To clarify and deepen my understanding of the Bear, I pondered the following comparisons with similar and/or opposing cards. Maybe my comparisons will inspire you to make your own!

Authority / leadership
Bear: A strong, charismatic, warm-blooded, and personally involved leading figure or type of guidance. Natural authority.
Tower: A cold, impersonal, impartial leading figure or type of guidance. "Artificial" authority that comes from the position one has, no matter whether one's personality type is suited to the job or not.
Dog: A person who can (emotionally) support and help but isn't able to guide or lead.
Child: Leadership in the form of gentle guidance and support is needed to gain experience safely. Bear might be too loud or over-protective; Tower too strict and cold - a good dose of Dog would help while Dog only might be too weak.
Clouds: Lack of leadership and guidance - guidance would be needed to get out of confusion or despair. Both Bear and Tower could help a lot here but in the end mightn't help with becoming self-reliant and might thus keep the querent in dependence on their leadership.

Bear: Power in the sense of dominance, or natural authority. A powerful personality.
Tower: Power through position - whether one is personally suited to it or not. Control.
Snake: Hunger for power. Direction or manipulation.

Protection / defence
Bear: Protector; protection of others, protective behaviour. To make provisions for the future.
Fox: Self defence. Self-care. To look after oneself first.
Tower: Protection and/or self-defence by putting up (and asserting) boundaries.

Bear: Dominant character; willing to lead, bossy.
Tree: Strong body; healthy, thriving.
Snake: Self-will; headstrong, empowered.

Bear: Ownership, property. To accumulate wealth as provision for harder times. To look well after things we already have.
Fish: Money, finances. Accumulation, or profit, for their own sake. To work on getting more money/goods.

Bear: Practical knowledge - capable. "I know how to do this!"
Book: Factual knowledge; educated. "I know this!"
Snake: Thirsty for knowledge. "I want to know!"

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