Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

To feel unprepared for what's happening; to not know what to do about what's going on. Confusing activities; hidden activities. Despair or confusion about a change. Uncertainty about what someone is pushing for, or what you should push for. Take action now against all this confusion! Hidden message; unclear message. A conceited poser; pretender. Someone is putting up a smoke-screen. Guideless/planless action. Act of desperation.

Bad luck. Concealed opportunity; to overlook a chance. Confusion/despair which doesn't last long, or which isn't that big of a deal. To make light of mental illness; to joke about (other people's?) confusion, lack of understanding. To have fun pulling the wool over people's eyes. To not understand the seriousness of it. To mistake happy-go-lucky behaviour for "I don't care" (or the other way around!). To drift aimlessly (possibly harmfully) because of a lack of purpose.

Journey or change with a very unclear path, purpose, or destination (might be a warning or just stating a fact). To want to change - but there are no reference points and/or no guidance. To make a change out of despair. A hopeless journey. To lose hope that we can change. Great big adventure: to explore that which is completely unknown yet. To leave behind everything which is conceited, confusing, or hopeless - a fresh start. To go explore confusion / look into a misunderstanding. Someone's departure causes despair. We're disoriented because we've entered uncharted waters.

Unclear family situations (e.g. concerning parentage or paternity); secrets within the family. To fog/veil private matters. A habit of pretending, or keeping things secret. Unclear rules. No plan. Uncertainty if we should stay in our home / start a family. Feeling of disorientation because we are not firmly rooted in a tradition or have no rules to live by. We feel unsafe, can't feel the connection with our family and close friends. No tradition or customs which could function as guidelines. No familiarity; to not recognise something or someone.

To feel unsafe, to not feel a connection with nature, or with one's own body. To feel ungrounded, unstable. To lose touch with reality. Illusions and hallucinations. Pragmatic approach to confusion and despair. Down-to-earth view on a situation and pragmatic handling of things leads out of confusion. Misunderstandings about health issues; lack of knowledge or wrong understanding of one's own body. To hide one's body. Distorted body image. Dulled body awareness. A secret about one's roots.

To hide confusion, lack of knowledge, or insecurity. A misunderstanding is caused by lack of knowledge. Very, very vague. Extremely unclear. To not even be aware that we don't understanding something. Purposelessness leads to hopelessness. Lack of guidance causes disorientation. To cover up mental illness.

To lose our sense of direction; to go astray. Unnecessary detours. Goal is unclear. To slowly make one's way out of confusion by diligence and hard work. To persevere even in times of confusion. Someone's desires or motives are unclear (and maybe they're hiding them on purpose). Someone uses deception to reach their goal. Manipulation. The ambition to become more knowledgeable, to understand better. The use of rhetoric tricks to conceal what is really being said.

Uncertain or unclear ending. Something seems to be ending but we can't say for sure what exactly. Suppressed insecurity. To swallow one's despair. Despair so big that life isn't bearable anymore. Grief so big it clouds the mind; depression. The loss of something or someone familiar has led to disorientation. To not know how to go on. To let go of a misunderstanding. End of despair, end of secrecy. No more hiding. To drop all pretence.

Fake compliments. Someone is being nice but has a hidden agenda. Confusion about how you should react to niceness / compliments / flattery. Insecurity in social situations. To misunderstand someone's pleasantries. To not know how to express gratitude or admiration. To be conceited in regard to one's attractiveness.

To eliminate confusion; to tidy up and put an order into anything that is unclear. Unexpected confusion; sudden disorientation. Because something was ended prematurely there now is confusion. To react to a break-up or sudden ending with despair or disorientation. To interrupt at once when there seems to be the slightest misunderstanding. We've caused the confusion or insecurity ourselves. To yank someone out of their despair. To rip the veil off; to drop all pretence. Someone's secrets could be dangerous for us. And for some reason, for me this combination also seems to suggest headaches or even migraines.

Clouded memories of assault or abuse. Hidden abuse; violence parading as something else. pretence which does actual damage. Paralysing feelings of guilt or shame. Inability to identify aggressive or abusive behaviour. Feelings of shame so intense that they cloud everything. Aggression clouds everything. To hide one's guilt. To be so insecure that we beat ourselves up constantly. Misunderstanding causes a conflict. Someone is scolded or mocked for their ignorance. An unclear argument. To become desensitised to insults/aggression.

Distant rumours; secret gossip. Great worries about an unclarity. Unfocused rambling; aimless straying. Not knowing makes us restless. To be so chaotic that every sense of direction is lost. To blab a secret. Boredom leads to restlessness. To hide one's nervousness. Dulled reflexes; dulled excitement. To be startled out of one's stupor.

Secret about a child; a secret is kept from a child/young person. To not know whether it's a good time to have a child. To not know whether one can have children. Insecure child, unguided child. A confused young person, a lost young person. Inexperienced person without proper guidance. Beginning of confusion. Confusion because of inexperience. To initiate confusion. To play hide and seek (literally or figuratively speaking). Confusion about a game; boring game. To not understand one's own inner child. To misunderstand a young person. Inexperienced person misunderstands something. To belittle someone's hopelessness.

Someone has something to hide. Someone is holding up a smoke screen, deceiving us - or: self-deception. The feeling of being lost (without guidance) because our sense of self is weak. Confusion because we haven't learned to stand up for ourselves, listen to ourselves. To despair of oneself. To adapt to an unclear or uncertain situation. Be cautious when you lack knowledge! To suspect it's just pretence. To conceal who we truly are.

Gaining practical knowledge and competence protect against confusion and insecurity. Protection against deceit. Someone's confidence hides their insecurity. Insecurities dominate our life. Something or someone that can guide us in times of confusion. Charismatic leader who has something to hide. Cult leader. Bossiness clouds our mind. Blind fury. To proceed confidently although we are disoriented. Misunderstanding with parent, boss, or teacher.

To lose oneself through the wrong kind of spirituality; to be confused about what life's meaning is; to not know what we truly want. Too much daydreaming makes us lose the sense of what's real. To not know whom/what we can trust. It's hard to aspire to something when we don't see any purpose in anything. Harmful illusions. Loss of reality, because an overactive imagination clouds our judgement. Hopelessness vs. keeping up hope. To look at the future with no idea of what could or should happen, or even with hopelessness.

A process of which the direction (let alone the destination) is yet unclear. A time of painful search for direction; a desperate longing to find out what we truly are (or need). Lack of guidance during a transformation process. Despair transforms us. Dulled longing; dulled instinct. Disinterest in inner journeys. To deceive oneself about a (vicious) cycle. Misunderstanding of someone's deepest longings. Return of despair, return of confusion. The same misunderstanding happens again and again.

To not know where our loyalty should be. Confusion or secrets concerning a friend or employee. To be unsure whether someone is a friend or not, or whether their friendliness is sincere. Friend who has something to hide. We feel lost and scared because no one tells us what to do. Misunderstanding with a friend. A friendship has become boring.

Distance brings clarity. To distance oneself from troubles. Someone who lacks guidance or is confused might be quick to accept any authority. To shut oneself off from anything negative, especially from other people's despair or confusion. Too much loneliness, being cut off from others, has led to despair and a feeling of disconnection. To take control over one's confusion. Misunderstood arrogance. Clouded rationality. To not think clearly. The confusing, aggravatingly frustrating experience of dealing with public offices, with bureaucracy.

To deceive the public; appearance is deceiving; someone presents a different persona to the public than what they are in private. To be confused and insecure in social settings. To present as insecure. To have the reputation of playing with hidden cards. Poker face. Cultural misunderstandings. Everybody is confused. Unclear network/structure. To admit publicly that we are confused/don't know where to go/what to do.

To be completely stuck in a problematic, confused situation. Your own confused ideas, your loss of sense of reality, have developed into a huge problem. Confusion and despair are proving hard to overcome. A secret no one talks about. To delude yourself about how big a challenge will be. To wrongly believe that something is a great big invincible problem when it's really not. To lack the guidance you'd need to overcome a hurdle.

Indecision, hesitance; alternatives are not clear or confusing. To be unable to deal constructively with our freedom. Choosing is difficult because there is something about the options which isn't yet clear. To not care either way. Total indifference. Ambiguity causes misunderstandings. Someone delays something because of insecurity. Unclear deliberations.

Confusion and insecurity are draining one's energy reserves. Something very evil and harmful is going on in secret. To be unaware of something unwholesome. Scarcity causes despair. The lack of something makes it impossible to decide what to do. To waste resources because one has no plan, no guidance. To be unaware of something which is going on behind one's back. To not know what to do about something unhealthy going on. Very unhealthy, very dishonest. Someone hides their poverty; someone hides their illness. Because we have so little life seems very, very dull. To have no hope at all that things will ever get better.

Confused love. Insecurities in our love life. Being in love has made us unable to see clearly. Blind love. We can't see love / compassion although it's there. A clouded mind is hindering us to soften up emotionally. Someone doesn't know how to love, show affection, be tender, or do something compassionate. Misunderstanding between lovers. To mistakenly assume love. To conceal one's love. Affectionate actions as smoke screen. No hope for love. Hopeless love. Boring love life. Dulled love. Deadheartedness.

Unclear relationship; the connection is not clear; to not know the cause. To be unsure if there is a link at all, a connection - or to be unsure whether we should make one. Insecurity concerning a commitment or a promise. Secret association. Shared despair. A mutual misunderstanding. Inability to connect. Confusion about who our allies are.

Hidden facts; unclear facts; veiled truth. To hide the truth. Lies, misunderstandings, mistakes, errors, false teachings. Confusing facts; to not understand what one is being taught. Learning disabilities. Despair during a learning process; to feel unguided during a learning process. No teacher - one has to learn from/by oneself. Boring studies. Disinterest in a subject; indifference towards the truth.

Unclear or confused communication; lies - especially: to lie by omission. Unclear statements. Misunderstandings in general; to misunderstand a specific bit of information; to misunderstand what someone is trying to say. To not know what to say. Conversation with lack of focus; conversation with no clear purpose; conversation without guidelines. Boring conversation. Disinterest in the information we are given. To express one's hopelessness, or confusion. To not follow a conversation.

Clouds-Man (a)
Man who is: confused, insecure, desperate, lost. A shady character, man who is hiding something, putting up a smoke-screen. Deceiver. Man in need of guidance. Man who lacks interest (or who lacks interesting characteristics), is listless. Deadhead. A man the querent can't see / doesn't see as who he really is.

Clouds-Woman (a)
Woman who is: confused, insecure, desperate, lost. A shady character, woman who is hiding something, putting up a smoke-screen. Deceiver. Woman in need of guidance. Woman who lacks interest (or who lacks interesting characteristics), is listless. Deadhead. A woman the querent can't see / doesn't see as who she really is. Deadhead.

Clouds-Man (b)
Man who is: confused, insecure, desperate, lost. A shady character, man who is hiding something, putting up a smoke-screen. Deceiver. Man in need of guidance. Man who lacks interest (or who lacks interesting characteristics), is listless. Deadhead. A man the querent can't see / doesn't see as who he really is.

Clouds-Woman (b)
Man who is: confused, insecure, desperate, lost. A shady character, man who is hiding something, putting up a smoke-screen. Deceiver. Man in need of guidance. Man who lacks interest (or who lacks interesting characteristics), is listless. Deadhead. A man the querent can't see / doesn't see as who he really is.

To be (emotionally) unsure about sex or a sexual relationship. A hidden sexual relationship - affair? To hide sexual attraction. To not know how to enjoy sensual pleasures. Confusing sensual pleasures. Misunderstandings concerning sex, pleasure, a sexual relationship. Sexual disorders. To over-engage in sensual pleasures in order to fog over one's boredom or despair. Boring sexual encounters; dulled senses. Clouded vision, dulled hearing, reduced sense of smell (blocked nose) or taste. Something is so harmonious, lacking even the tiniest bit of contrast, contradiction, that it is actually terribly boring.

Confused morals; to not know what would be the right thing to do. Clouded moral judgement. To be so strict in one's moral views that it's emotionally or mentally harmful. Lack of moral guidance. Mental illnesses which cloud our morality. Virtues which are relevant in times of despair, e.g. the Christian virtue hope; discipline; tenacity. Not clear if intentions are good. Misunderstood good intentions. Good intentions which nevertheless caused confusion (didn't help). Someone is such a paragon of virtue that they seem terribly boring, colourless.

Inability to see the positive side of things. Confusion or misunderstandings about what happiness means. Apparent clarity has deceit hidden in it; something which seems obvious really isn't. Something only seems obvious because we don't understand it. Pretend confidence. Light/heat are unbearable, so we go looking for shadow to cool down - metaphorically speaking. Secret joy. A dark cloud covers the sun (metaphorically speaking). Desperate attempts at having fun; something or someone tries to entertain but it doesn't work.

Emotional confusion. Misunderstanding of emotion; or inability to understand emotions. Autism. Emotional disorder. To fog over our feelings. Someone is in dire need for a therapist! To hide away in order to find rest. Unclear intuition. Very vague inklings. Profound confusion; deep despair. Hidden darkness. Deceptive quiet. Tiredness so strong it clouds the mind. Things are so quiet we're bored. Deadheartedness; listlessness.

To find clarity; a solution. To dare to look closely at one's confusion and despair. To finally be open about something one has been trying to hide. To figure out a misunderstanding. Deliverance from despair, or from a seemingly hopeless situation. Confusion blocks understanding; disinterest blocks inspiration. Disinterest in (other people's?) ideas. Things are about to get confused. To have opened up to something new and now everything is confusing.

Confused values; unclear values. Behind the scenes goings-on in our job/business. Veiled/hidden interests - someone might try to profit by hiding their true motives. Business dealings without a clear sense of direction. Financial or material situation is not clear. To lack guidance in a work-related area. Maybe now it's not a good time to decide on anything to do with job or finances - we don't actually have all the facts or lack understanding in general. To be so tightfisted or greedy, or so obsessed with collecting more of the same, that it clouds our judgement or even borders on mental illness. A hoarder.

Unclear focus, confusion about what one should focus on. Find the one stable thing within all the confusion and despair and hold on to that! That which gives foothold in times of despair. To be stuck in confusion. To be stuck because it's unclear where else to go/what else to do. Everything revolves around our confusion, or a misunderstanding. Very dull routines; boring everyday life. So safe it's boring.

Unclear or confused beliefs or ideology; an ideology which relies on keeping things hidden from its adherents. A mind fogged by dogmatic thinking. Despair because of hardship/suffering. No hope to escape the pain. To not know what our task is. To take responsibility in times of confusion. Unclear principles; no principles to guide us. To get lost on a quest. Very dull duty. Impassiveness to suffering. Aimlessness vs. a clear task. Unbearable boredom.

Clouds - Wild Card
To not see the question mark; to be totally confused by something that can't be expressed or is indeterminate yet. There no despair yet; there's yet the possibility to prevent confusion or misunderstanding or getting lost. So much isn't fixed yet that there is disorientation. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Clouds (see the Cloud's keywords).

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