Nouns / phrases: Different directions or routes, alternative(s), options, potentials, facets, diversity, plurality. In relationship readings possibly: different interests, divergent paths. Decision, free will; the freedom to. Deliberations, considerations, speculations. All the ifs and whens, whethers or nots, pros and cons. Overthinking. Hesitation, deferral, procrastination. Ambivalence, ambiguity, shades of grey, relativity, tolerance. Different angle(s) or perspectives.  
To take a certain direction, to go down a different or diverging path. To diversify, vary. To make a choice. To deliberate, consider, speculate, overthink. To hesitate, defer, procrastinate, tarry, tread water. To relativise, tolerate. To adopt, or at least examine, a different perspective.
Alternative, optional, potential, multi-faceted, versatile, manifold, diverse. Selectable, elective, arbitrary. Hesitant, indecisive, of two minds, tarrying. Free in the sense of "free to do what you want to do". Deliberative, contemplative, speculative. Possible; possibly, maybe. Ambivalent, ambiguous, relative, tolerant.

As a person:
Person with the above attributes, esp.: Someone who is of two minds about something or indecisive in general, person who is confronted with important decisions. Someone difficult to assess because they keep changing direction.

As advice:
Think before you speak/act/decide! Make a choice! Be more tolerant! Negatively: Don't hesitate; don't procrastinate!  

Time factor *) : When, or if, it happens depends on how you move on from the present moment.

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