Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

Overpowering, overwhelming sensual input. Conflict between wanting to go slowly and things changing/happening very quickly. Welcome sexual advances; or sexual harassment. Flashy artist. A person who brags a lot about their artistic achievements, sexual expertise, or talents. A seducer/new lover enters querent's life. Sudden, or overwhelming, passion.

Sexual relationship without responsibilities. Untroubled sexual relationship. To enjoy sensual pleasures happily, without feelings of shame or guilt. Easygoing approach to sex and sensuality. Maybe: too little awareness of the risks of enjoying the physical world without limiting yourself. Risky sexual behaviour. An opportunity to experience sensual pleasure. The opportunity to be creative. Intense luck. Some small pleasure.

To explore sensual / sexual pleasures. To enjoy a journey, to be passionate about travelling, about a new experience. To make changes when the time is ripe. A very slow but intense change. A slow journey. To go looking for where the passion has gone. An absent lover; to say goodbye to a lover; long distance sexual relationship. Sexual relationship without commitment. Strange new pleasures. To experience the sensual impressions of a foreign country (food, climate, language, landscape...). To gain experiences.

Stable relationship with a sex partner; fulfilling sex life with spouse. Traditional forms of sexual relationships (monogamy; fidelity) which might be comfortable or stifling. To find great comfort and peace in one's home. Harmonious family life. Artistic family. Established artist. A very slow, traditional approach to something. Rules that create harmony.

Sexual stamina and/or healthy sexual appetite. To find one's sense of stability in the intense experience of the physical world. A person who is extremely slow but stable in their behaviour and/or emotional life. Old person with whom one can feel very comfortable and at home (grandparent?). Experience helps to feel more grounded. To not be interested in the spiritual/intellectual part of life - a very sensual approach to life. Everything is so harmonious and peaceful that it's boring.

To be (emotionally) unsure about sex or a sexual relationship. A hidden sexual relationship - affair? To hide sexual attraction. To not know how to enjoy sensual pleasures. Confusing sensual pleasures. Misunderstandings concerning sex, pleasure, a sexual relationship. Sexual disorders. To over-engage in sensual pleasures in order to fog over one's boredom or despair. Boring sexual encounters; dulled senses. Clouded vision, dulled hearing, reduced sense of smell (blocked nose) or taste. Something is so harmonious, lacking even the tiniest bit of contrast, contradiction, that it is actually terribly boring.

Strong cravings for or even addiction to: sex, food and drink, harmony. Extremely high sex drive; to enjoy seduction. To have a sexual relationship for career reasons or to enhance one's self-esteem. Strong yearning to reconnect with the sensual world; to seek sensual pleasures. To allow oneself to follow one's sexual desires even if others think it's unseemly. Sexual (self)empowerment. The longing to be creative; to create artwork. An ambitious, skilled artist.

To bury one's passion about something/someone; to suppress physical pleasure. No more sex (for whatever reasons). Creative force is being stumped. To end a sexual relationship. A very slow process of letting go. To deal with grief in an artistic, creative way. Intense grief. Maybe: the decline of old age.

To go to a private view or theatre with others; to make music with others; artist group. Praise for someone's artistic accomplishments. Positive art reviews. Harmonious (interior) design; physical embellishments or verbal niceties with the goal of creating harmony. To give someone a sexy love letter / to get given a love letter. Thankfulness for the comfort and pleasures one can enjoy. Intense thankfulness. A very generous lover. Invitation to have sex; welcome sexual advances. Swinger party. Honest compliments or (possibly manipulative) flattery regarding sex.

Dangerous (possibly harm-causing) handling of sensual pleasures; to get hurt in a sexual relationship. Sex injury. to reap pleasure only when you've put in the effort to gain experience first. To suddenly lose a passion. To stop having sex. To end a sexual relationship. A long process comes to a sudden, maybe premature end. To have to deal with the self-inflicted consequences of gluttony (e.g. ill health) or risky sexual behaviour (e.g. sexually transmitted diseases).

High quality arguments; long arguments. To enjoy discussions. Discussion or conflict about sensual or sexual issues. A discussion or argument about the arts, about taste/smell etc., or sex. To shame someone for their sexual behaviour or wishes; or to be ashamed of one's own sensual/sexual side. Consensual play with punishment (e.g. BDSM), but also: To find pleasure in abusing someone. Sexual abuse.

(Possibly unstructured, absent-minded or nervous) communication about sexual issues. To communicate (a lot!) or gossip about sexual issues. To not truly enjoy something because one doesn't really pay attention - the mind is already on the next thing. To be stressed out by too much sensual input. Worries about sexual issues. Worries or a chaotic situation threaten harmony and peace. To be constantly distracted by thoughts of sex or by sensual input. To do lots of different artistic things (maybe none of them in depth). To be impatient because something is taking too long for one's taste.

Sexual inexperience. Growing sexual passion; puberty. An innocent person is being seduced. To be curious about sexuality. To be open and ready to experiment with sensual experiences. Intense curiosity. To be vulnerable to sensual input - to be unaware of or naive about the dangers of overindulgence for example. A playful approach to creativity. To be a beginner at a certain art form. To be in need for a guide in regard to sexuality/sensual issues/art.

A lover who puts their own needs first, who is following their own agenda. A very defensive, cautious, or suspicious lover. To be suspicious of a lover. Jealousy. To want your lover for yourself only. Selfish sex. To proceed with extreme slowness and caution, taking care of every little detail. To engage in sensual activities with a lot of caution only. To use protection against STDs. To be on the defence about one's sexuality or enjoyment of the sensual world. To adapt to sensual input (get used to noise, bright light/darkness, heat or cold etc.)

Powerful sex-drive; hunger and thirst; to be dominated by sensual pleasures. Someone who tries to influence your sex life. Something that influences your sex life. Great competence in the arts - teacher of the arts. To have strong sensual charisma. To be very present physically. A wonderfully skilled (but maybe overly possessive) lover. To play with domination in sex. To protect oneself or someone else from physical desires. Sex education. Birth control.

To desire someone who doesn't know about it or who is unreachable. To hope for a fulfilling sex life. Spiritual view of sexuality; to connect sexually; sexual union; tantric sex. To expect too much from sex, or from a lover. To feel one with the cosmos through sensual experience. Intense spiritual experiences; intense hope. Spiritual maturity; mature hopes and wishes.

Very strong longing for sexual union. Intense longing for sensual impressions, or to fully live one's sexuality. Sexual by nature. A very, VERY slow transformation or process. Someone already has experience with a certain transformation or transition. Transformation of one's sense of beauty or pleasure. Transformation of one's sexual desires or sensual pleasures. A transformative sensual/sexual experience. To slowly mature. Intense longing. Contented by nature. To feel pulled towards that which is harmonious. Harmonious transition.

To be sexually interested in a friend - or a friend is sexually attracted to you. Sexual relationship in which one participant is very submissive, or dependent. Artist and their admirer. To follow/obey someone who is more experienced. Employee/follower who is being seduced. A loyal/supportive lover. To beg for sex. (Possibly crippling) anxiety to please in the bedroom. to ask what someone likes in sex. To be led almost completely by pleasure.

To not allow sensuality or sexuality into one's life. To say no to an offer of sex. To put up barriers against intimacy. The struggle between enjoying the senses and maintaining clear thinking. Conflict between someone who wants intimacy and someone who doesn't. A very long, peaceful retreat. Experience with (having a position of) authority. Someone mature in a position of authority. Pride in one's experience, maturity, or sexual prowess, or artistic talents. Art authority.

Exhibitionism - also in a metaphorical sense, meaning any public display of what is usually considered too intimate for publicity. To be very open and out about one's sexual life. Open air festivals, museums, dance performances, theatre, concert etc. To deeply enjoy public venues like parks or cafes. Someone who is very experienced with social dynamics. Slow societal or cultural processes.

Writer's (or painter's) block. Blocked creativity in general. Maybe: infertility? To be unmoved by the arts or by sensual pleasure - frigidity? Low sex drive. Abstinence, austereness. To deny yourself or someone else sensual/sexual pleasures. Difficulties with appreciating the sensual world. A very, very, VERY slow process - so slow it seems nothing is moving, but it is. To deeply enjoy silence. To enjoy idleness. To be extremely lazy. Fattening food.

A potential affair. To enjoy having several sexual relationships at the same time. Half-hearted or ambivalent sexual relationship. Ambivalent view of sexual/sensual pleasure. To be very picky who one becomes intimate with. To enjoy varied types of food, music, art etc. To freely enjoy sensual pleasures whenever they present themselves. A decision concerning sex or the sensual world in general. A very slow decision process. A situation of choice which is experienced with a lot of intensity. Tolerance of other people's sexual choices.

Sexual attraction (or attractiveness?), passion, or pleasure, is waning. Loss of appetite. Slowness in the sense of "little passion about something" - lack of enthusiasm. More complex: Sensual pleasures is a beautiful thing, but if that's the only thing you share with someone or enjoy about something it might soon lose its depth and become boring. Unhealthy attraction (not necessarily sexual!). STDs. Sneaky types of sexual misconduct like the seduction of minors, or using one's position of power to get sex etc.

A very passionate, loving relationship. To enjoy sensual pleasures full-heartedly, without holding back emotionally. Total (emotional and sensual) abandonment, indulgence, surrender. A very skilful and caring lover. Intense love or compassion. To spend quality time with a loved one. To give one's emotional relationships time to mature. Love songs, love poetry, paintings of a loved one etc. To express one's (positive) feelings creatively. Experience with romantic relationships. A loving relationship which has matured over the years.

Sexual connection or relationship; commitment to a lover; commitment to one's artistic talents. A sensual connection; to feel connected to the sensual world. Important connections to the art world. A promise regarding one's sex life or one's handling of sensual pleasures (e.g. commitment to a healthier diet), or promise to stick with a process even though things are moving only slowly. Reliability of the senses. Predictable reactions to certain sensual input. Coherence which creates harmony. Mutual delight; shared passion. Strong sensual/sexual attraction.

Passion about a certain subject area; an expert in a certain subject area. Very long, slow learning process or education. Conflict between enjoying sensual pleasures and processing the experience intellectually. High quality literature. Books about sex or with sex in them. Esoteric sexual practises. Facts about sex; knowledge about sex; to be knowledgeable or in need of education about sex. An overly intellectual approach to sensual pleasures (to be stuck in the head). To (slowly?) get to know a lover; or to get to know someone intimately. Intimate knowledge.

Passionate conversation; high quality communication. Slow communication process; to take time for a conversation. Communication through visual stimulation, smell, touch, sound etc. Communication about sexual issues. To be so passionate about something that one needs to talk about it a lot. To communicate through artistic means. Conversation about the arts.

Man who is: sensual, sexually active, passionate, enticing, attractive, artistic, talented, creative, intense, contented, comfortable, peaceful, mature, , self-indulgent, lazy, gluttonous, drunk, high, excessive. Man who enjoys the arts; artist (poet, dancer, musician, painter...); man only interested in sensual/sexual pleasure. Man who takes his time. Or: a lover (real or prospective or dreamed of). To go slowly with, caress, or pleasure, a man. Poetry or music or paintings by or about a man or men in general.

Lily-Woman (a)
Woman who is: sensual, sexually active, passionate, enticing, attractive, artistic, talented, creative, intense, contented, comfortable, peaceful, mature, , self-indulgent, lazy, gluttonous, drunk, high, excessive. Woman who enjoys the arts; artist (poet, dancer, musician, painter...); woman only interested in sensual/sexual pleasure. Woman who takes her time. Or: a lover (real or prospective or dreamed of). To go slowly with, caress, or pleasure, a woman. Poetry or music or paintings by or about a woman or women in general.

Man who is: sensual, sexually active, passionate, enticing, attractive, artistic, talented, creative, intense, contented, comfortable, peaceful, mature, , self-indulgent, lazy, gluttonous, drunk, high, excessive. Man who enjoys the arts; artist (poet, dancer, musician, painter...); man only interested in sensual/sexual pleasure. Man who takes his time. Or: a lover (real or prospective or dreamed of). To go slowly with, caress, or pleasure, a man. Poetry or music or paintings by or about a man or men in general.

Lily-Woman (b)
Man who is: sensual, sexually active, passionate, enticing, attractive, artistic, talented, creative, intense, contented, comfortable, peaceful, mature, , self-indulgent, lazy, gluttonous, drunk, high, excessive. Man who enjoys the arts; artist (poet, dancer, musician, painter...); man only interested in sensual/sexual pleasure. Man who takes his time. Or: a lover (real or prospective or dreamed of). To go slowly with, caress, or pleasure, a man. Poetry or music or paintings by or about a man or men in general.

High quality sex, food/drink, music/poetry/dance/paintings etc. Slow creative process. Slowly maturing sexual relationship. To mature sexually (possibly puberty, or post-midlife phase). Extremely intense, very sensual. To wallow in sensual pleasures. Overindulgence.

This combination is only possible if you use both versions of the Lily for your readings! Righteousness in one's sexual relationships; temperate or disciplined handling of sensual pleasures. A lover with good intentions. Conflict between wanting to enjoy sensual pleasures and the idea that this would not be virtuous. A frugal approach to food/drink. A very mature and wise person.

Great sensual (or sexual) enjoyment. To celebrate sexuality/sensual experiences. Intense heat, bright light. Popular artist; popular art work. Superficial physical relationship, or superficial worldview which focuses only on what's pleasurable. To make a lover happy / lover or sex makes you happy. A long, slow day; a harmonious day. A mature view of what makes one happy.

Very profound sexual or sensual experiences (which touch very deeply, or, negatively, trigger something). Deeply meaningful artwork; to express profound feelings creatively; art therapy. Intense emotions. Mature emotions; mature handling of difficult emotions. Harmonious, peaceful nights. Deep, restful sleep. Too much rest - laziness. To sleep too much. Extreme intensity. Highest quality.

To open up to sensual experiences. To agree to have sex with someone. To drop barriers in regard to sex or sensual pleasure in general. To bee too open (no barriers, no limits) to pleasure (results: addictive behaviour; harmful "too much"; getting hurt emotionally). A creative break-through; a sensual/sexual aha-moment. A very intense experience of understanding. A high quality / harmonious solution. An slow opening-up-process which takes a long time.

Complete materialism (sensual pleasure and material objects are all there is). A suggestion that once should value sensual pleasure, the present moment, sex etc. more. To exploit someone sexually. A conflict of quality-over-quantity (e.g. but not necessarily concerning food/sex/other enjoyments). A mature handling of one's work situation or financial affairs. To profit but slowly. Slow work process; high quality work. Intense work effort. To find great pleasure in one's job. Flow experience in one's work.

Everything revolves around sensual pleasures/sex/an affair/art. To find great pleasure in the here and now, right where one is are now. The status quo can be changed but only in a slow process. To hold on to pleasure - to be afraid of loss of passion. To be held back (to be restricted) or to hold back sexually. Too much sexual routine. To find safety and stability in sensual experiences. An intense sense of having arrived. A stalker. A lover who clings to you - or you cling to a lover - or both hold on to each other, giving each other great support but maybe also suffocating each other.

A sexual relationship, sex drive in general, or sensual pleasures, have become a burden. Overindulgence, laziness, debauchery are difficult to shake off, causing suffering. Intense pain, intense suffering. To take pleasure in pain. Dogmatic views about sensuality/sexuality. Responsible sexuality; contraception. To enjoy what one perceives as one's life-task; to find pleasure in mastering the hardships of life.

Lily - Wild Card
Unusual or uncommon sexual/sensual pleasures. Never lived out sexual passion. Great talent that hasn't been discovered or lived out yet. Not harmonious yet; not sated or satisfied yet. Atypical, non-conforming, sexuality. Question mark regarding sexuality; the unknown factor in one's sex-life. Very slowly dawning sexual awareness. Very slow process of realising that issue X contains many indeterminable aspects (and which these are). You need maturity to dare be the oddball. To feel attracted to the oddball, to a person who dares be who they are even if this is someone very unusual. You are profoundly beautiful just the individual way you are! A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Sensual Lily (see the Sensual Lily's keywords).

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