Nouns / phrases: Romance, infatuation. Seeing through rose-coloured glasses. Love in all its forms - e.g. parental love, platonic love, altruism. Fondness, amicability, benevolence. The loving gaze, forgiveness, reconciliation. Tenderness, gentleness, sweet temper. Softness, pampering. Acts of love, e.g.: loving care, the showing of compassion, being happy for someone, giving comfort, tending to someone who is ill. Charity, donations, welfare. A heart of gold. Wholeheartedness / promptings of the heart. Traditionally: passion.  
To romance somebody; fall in love. To wear rose-coloured glasses. To love, be fond of, show affection. To act gently, coddle. To take something to heart. To care (for others), tend somebody, show mercy. To emphasise, have compassion, give solace. To forgive, reconcile. To put one's heart and soul in it; to follow the leadings of one's heart; to wear one's heart on one's sleeve.
Romantic. In love, infatuated. Loving, fond (of), affectionate, benevolent. Tender, sweet-tempered, soft-hearted. Soft (on), mollycoddled. Good at heart, compassionate, caring, altruistic, charitable, merciful, selfless. Forgiving. Wholehearted. Close to one's heart, touching.

As a person:
Someone with the above attributes. Someone dear to the querent; someone who loves the querent. Darling. Good soul. A new love interest.

As advice:
Spend quality time with your loved ones! Have a heart! Forgive! Follow your heart! Negatively: Take off your rose-coloured glasses; stop mollycoddling!  

Time factor *) : When your heart says it's time.

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