To clarify and deepen my understanding of the Clouds, I pondered the following comparisons with similar and/or opposing cards. Maybe my comparisons will inspire you to make your own!

Mental/emotional problems:
Clouds: Problems which arise from a clouded view of reality, e.g. misunderstandings; lack of understanding, disorientation; illusionary thinking, hallucination, or paranoia. Also: Abandonment issues (because of the "lack of guidance" aspect of the card).
Moon: Mental/emotional issues to do with the "dark" part of our soul - fear, sadness, needs. E.g. phobias, depression, PTSD. Also: Sleep disorders.
Birds: Issues to do with extreme stress, worries, difficulties with concentration: e.g. nervousness, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviour, ADHD.

Clouds: Something is being hidden from view, fogged over - not necessarily with bad intentions, possibly just for self-protections or out of shame.
Mice: Harmful and/or malicious secrecy. Something is being done behind someone's back. Sneakiness.
Book: A "secret" in the sense of esoteric knowledge - not everyone has access to some type of knowledge or information.
Birds: To blab a secret.
Key: The opposite of secretiveness: openness, straightforwardness. Or: to find access to a secret.

Need for guidance/leadership
Clouds: In a situation of disorientation guidance would be needed to get out of confusion and prevent despair. Both Bear and Tower could help a lot here but in the end mightn't help with becoming self-reliant and might thus keep the querent in dependence on their leadership.
Child: When there is a lack of experience leadership in the form of gentle guidance and support is needed to gain experience safely. Bear might be too loud or over-protective; Tower too strict and cold - a good dose of Dog would help while Dog only might be too weak.
Bear: Strong, charismatic, warm-blooded, and personally involved leadership/guidance.
Tower: Cool, impersonal, impartial guidance/leadership.
Dog: A person who can only (emotionally) support and help but isn't able to guide or lead.

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