KEY 33


Nouns / phrases: Acts of opening, unlocking something which was closed. Openness; lack of restriction. Open-mindedness, open heart. The means, the means to an end, that which is necessary to achieve what we want, solution (of a problem), the key to success. Access, accessibility, admittance. Liberation, deliverance, relief. Yes, acceptance, permission. Welcome, inclusion, integration. Insight, idea, inspiration, understanding, comprehension, eureka! Ingenuity, inventiveness.  
To open, unlock. To use something as a means (to an end); to solve (a problem), succeed. To gain access, gain admission, insert. To make something accessible. To liberate, deliver, produce/grant relief. To say yes, allow, accept. To welcome, include, integrate. To have an idea, figure out, understand, invent. To do something immediately. To impend.
Open; unguarded, unrestricted. Open-minded or open-hearted. Necessary for success. Entering, prying. Accessible, admitting. Accepting, accepted, allowed. Welcoming, inclusive. Liberated, relieved. Inspired, inventive. Understanding, insightful. Imminent, immediate.

As a person:
Someone with the above attributes. Especially: someone open-hearted and/or open-minded. Also: Someone who doesn't have a good sense of boundaries (their own or those of others). Someone we view as a means to an end.

As advice:
Open up! Accept (it)! Say yes! Figure it out! Free yourself! Keep an open mind! Negatively: Set boundaries! Or: Don't violate other people's boundaries!  

Time factor *) : Right now, immediately. It's imminent. It's the right time. Now.

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