MAN 28 (version b)  

Note: The following keywords apply both to Man (b) and to Man (a). If you want to see Man (a) you can do that >> here.


Nouns / phrases: Usually represents a man or boy - see paragraph As a person. Possibly also: "maleness" or "masculinity"; the influence male gender roles and stereotypes have on the querent. Situations or places where there's usually a majority of men (e.g. building site; military; football stadium). ations or places were there's usually a majority of men (e.g. building site; military; football stadium etc.).  
To do something with a male person. Possibly: activities the querent considers "masculine".
Male; possibly: "masculine" (whatever that means to the querent). Concerning a male person.

As a person:
Represents the querent if the querent is male. If the querent is female, the Man represents either always the querent's spouse, steady boyfriend, or, if she is single, a love interest, or always the male person most relevant to the question asked - e.g. the querent's spouse, or an affair, friend, work colleague, male relative.

As advice:
If the Man represents the querent: "This is about you!". If the Man represents someone the querent knows: "This male person is very relevant to your concern!". Possibly: "Have a close look at how your ideas about what men are (or should be) like influence your situation!"  

Time factor *) : When/if it happens depends on the Man.

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