Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

Inner transformation because of pressure from outside. Things that happen(ed have) change(d) you. That which you've been longing for is approaching. Change of a longing. To long for change, for news, for something to happen. To push for relocation. Rushed transition. To tackle a longed for change. To act out of longing - because one's inner nature compels one to. The (possibly futile) attempt to hurry a long process. The (probably futile) attempt to interfere with a natural process. A returning visitor. To push for someone's return. Recurrence of harassment.

The chance to transform. A slow transition from a burdened to an unburdened state or way of thinking or feeling. The longing to be free (from something, e.g. responsibilities). A happy-go-lucky, easygoing inner nature. A transforming stroke of luck. The transformative power of being free of burden. What one considers "lucky" is slowly changing. To not take a transition seriously. Conflict between a process which would bring profound results but only after a long time, and taking an opportunity right now which would bring nice results quickly but they wouldn't last long or be not very significant. To make light of someone's inner nature or deepest longing.

Inner transformation leads to making changes in one's behaviour or environment, too (and vice versa). Strong longing to depart, or to travel. Someone is a vagabond by nature. Transformative power of new experiences. To revisit a place we've been before. Traveller returns. Someone departs but they will return eventually. Someone will be on their way for quite a while yet. To go on a journey of self-exploration. A journey towards one's true self - a search for one's true self.

To leave the nest / return to the nest. To move house / return to home country. To move on. Wherever (or whoever with) we can find regularity, a sense of familiarity, in times of transition or transformation. Family life is transforming. Changing traditions. Family (wo)man by nature. Having a family transforms us. Conflict between wanting to be safe, wanting things to stay the same, and desperately needing transformation. Well-planned transition. Familiar longing. Familiar cycles; something returns with regularity. What we thought of as "normal" turns out not to be - change of world view. To long for (a) home. Homesickness.

Natural cycles - e.g. the change of the seasons, sleeping and waking, living and dying etc., and their inevitability. Natural processes; biological processes; bodily processes or transitions - e.g. puberty, pregnancy, ageing. Physical transformations. Inner nature. A longing for nature, a physical longing. A conflict between feeling rooted somewhere and wanting to migrate. To slowly leave the place where our roots are and migrate somewhere else. To go where our life-force takes us. To follow the call of nature. Pragmatic approach to a transition. A transition which is natural. Body issues return.

A process of which the direction (let alone the destination) is yet unclear. A time of painful search for direction; a desperate longing to find out what we truly are (or need). Lack of guidance during a transformation process. Despair transforms us. Dulled longing; dulled instinct. Disinterest in inner journeys. To deceive oneself about a (vicious) cycle. Misunderstanding of someone's deepest longings. Return of despair, return of confusion. The same misunderstanding happens again and again.

Very, very strong longing. To be willing and able to exert power by nature. To really, really set one's mind on a transformation / transition. To not let anything distract us from doing what we really need to do. A very strong desire and drive to transform; self-actualisation by whatever means lead to the goal. Someone's transformation or transition seems egotistical, selfish to us - but they are probably doing what they have to do to stay whole. The experience of sexuality, or power, or knowledge, transforms us. To go along with one's desires. Cravings so strong that caving in to them seems inevitable. To fall prey to someone manipulative - again!

To accept the inevitability of death. To accept that something will end at some point. The transforming (and exhausting) experience of grief and loss. The transforming power of letting go. A longing for death; to long for an end of something. To not allow oneself to follow one's deepest longings; to bury one's true nature underneath a facade. The (futile or very harmful) attempt to suppress a natural transformation. End of a transition, end of a process, end of an inner journey. Something takes a long time to end. Something is already in the process of ending - there's nothing we can do to stop it, we can only go along and prepare.

A slow transformation towards being more sociable, less isolated. Being nice to someone can transform them. The longing for a richer social life. A transition for which we receive praise. A returning visitor; to revisit a place we once visited before. What we consider beautiful is transforming. To transform something (or one's own body) by decorating, embellishing, enhancing it. To exaggerate or glorify a longing. Repetitive compliments. To try again in the hope that maybe this time our gifts / compliments / flirt will get better reception. To feel pulled towards that which is pretty, or towards people who flatter us.

Disruption of a transformation process. Ongoing process is cut short. Unexpected, sudden, painful longing. Painful longing to be or do something else. A cut, break-up, or injury, which causes profound transformation within oneself. Even if something has ended prematurely we eventually have to let go and move on in whatever direction now feels right to us. To move on from a painful experience. Recurring injury or hurt. Getting hurt is inevitable. The natural cycle of sowing and harvesting (metaphorically speaking). The attempt to return to something (or someone!) that was cut off. When we are on the threshold to something new it's important to take stock, settle old scores, settle accounts with our past, before we actually take the step across the threshold.

Long process in which justice is supposed to be restored (e.g. a court trial) The feeling of guilt for transforming (and thus changing the game). Shame for a transformation. Pain threshold. To go through a phase of self-reproach or self-hatred. Going through a situation or relationship which is full of conflict will change us in some way whether you want it to or not. Long journey towards healing. Transformation of something bad. The inner change the experience of violence causes. Shame for one's inner nature, or for one's deepest longings. Transformation of shame/guilt into something else. To move on after a bad experience. This crosses the limit of abuse we're willing to take! Conflict is inevitable. Recurring conflict. Cycle of abuse.

Someone acts very instinctually - shows knee-jerk reactions constantly. Necessity to completely change our way of communicating. To let others know about a transformation that is going on inside ourselves. Excitement, nervousness, or worries, about a transition. A very chaotic, unsettling time of transition. Worries we have again and again either because worrying is part of our nature or because we never do anything about the root of the problem. Restlessness because what we really want is to go back (return) to where we truly belong. Quick (or knee-jerk) reaction to someone's having changed. Someone changes themselves easily without much thought. Many changes at the same time. One person's transformation (or return) causes chaos for someone else.

Pregnancy; birthing. The transforming experience of raising a child. A child is transforming (growing up?). The longing to have a child; parental instinct. Childish longings; or the longing to be a child again. To feel too inexperienced, or not ready, for a transformation or transition we will have to go through nonetheless. To have innocently stumbled into something which has turned out to be powerfully transformative. A child's nature; a childlike nature. What a child becomes. First stage of a long process. Beginning of a process, transition, or transformation. To belittle someone's longing or someone's transformation. Small transformation.

The longing to do one's own thing, to follow one's own path - even if others don't agree with it. To dare become what one truly wants to be / go where one really wants to go, even if this makes others uncomfortable. The transformative power of proper self-care. To be cautious or suspicious by nature. To be cautious about showing one's longing(s), or revealing one's inner nature. Carefully assess the risks (and / or check you have enough resources) before you tackle crossing this threshold! To be well equipped for a transformation; to adapt well to a transition. A necessary change. It's impossible to hold up a certain transformation / transition - go with it but care well for yourself while it's happening!

Slow but sure transformation of a once very dominant view. The transformation we go through when under the influence of a strong leading figure - or when we ourselves have assumed a leading role. Transformative power of parenthood. Alpha type personality by nature; a natural predisposition to leadership. The longing be dominated. The longing to become a parent or teacher. Power dynamics change. To accept someone's authority; to go along with someone's guidance. A powerful transition that dominates one's life. Conflict between wanting to go along with something and wanting to assert oneself, stand one's ground. Conflict between someone who likes to let things run their course and someone who always tries to take charge. Someone is possessive by nature - be wary! Return of parent, teacher, or boss. Recurring issues with parent, teacher, boss. To slowly grow into one's role as parent, teacher, boss.

A great longing for transcendence, for feeling whole, for meaningful connections. A spiritual process, a long process towards fulfilling oneself a desire. Spiritual inner nature. Meaningful transition. Transformation of one's ideals. Idealisation of a transition. The hope/illusion that someone or something will transform. To trustingly go with the flow. The idea that "Whatever should happen will happen." It's inevitable - the future will become the present.

Very important transition; a significant transformation. Inevitable transition or transformation. A transformation which isn't linear but happens in cycles. To go with the flow in regard to a natural change. Something happens again and again and again. Very profound longing. To long for change, for relocation. An all-encompassing reorientation.

A friendship transforms. Transition of a physical relationship into a friendship, or a transition from just knowing someone into a friendship with them. Friend is transforming or transitioning. Becoming friends is a slow process which can't be rushed. Someone who gives support in a time of transition. The longing to be allowed to just follow, to not having to decide so much. A friend's return. To win someone's loyalty back. Someone is supportive by nature - which is easily exploited if they don't take care! To yearn for friendship, to long for unconditional support.

The transforming power of a retreat, of a time of solitude. Solitude triggers transformation. To transition alone. To feel left alone while going through a taxing transformation. A very slow transformation from closing oneself off from others to opening up to them (or, depending on the cards' order, the other way around). To slowly grow into a position of authority. The longing for solitude; someone is introverted by nature. The need for mental and emotional clarity in a time of re-orientation. Someone who is rational or self-disciplined by nature. Sometimes we need to retreat first in order to then be able to go out again.

Society changes slowly, over time. A (sub)culture or network transforms from within. To emigrate to a different country. To make one's transition public. To transition together. Mainstream / commonly expected or at least accepted transformations. A transformation towards publicity; a publishing process. The longing to be part of society, to take part in cultural events, to be out. To reorient oneself in society or in a specific group; to redefine one's role in society. It's inevitable that in the end everyone will know.

Difficult transition. To tackle a transition. A transformative process has been blocked, come to a standstill. Transformative power of silence. A longing for silence. Someone is an extremely quiet or unemotional person by nature. To not allow oneself to transform. Conflict between the need for change and the wish for things to just stop and stay as they are forever. A very slow but lasting transformation. Difficulties with letting things run their natural course. A challenge / problem that will keep turning up in your life until you have mastered / faced it. Return of one's nemesis. In order to tackle this challenge you need to reorient yourself.

A transformative process in the course of which there are many decisions to make, many new paths to tread. Transformative process in which we re-discover our freedom. The longing to be free. To face the same choices again and again. To have come back to the same crossroad we've already faced before. To make a different choice next time we are at a crossroad. A free spirit. Many different longings. Eventually we'll have to make a choice - that's inevitable. To take some time to reorient oneself, to look at all the options. A decision which takes a very long time. Ambivalence about a transition; to think about the pros and cons of a relocation.

To find a transition very depleting, exhausting. The yearning to move on from a situation (or relationship) which is unhealthy. Inevitable dwindling; inevitable scarcity. Times of scarcity which are natural. That part of a certain cycle which is "downward", where things are waning. Unhealthy transformation. Someone tries to undermine our transformation, or our attempts to following our true calling. Lack of longing; lack of a sense of what we truly are. Something has become polluted again. Recurring illness or exhaustion (because symptoms are controlled instead of prophylaxis?). Return of vermin. To be faced with dishonesty or malice again and again. Someone or something is deceptive, malicious, unwholesome, by nature. Now you're ill / now something bad is happening you have to go with the flow - you can't stop it anymore, you can only react in productive ways.

The transformative power of love and compassion. A transformation of love from one type to another. A major change of heart. The natural cycles of affection. A loving person by nature; someone is too soft by nature. A lover returns. Love returns. To rekindle an old love. To yearn for love, or for forgiveness. To be so infatuated with someone that we convince ourselves they will change for us. To give someone comfort and love in a time of transition. To love someone even though they are changing. To follow the promptings of one's heart. A slow process towards reconciliation. Falling in love /learning to love someone is inevitable; we can only go with the flow. The conviction that this one person is our one true love.

Someone promises that they will change. A commitment to changing from within. To be bound together by a transition we go through together with the other person. To stay together "in good times and in bad". A relationship changes, transforms. Predictable or dependable return or recurrence. vicious cycle. To reconnect. Shared longing. To transform each other. Inevitable connection. Inevitable effect. Predictable transformation. The act of connecting / merging causes a profound transformation, and/or necessitates reorientation. Redefinition of a relationship.

The transformative power of education or of understanding the truth about something. A very long, slow learning process. What is true changes slowly. An inner truth. It's inevitable that the facts will come to light. Knowledge about a transition. The truth about a transition. Hungry for knowledge; to long for better education or intellectual stimulation. Someone is intellectual by nature. You already know that - you had just forgotten that you do! Very slow acceptance of the facts. Really understanding something takes time! The truth sinks in slowly.

Conversations you have again and again. To come back to a conversation you had earlier. Inevitable conversation. Transformative communication. Communication is transforming. Slow change of conversation topic. Conversation about our longings. To long for meaningful conversations. To communicate that we have had a change of mind. Ways to express an inner transformation. Documents that confirm/allow a transition or relocation, e.g. visa, plane ticket, wedding certificate, birth certificate etc.

Man who is: a migrant, relocating, transitioning, transforming, returning, full of longing. Man who acts instinctively, follows his inner nature. A man by (inner) nature. To long for or reconnect with a man. Something inevitable concerning a man.

Woman who is: a migrant, relocating, transitioning, transforming, returning, full of longing. Woman who acts instinctively, follows her inner nature. A woman by (inner) nature. To long for or reconnect with a woman. Something inevitable concerning a woman.

Man who is: a migrant, relocating, transitioning, transforming, returning, full of longing. Man who acts instinctively, follows his inner nature. A man by (inner) nature. To long for or reconnect with a man. Something inevitable concerning a man.

Woman who is: a migrant, relocating, transitioning, transforming, returning, full of longing. Woman who acts instinctively, follows her inner nature. A woman by (inner) nature. To long for or reconnect with a woman. Something inevitable concerning a woman.

Very strong longing for sexual union. Intense longing for sensual impressions, or to fully live one's sexuality. Sexual by nature. A very, VERY slow transformation or process. Someone already has experience with a certain transformation or transition. Transformation of one's sense of beauty or pleasure. Transformation of one's sexual desires or sensual pleasures. A transformative sensual/sexual experience. To slowly mature. Intense longing. Contented by nature. To feel pulled towards that which is harmonious. Longing for harmony. Harmonious transition.

One's moral values are transforming. The transformative power of acting virtuously. Treating another person well can transform them. The longing for peace (from inner disturbances); the longing to be innocent/pure again. To move on from an earlier state of life to a life more focused on virtuousness or peace. The virtue of accepting things one can't change. Someone is austere by nature. It's inevitable that we'll have to practice abstinence at some point if we don't want to lose ourselves. The moral nature of things. Recurring moral issues.

A transformation causes happiness / happiness triggers transformation. A transformation of the view on what we need to be happy. A joyful inner journey. A change which stays on the surface. To emigrate to a warmer country. To yearn for sun / summer / light / holidays. Celebration of a transition. An optimist; someone who is by nature happy. To confidently transform. Superficial longings. To move away from superficiality. The return of someone or something makes us happy. Recurring joyful occasion.

Very, very profound longing. A longing for profound experiences, for deep emotions. The slow process of moving into (or, depending on order of the cards, out of) a major depression. Emotional processes, emotional transformations. A transformation has led to more depth. To be a night person by nature. To feel a strong pull towards darkness (metaphorically speaking). Someone's transformation causes sadness. Very significant transition. Recurring sleepiness (during the day?). Recurring trauma. To be only half-aware or completely unconscious of a transformation or of a longing. Instinct (Stork) and intuition (Moon) are in some way relevant to the question.

To positively accept / welcome that which can't be stayed. To welcome change. To open up to a transforming experience. The starting point of a transforming inner journey. To open up to a new world view. Some new idea or experience has opened our hearts and now we're full of longing for more of it. Longing for freedom, for being accepted. Long, ongoing process of gaining understanding. Impending transition. Something inevitable is also impending. The solution lies in following your inner nature / following your instinct.

To slowly but profoundly change one's view on economics. One's business (or way of working) slowly transforms. The deep longing to change one's job to something more fulfilling, or more true to one's nature. A change of world view concerning the meaning of material goods. To find great value in a transformation. Greedy by nature. Strong pull towards business, or towards wealth. "Natural" cycles of business - e.g. first you have to invest, then you will profit. Someone gives back money, repays a (non financial) debt. You'll eventually profit greatly from tackling this transition! Profit is happening - but slowly. Accumulation of something is inevitable. Something to do with your job has triggered a transformation in you (could be good or bad).

A slow transformation of the status quo; slowly but surely everything is going to transform - always. The longing for a journey's end; longing for permanent residence (also metaphorically speaking). Focus on transformation. Everything revolves around longing, or a transition. Slow but significant change of routine, of everyday life, to something more fitting to one's inner nature. Following one's inner nature gives stable foothold, a sense of groundedness within oneself. Someone very stable (or clingy) by nature. Transformation or transition is halted, restricted, or put on pause.

Suffering or hardship change us very profoundly and irrevocably. Change of ideology. A transformation or transition brings suffering with it and/or necessitates very hard work. The belief that something is predestined and thus inevitable. Because we think something is predestined we do nothing against it but go along with it. Something about what our inner nature wants feels like a burden. Our longings cause suffering (to ourselves or others). Strokes of fate which cannot be prevented; inevitable pain. Pain which is in the nature of things - e.g. childbirth, growing pains. Recurring pain. Someone is very dutiful by nature. A strong pull towards suffering / towards self-sacrifice.

Stork - Wild Card
A longing which is very strong but we can't see it clearly. A transformation which is happening but is intangible yet. Someone's true nature is unfathomable. An unknown factor which is nevertheless very relevant is transforming. To allow a transformation, or reorientation, even though the journey and/or goal is unknown. Question marks regarding a transition. Who know if X will return? To not know why something keeps reoccurring. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Stork (see the Stork's keywords).

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