Nouns / phrases: Craving, demand, desire, attraction - especially to/for knowledge, power, sex. Sex drive, seduction. Use of power, coercion. Search for knowledge, espionage. Career, ambition, motivation. Single-mindedness, sense of direction, determination, perseverance. Ruthlessness, selfishness. Self-will, tenacity, obstinacy, indomitability, (self)empowerment. Cunning: practical skill, shrewdness and (traditionally) deception. Diplomacy, tact. Ability to steer people in a certain direction. Manipulation.  
To desire, crave, demand. To seduce. To use one's power, coerce. To strive for knowledge - possibly illegitimately. To strive or aim for something, follow a career. To motivate (oneself), persevere. To act ruthlessly. To empower (oneself), strive for something, persist. To use one's wits and/or diplomacy. To steer others (positively) or manipulate.
Eager, covetous, avid, attracted to. Power-hungry, thirsty for knowledge, horny. Addicted. Seductive. Coercive. Ambitious, single-minded, goal-oriented, focused, purposeful, motivated, driven. Ruthless, calculating, egotistical, inconsiderate. Strong-willed, headstrong, tenacious. Cunning, shrewd, (traditionally) deceptive. Skilful (smart), diplomatic, manipulative.

As a person:
Person with the above attributes, e.g. ambitious, goal-oriented, headstrong. Politician, lawyer, diplomat. Tradionally: female - the other woman; deceptive woman.

As advice:
Go for it! Pursue your goal persistently! You can do it! Use your wits! Negatively: Don't disregard the needs/feelings/rights of others!

Time factor *) : Only if we persist. Only if we set ourselves at it. Or: someone else is the puppet master who controls when, or if, it will happen.

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