(sensual) lily


To clarify and deepen my understanding of the (Sensual) Lily (for the (Virtuous) Lily click >> here!), I pondered the following comparisons with similar and/or opposing cards. Maybe my comparisons will inspire you to make your own!

Sensual Lily vs. Virtuous Lily
Sensual Lily:Sexuality and sensuality, high quality pleasures. Contentedness caused by harmony and plenty of pleasure. Gluttony, laziness, excess.
Virtuous Lily: Virtue, wisdom, humility. Contentedness caused by an absence of cravings, an absence of inner disturbance. Modesty, frugality, frigid austereness.

Lily: "I enjoy sex!" Sexual passion, maturity, experience. A purely sexual relationship.
Snake: "I want sex!" Strong sex drive. To use sex as a means to an end. Seduction.
Child: Sexual immaturity, innocence. "I haven't had (much) sex (yet)." Sexual immaturity, inexperience, innocence.
Virtuous Lily: "I don't have sex!" Sexual abstinence. Possibly: frigidity, prudery.

Intensity and slowness
Lily: Very intense experience, to take your time.
Birds: Superficial, quick experience; to hurry.
Mountain: Here the "slowness" has turned into a total cessation of movement, into a complete standstill. The only thing "intense" now is the sense of blocked movement, of actual or metaphorical silence.

Lily: Sexual energy; sex drive. Sensual passion.
Tree: Physical energy. Energy in the sense of vitality. Life-force. To feel energetic in the sense of fit and healthy.
Birds: Nervous and unstable energy; energy fluctuations

Lily: Sexual longing; the longing for sensual experiences.
Ship: Longing in the sense of wanderlust - the longing to be elsewhere, to discover new places.
Stork: Deep longings in general, but especially the longings which arise from our inner nature.
Heart: Romantic longing.
Snake: Longing in the sense of cravings - to want to get or to achieve something.

Lily: By itself a purely physical, sexual, relationship - could be respectful or exploitive.
Heart: A loving relationship - possibly romantic.
Ring: The commitment part of a relationship - any type of relationship; could even be a work relationship.

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