Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

Physical activities; sports; activities in nature. To push one's body; impositions on the body; forced movement/relocation. Virus; influenza. You need to deal quickly with physical issues! Something "attacks" one's energy levels or one's serenity. Invasion of someone's physical space. Uprooting. Unfamiliar/unexpected bodily process. Sudden demands of the body. Healthy activities.

Irresponsible handling of health-relevant issues(to gamble with one's health). To take health-issues not seriously. Risky physical undertakings. Untroubled relationship with one's body. A very steady and well-grounded sense of ease. Comfort and ease is number one priority. Long lasting lucky streak.

To depart from one's comfort zone and go where there's a lot of insecurity, unfamiliar conditions, and adventure. Uprooting - to leave one's roots behind. Or: to search for one's roots. To make changes for pragmatic reasons. To not lose one's calm in new situations. To grow with new experiences. Exploration of nature or of one's body. Exploring is healthy. Calm journey. An inner conflict between difficulties with moving and knowing that it's time to leave. Conflict between someone who is very deeply rooted and wants things to develop only slowly, and someone who has constantly itchy feet and likes to shake things up regularly.

Tree house. To live close to /in nature. To feel at home in nature. To be firmly rooted in one's family or in tradition - to find stability there. To settle down where/with which we feel safest and most grounded. Healthy family. Growing family. To be very comfortable in one's body. Physical traits we have inherited. Rules or habits concerning our body/health related issues. Our ancestors. To be rooted in the past (possibly not a good thing). To find grounding in tradition. Conservatism makes us unable to welcome innovations or anything unfamiliar - inability to adapt to change.

Healthy body. That which is natural or healthy for the body. Pragmatic approach to one's bodily characteristics/functions/needs. Down-to-earth view on the body. Naturalism. To let something grow naturally. A slow, rather stiff physique which doesn't move/stretch easily.

To feel unsafe, to not feel a connection with nature, or with one's own body. To feel ungrounded, unstable. To lose touch with reality. Illusions and hallucinations. Pragmatic approach to confusion and despair. Down-to-earth view on a situation and pragmatic handling of things leads out of confusion. Misunderstandings about health issues; lack of knowledge or wrong understanding of one's own body. To hide one's body. Distorted body image. Dulled body awareness. A secret about one's roots.

To destroy one's own (or others') mental/physical health through ambition; a warning to avoid burnout caused by trying to achieve too much. To commit to an in-depth workout-program for the benefit of one's health. The goal: health/fitness. Physical ambitions. To research one's roots (ancestors, family connections, family affairs etc.). Strong physical cravings/needs. To follow the path to one's goal calmly but very steadily. Healthy ambition. Once a goal is set, it's difficult for us to change direction. Addictive behaviour which has to do with our body, e.g. anorexia, bulimia, but also addiction to exercise etc.

Loss of vitality, loss of life, a physical loss we've suffered. Loss of limb. To suppress one's bodily needs; to suppress what's natural. End of growth; loss of health. Exhaustion, burnout. Negative view on one's body, or nature. Ageing processes. Or: A healthy loss. Letting go of something will increase one's vitality/health. A natural ending, natural death. A dead grandfather/grandmother.

Compliments about our appearance; flattery about physical characteristics. Attempts at making our body look/smell/feel more beautiful. Exaggerated decoration of one's body. Or: Natural beauty. Natural decorations - e.g. flowers, living plants, the use of natural materials etc. Very stable and strong circle of friends. To find grounding in one's social circle. Gratitude for health; gratitude to one's ancestors. Gifts which are very usable, down-to-earth; pragmatic gifts. To be nice for pragmatic reasons.

Physical wounds or pain; difficult medical treatment or surgery. Amputation. Something one has been doing to one's body is now (or will soon be) taking its toll (or, positively: showing its benefits). To take stock of one's health - medical check-up. Damage to health or energy reserves. Disruption of serenity. To pull the rug out from under someone. To react calmly to sudden/painful experiences.

A conflict which grows slowly but steadily. Conflicts about our body; insults to our body. To be ashamed of specific physical characteristics or of our bodily needs/functions in general. To hate one's own body. Physical violence; threats to our body. Infliction of physical pain. Something which is destructive to our body, to our health. Natural disasters. To stay calm and unflappable in the face of conflict or aggression. Healthy discussions. Conflicts which help us grow.

Energy all over the place. To not know what to do with one's physical energy. The physical aspect of stress and/or the toll it takes on the body. An unsettled mind makes it difficult to be grounded. Pragmatic approach to a chaotic situation; to tackle a stressful situation with calm. The advice to find a way to ground oneself in stressful times. Conflict between wanting to put down roots and feeling restless or unable to settle down. The root of one's nervousness. Deeply rooted nervousness.

A child grows (up). Steady development; stable growth. Something small grows. A young person's health. New health. Weak physique; fragile body. Small stature. Weak life energy. Weak sense of roots. A grounded child. A child's roots. To play in nature. Tree climbing. Inexperience in regard to health or physical activities. To think little of one's body, or of the natural world.

Physical self-defence. Deep-rooted distrust; to be suspicious of nature or to be suspicious by nature. Strong identification with one's body, or with nature. To do everything one can to preserve one's health. To take no risks in regard to one's health. To distrust one's own body. To adapt physically. Physical precautions. The body's needs have to come first. Survival skills; outdoor skills. To pragmatically do what is necessary. Natural intelligence.

Extremely strong and stable person(ality). To be unfalteringly and unshakeably confident. Tremendous physical strength and vitality. Physically overwhelming - maybe physical domination, domination by physical strength. To be dominated by health concerns or one's one's bodily needs in general. To take care of physical needs. Vaccination. Physical protection. Bodyguard, bouncer. To be possessive of physical objects, of physical wealth. Healthy/stable/pragmatic parent(al figure). Parent(al figure) who can give us a sense of belonging. Sense of belonging dominates everything. Something has a dominant influence on our vitality.

A conflict between down-to-earth, pragmatical, materialistic world view, and an esoteric, spiritual one. To find one's spiritual footing, or to connect with one's spiritual roots. To aspire to physical health. Alternative medicine (might be useful, or not). To loose our footing in the real world through some kind of illusion/delusion. Maybe we've talked ourselves into a fairy-tale kind of fake spirituality, losing our sense of what's real, losing our appreciation of basic (physical) things.

Natural cycles - e.g. the change of the seasons, sleeping and waking, living and dying etc., and their inevitability. Natural processes; biological processes; bodily processes or transitions - e.g. puberty, pregnancy, ageing. Physical transformations. Inner nature. A longing for nature, a physical longing. A conflict between feeling rooted somewhere and wanting to migrate. To slowly leave the place where our roots are and migrate somewhere else. To go where our life-force takes us. To follow the call of nature. Pragmatic approach to a transition. A transition which is natural. Body issues return.

Stable, healthy, strong friendship. To follow the lead of someone who is calm and stable and down-to-earth. Very strong, deeply rooted devotedness to something or someone. Healthy loyalty; loyalty which is unwavering; loyalty which is impossible to shift. That which supports our health. Physical means of support. To lead someone physically (e.g. by taking them by their hand). Naturally helpful; someone is tractable by nature.

Physical boundaries. Physical control. To control someone's body. The belief that reason can rule over nature. To feel most alive, most energetic, when alone. Solitude in nature. To retreat into nature. Authority on nature. Expert for issues related to the body. Health professional; health institutions. To "rule" over one's body; strict physical regimen; health regimen. Physical excellence, e.g. to excel at sports. A very reliable, extremely calm, stable authority. Growing expertise.

Visibility of the body; exhibitionism. To model, to perform publicly. Mainstream/societal view of the body, nature, or the physical world in general. Materialistic society. Park, local recreation area. Communal work in nature; communal health projects. Complex physical structures. Physical teamwork. Community which is healthy, "alive". To feel deeply rooted in a specific culture or group. To present oneself as fit, healthy, natural, calm.

Physical challenges - sport. Inability to get going. To feel unable to move - dislike (and/or lack) of physical activities. To replenish your energies by being silent and still. Vital energy is so slow and overly calm it feels unpleasantly like it's frozen. An actual, physical, real, mountain. Very extreme stubbornness; stubborn persistence. To slowly grow into something you used to feel was unmanageable task. To deal with difficulties pragmatically and calmly.

To rest and replenish one's energies before actually making a choice. A decision concerning our body, or health. It's our own decision where we put down roots. Deliberations about our health/body. Physical alternatives (e.g. concerning objects). Physical freedom. Pragmatic choice. Physical potentials; our body's potentials.

Weak immune system (or: it's important now to strengthen one's immune system). Lack of stability; energy is getting less, or getting drained by something or someone. Something persistently unpleasant is making one lose one's calm. Unhealthy body; polluted nature. Actual, physical decay. Physical exhaustion. The threat of burnout. Stress.

A very strong, healthy, stable, loving relationship. A thriving romance; growing love. To love and accept one's own body. To care for one's body. To wear rose-coloured glasses in regard to one's own body. To appreciate nature, to care for nature (e.g. gardening, caring for animals, long nature walks etc.). A compassionate view on the body and its needs; to be gentle with one's body - or: to mollycoddle it to the point where it becomes weak. Healthy compassion. Deeply-rooted love. The feeling that we belong with someone. Pragmatic view of romance. To have set one's heart on something - now there is an inability (or unwillingness?) to rethink.

Physical connection; physical link. Commitment to physical activity / to a new health regime etc. Physical cause and effect. A promise to one's body (e.g. to care for its needs better). Associations which feel natural; commitment which seems natural. Strong, stable commitment. To thrive on connecting with others. A connection which is very much alive. A connection with our roots. A promise once it is given is not easily broken. Healthy, stable cohesion. To connect physically.

An actual, physical book. To study nature; medicine study; other health related trainings. Knowledge about health, or about one's body in general. To be very confident about one's intelligence. Solid, down-to-earth education. The truth about one's roots. To study diligently, patiently. Healthy way to study / learn.

Conversations about nature or about one's body. Information about health; health report. Bodily forms of communication - to communicate through gestures, through touch. communication which is long-lasting, full of content, very "alive". Calm, unstressed conversations; Mediator. To talk about one's ancestors, one's roots (or: to share or receive/ask for information about them).

Tree-Man (a)
Man who is: natural, physical, alive, thriving, deeply rooted, grounded, belonging, steadfast, robust, inflexible in the sense of not versatile, down-to-earth, pragmatic. A male ancestor. To grow into manhood. Healer. Male body, or traditionally "masculine" physique. Male-specific health issues. Man does something in nature; man who is close to nature, does something physical.

Tree-Woman (a)
Woman who is: natural, physical, alive, thriving, deeply rooted, grounded, belonging, steadfast, robust, inflexible in the sense of not versatile, down-to-earth, pragmatic. A female ancestor. To grow into womanhood. Healer. Female body, or traditionally "feminine" physique. Female-specific health issues. Woman does something in nature; woman who is close to nature, does something physical.

Tree-Man (b)
Man who is: natural, physical, alive, thriving, deeply rooted, grounded, belonging, steadfast, robust, inflexible in the sense of not versatile, down-to-earth, pragmatic. A male ancestor. To grow into manhood. Healer. Male body, or traditionally "masculine" physique. Male-specific health issues. Man does something in nature; man who is close to nature, does something physical.

Tree-Woman (b)
Woman who is: natural, physical, alive, thriving, deeply rooted, grounded, belonging, steadfast, robust, inflexible in the sense of not versatile, down-to-earth, pragmatic. A female ancestor. To grow into womanhood. Healer. Female body, or traditionally "feminine" physique. Female-specific health issues. Woman does something in nature; woman who is close to nature, does something physical.

Sexual stamina and/or healthy sexual appetite. To find one's sense of stability in the intense experience of the physical world. A person who is extremely slow but stable in their behaviour and/or emotional life. Old person with whom one can feel very comfortable and at home (grandparent?). Experience helps to feel more grounded. To not be interested in the spiritual/intellectual part of life - a very sensual approach to life. Everything is so harmonious and peaceful that it's boring.

Very strong, stable virtuousness. Specific virtue is strong. To stay calmly virtuous even in challenging situations. The virtue of composure or equanimity. Virtues which concern the health of one's body and/or physical needs, e.g. temperance, (reasonable) frugality. The wisdom of the body. To treat nature morally. Down-to-earth view of morality; a pragmatic approach to being virtuous. To treat one's body with respect; to be at peace with one's physical nature, or state of one's health, or appearance. To take a bath; to detox.

High spirits; great physical energy; enormous positive vibes. To find joy in physical life; to find strength in an optimistic world view. Physical warmth or heat; fever. Growing warmth (metaphorically speaking). To spend a day in nature. Confidence in one's physical abilities. Very obviously healthy/strong. Awareness of physical processes, or of health-related issues.

Emotional health; that which grounds us emotionally; emotional resilience. Deeply rooted fears or needs or melancholy. Very deep roots.
Emotional health; that which grounds us emotionally; emotional resilience. Deeply rooted fears or needs or melancholy. Very deep roots. Instinct. Intuitions concerning our body. Natural intuition. Restful energy. To find rest in nature. A night in nature. Resting would be very healthy. Natural, healthy sleep patterns. Bio-rhythm. Strong but stable emotions. Pragmatic approach to our fears and needs. Physical trauma.

Actual, physical keys; actual open doors. To open something physically. Physical relief or release. Physical means. Natural means. Natural remedies. To understand one's body; to understand nature. To allow one's body to do what it needs to do. Access to someone's body. To enter someone's body. To uncover something about one's roots. Or: there's great strength and peace of mind to be found if we can be open about something or let someone in. To succeed we need to listen to our body. That which we need to be healthy.

Financial stability; to be very secure in one's job. Steady income. Growing wealth. A thriving business, a family business. To be very relaxed about financial issues. To work on something steadily and diligently but without stress or pressuring yourself. To have very down-to earth values; to be pragmatic about money/income.

Physical restraint/confinement. To focus on health. Obsessive concern with one's body. Nature gives foothold. To take a break in nature. Very strong feeling of safety and stability. Routines (or pauses) dictated by one's nature (e.g. sleeping cycle). Stopping, pausing, helps to replenish one's energy reserves.

Firmly rooted, unshakeable convictions. To be very stable and reliable in doing our duty. To find strength in fulfilling what we perceive as our life-task. Physical pain. Growing pain. An ideology of nature. Dogmatic ideas about health. To adhere to a physical regimen. To overexert oneself physically. Physical burden - to carry something heavy. To find one's life task in something to do with nature. To feel called to nature.

Tree - Wild Card
Something hasn't physically manifested yet. Something that is yet to grow. A question mark regarding one's body; a bodily need that hasn't yet come up but is already there. Something has not taken root quite yet; a root not discovered yet. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Tree (see the Tree's keywords).

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