion; emotional attachment. Social cohesion, group cohesion, solidarity. Something which is shared (e.g. mutual interests); commonality. Commitment, agreement, promise, contract. Engagement, marriage. Something which is binding. Reliability, predictability. For some also: repetition, circles, cycles.  
To relate, link, connect, bind together. To bridge a gap. To cause. To affiliate, liaise, associate, fuse, unify. To commit, promise, sign a contract. To adhere, cohere, hold together. To be emotionally attached. To share, have in common. To propose, get engaged, marry. To rely on, count on.
Related, linked, connected, tied, bound together. Affiliated, unified, fused. Bridged, joined. Caused (by), causal, for a reason. Adhesive, cohesive, coherent, solidly united, emotionally attached. Committed (to), stipulated. Engaged, married. Reliable, dependable, predictable.

As a person:
Someone with the above qualities, e.g. someone committed, reliable, predictable. Someone we have something important in common with. Someone who is emotionally attached to the querent, or the other way around. Traditionally also: someone who is engaged, married.

As advice:
Make a connection! Find the cause/the commonality! Bridge the gap! Stand united! Negatively: Break free from your unhealthy attachment to X!  

Time factor *) : When it's agreed upon. Continuing; intended for forever.

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