Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

Something or someone causes us to make changes in our life. To be pressed to change. Quick or hurried changes. Someone tries to force change. A foreigner. Someone is exploring in an intrusive way. A new acquaintance who will soon leave again. Someone is in a real rush - rushing in, rushing off. When in uncharted waters beware of unexpected things, or even attacks from unexpected angles. Overwhelmingly foreign; some new experience is overwhelming.

Nice, pleasant journey. You can change it, yes, but is it really that important? A chance to change something - jump at it! To be on the lookout for an opportunity. To let ourselves be blown around this way and that, wherever fancy takes us. To act as a vagabond. Risky foolhardiness. To venture something with no thought about the risks (which might be a good thing though!). To change one's luck. Total irresponsibility: Unwillingness to commit and to take on responsibilities. To not commit to a responsibility. To go looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow.

To make a major change. An important departure. Adventurous journey; adventurousness regarding a new (business) venture. To look for adventure. To not commit to a venture. Something or someone is very definitely missing/absent. Insatiable wanderlust (makes us unable to commit).

To leave home, to move to a different place. To turn away from tradition and do things in a new way. To start new traditions. Conflict between wanting the comfort of familiarity and wanting to go explore the unknown. To be familiar (and comfortable?) with exploration, with the process of making new discoveries. To have a habit of leaving. To be used to someone's absence. To plan a journey; to plan a change. Mobile home. Holiday home. To find the structure of what is still unfamiliar. A family member who has has left - or who goes a different way than the rest of the family. An absent family member. A family member who doesn't commit (to the family). Someone can't commit to starting a family.

To depart from one's comfort zone and go where there's a lot of insecurity, unfamiliar conditions, and adventure. Uprooting - to leave one's roots behind. Or: to search for one's roots. To make changes for pragmatic reasons. To not lose one's calm in new situations. To grow with new experiences. Exploration of nature or of one's body. Exploring is healthy. Calm journey. An inner conflict between difficulties with moving and knowing that it's time to leave. Conflict between someone who is very deeply rooted and wants things to develop only slowly, and someone who has constantly itchy feet and likes to shake things up regularly.

Journey or change with a very unclear path, purpose, or destination (might be a warning or just stating a fact). To want to change - but there are no reference points and/or no guidance. To make a change out of despair. A hopeless journey. To lose hope that we can change. Great big adventure: to explore that which is completely unknown yet. To leave behind everything which is conceited, confusing, or hopeless - a fresh start. To go explore confusion / look into a misunderstanding. Someone's departure causes despair. We're disoriented because we've entered uncharted waters.

Strong desire to leave, strong desire to discover new territory, to experience new things. Exploration of one's desires. To search for what we truly want. The empowerment to explore. Travel guide. Sexual exploration. To begin an affair / a sexual relationship with parameters yet unknown. Extremely strong wanderlust. To really want to reach the end of a journey. That which is the goal of a venture. To put everything we have into making a change happen. To search for knowledge. To leave everything behind which is not conducing to reaching our goal. Reckless adventurousness. To not commit to others because commitment would hamper our target achievement.

A journey is over. No more exploration. To suppress one's urge to leave or one's wanderlust; to suppress one's adventurousness. To not allow oneself to make changes. The loss of someone - because they left, literally speaking. A final farewell. To move on (from a loss). To leave something or someone behind for good. To explore one's grief; to explore that which is buried deep down.

To be welcome(d) were you go. To welcome a foreigner; a stranger. A welcome journey/change. To re-decorate. To be not very committed to one's friends. Change your ways - you need to be more friendly, praise others more! To go visit someone new; to embark on the venture of broadening one's social circle. To explore new social circles. To leave one's social circle. To leave behind the need to look pretty and look for something better. A farewell party; a farewell gift. To give (or receive) praise for making a change. Exaggeration of an adventure. Admiration of adventurousness.

To cut off ties with someone and leave them behind (or, someone does this to you). Painful (possibly premature) good-bye. To tidy up loose ends before a departure. A sudden departure; a very sudden decision to change something. Unexpected journey. Sudden (painful, disruptive) end of a search or exploration. To cut off the old; to cut off anything and anyone who holds one back. Disrupted journey. Premature end of something which was still moving, changing. An adventure or exploration which might get you hurt.

To get away from abuse. To change one's own abusive behaviour. To bring justice to the world. To punish/torture someone by being unreachable. The threat of leaving someone behind. To go looking for trouble. Guilt about leaving. Someone's guilty of leaving someone else behind who they should have committed to. Conflict about changes we are making or planning to make. Exploration of aggressive tendencies. To receive scolding/punishment for departing from something, for changing something, for doing uncommon things. Absence of conflict. To experiment with BDSM.

Strong wanderlust; inability to stay put. Nervousness or worries about a pending journey, venture, or change. Excitement about a journey, venture, or change. An unorganised journey, venture, or change. Chaotic departure. To leave chaos behind. Worries that someone might leave. Someone is busy exploring. The attempt to change everything at once. Constant change of direction. To leave a stressful situation. Someone's constant nagging, talking, or worrying, drives someone else away.

Abandonment issues. A very inexperienced explorer. Everything is a novelty because we've entered uncharted waters. Beginning of a journey. To initiate change; to take the first steps in a new direction. Absent child. Abandoned child. To take a child on a journey. Playful exploration; naive exploration (e.g. no awareness of the risks). Great joy of exploration. A small (short, or not very far) journey. A change that we make is still delicate - it mightn't take hold. Wanderlust which is going to grow. Someone is in need of guidance in regard to a venture they are embarking on. A young person is exploring something. Child leaves the nest.

To assess the risk of a change which could be made. To identify as an explorer; to have built one's sense of self around being a globetrotter / someone who doesn't settle down. Self-exploration. To make necessary changes. To leave even if this means leaving people who depend on you. To not commit for selfish reasons. Someone who won't commit no matter how much you may want them to. Adventurousness vs. caution. To leave someone or something because that's good for oneself. To adapt to a changed environment.

Travel guide. To be confident about a change. To know how to change something. Preparations for a change or a journey. Absent parent. To search for a parent(al figure). To go exploring with confidence. Someone bossily arranges things on behalf of others whether they asked for it or not. Someone or something interfering. Something that greatly influences the direction we take. An absent parent; absence of a leader. To leave behind someone who had a lot of influence on you. To explore one's own powerfulness; to explore dominance. The attempt to change a bossy, dominant person.

A journey we've always wished to go on. Itchy feet. To finally dare to go and reach for the stars. The belief that it's better elsewhere. To explore spirituality. The search for meaning. To envision what we would like to change, or where we would like to go. To embark on making one's vision come true. To just daydream about doing something instead of actually doing it. To leave something/someone in order to follow one's dreams. To fantasise about someone who is absent; to keep connected with someone although they are absent.

Inner transformation leads to making changes in one's behaviour or environment, too (and vice versa). Strong longing to depart, or to travel. Someone is a vagabond by nature. Transformative power of new experiences. To revisit a place we've been before. Traveller returns. Someone departs but they will return eventually. Someone will be on their way for quite a while yet. To go on a journey of self-exploration. A journey towards one's true self - a search for one's true self.

Travel companion. Someone who follows you wherever you go (literally and figuratively). Help on a journey or support concerning making a change. Ask for permission before you leave / change things! Adventure with a friend. To explore a friendship. To shift one's loyalties elsewhere. To stay loyal to someone who has left; to stay loyal to someone although they won't commit. Long-distance friendship; to feel distant from a friend. Friend who is absent. To leave a friend - to look for a friend. To change something just because we were told to.

A lonesome journey; to travel alone. In uncharted waters you're always alone at first. To seek solitude. Solitude is a new experience which might teach us a lot. A change we can bring about only by ourselves. To say no to a change / journey / exploration. To feel isolated because one feels different, foreign. Foreign authority. To explore authority. Travel authority. To be justifiably proud about or to brag about one's explorations. To depart from loneliness: to seek contact. To leave someone (or a place) even though this means that we'll then be alone. Someone's aloofness, or control-freak-mentality, or pride, made someone else leave them. Very, very distant (emotionally, or spatially).

Social (ad)venture; to embark on a social expedition; to rise in society; the attempt to change our social position or reputation. The attempt to change society. To present as adventurous. Foreign culture; to explore a different (sub)culture. To leave one culture behind; to search for the culture/society where we could finally settle. To search for publicity. The public / everybody tries to discover something. To travel together; to explore something together. To change something by collective effort. Publication of one's research. Social experiment. Someone is not committed to their team. An absent team member. Someone important has left the team.

To seek out challenges. Challenging change. Difficult journey. Forced pause; developments have come to a stop. Impeded/delayed departure. Something blocks change. The refusal to change anything. To leave behind someone who is just hindering us. It's the elephant in the room that someone will soon leave (or won't commit), or that someone important is not there. Conflict between someone who refuses to move and someone who has itchy feet. That which blocks us from leaving. To not express one's desire to leave. Someone is going to leave; there's nothing which can be done to stop them!

To explore alternatives. Try out different directions and see where they lead! The adventure of being free to go wherever we feel drawn to. A change of direction. To be undecided in which direction we should go. The decision to leave. Free to go. Ambivalence about a departure; to not be sure whether we should leave. To contemplate the pros and cons for leaving. Procrastination of a necessary departure or of a necessary change. Speculations about an absent person's whereabouts.

Being fed up with the present situation has made us want to leave, or change things radically. Dwindling of adventurousness. Too little exploratory spirit. Bad (corrupt) research. Unhealthy inability to settle down. To be constantly moving is draining. To spoil a journey. Bad new experience. To spoil someone's readiness to try new things. Lack of adventure, lack of exploration. To depart secretly without telling the people who have a right to know. To leave behind an unhealthy situation. Lies or rumours spread widely. Foreign disease. To look into what is going wrong.

(The idea that) absence makes the heart grow fonder. To explore a new romantic relationship or to tread new paths in the one we already have. Romance feels like an adventure. To leave something behind that is dear to us. A loved one leaves. We leave a loved one. Long-distance relationship. The feelings are there but commitment is not. To look for love. To miss someone. The heart of an explorer. Our heart tells us to leave. In our heart of hearts we know we should change something. Change of heart. To change something for a loved one. Infatuation with someone who won't stay. Forgiveness for someone who left.

A promise to say farewell. A promise to make changes. Commitment to exploration, to adventure. Shared adventure. To go through changes together. To make connections internationally or on a journey. Commitment to something means that changes have to be made. A predictable departure; it's predictable that a person won't stay/commit. Conflict between a person who is committed and another person who isn't. To share wanderlust. Emotional attachment to someone who is absent. Someone we relied on has left.

Travel book; knowledge/facts about foreign places. New studies. To embark on a scientific venture; scientific research. To explore new areas of knowledge and wisdom. To make a change in one's education. To look for the truth; to follow the facts; to go where the truth leads. To be out of one's depth. To leave behind the well-known; exploration of the yet unknown. Something departs from the truth. To leave school.

To make inquiries; to go looking for information. Long distance communication. Communication about a change one would like to make; or, communication would cause change! Communication with someone who is absent. To express one's wanderlust. To inform someone about one's inability or unwillingness to settle down. Someone expresses (possibly not verbally, though!) their inability to settle down. Communicating/expressing ourselves is new to us, and scary. Travel documents; to book a journey.

Ship-Man (a)
Man who is absent, missing, gone away, very distant, travelling, not there yet, on the way, (ad)venturous, yet to be learned to know, exploring, seeking, searching, full of wanderlust; fidgety, ready to leave, not committed. To leave a man; to look for a man; to explore a man (or manhood). A man makes changes. An explorer, a traveller, a foreigner.

Ship-Woman (a)
Woman who is absent, missing, gone away, very distant, travelling, not there yet, on the way, (ad)venturous, yet to be learned to know, exploring, seeking, searching, full of wanderlust; fidgety, ready to leave, not committed. To leave a woman; to look for a woman; to explore a woman (or womanhood). A woman makes changes. An explorer, a traveller, a foreigner.

Ship-Man (b)
Man who is absent, missing, gone away, very distant, travelling, not there yet, on the way, (ad)venturous, yet to be learned to know, exploring, seeking, searching, full of wanderlust; fidgety, ready to leave, not committed. To leave a man; to look for a man; to explore a man (or manhood). A man makes changes. An explorer, a traveller, a foreigner.

Ship-Woman (b)
Woman who is absent, missing, gone away, very distant, travelling, not there yet, on the way, (ad)venturous, yet to be learned to know, exploring, seeking, searching, full of wanderlust; fidgety, ready to leave, not committed. To leave a woman; to look for a woman; to explore a woman (or womanhood). A woman makes changes. An explorer, a traveller, a foreigner.

To explore sensual / sexual pleasures. To enjoy a journey, to be passionate about travelling, about a new experience. To make changes when the time is ripe. A very slow but intense change. A slow journey. To go looking for where the passion has gone. An absent lover; to say goodbye to a lover; long distance sexual relationship. Sexual relationship without commitment. Strange new pleasures. To experience the sensual impressions of a foreign country (food, climate, language, landscape...). To gain experiences.

To explore morality, or, specific moral virtues. To research moral concepts. To be in uncharted waters, morally. To try and become a better person. To say goodbye in a morally correct way. The moral relevance of adventurousness: a warning that it is not the same as foolhardiness. To make changes with good intentions; to try to change the world to the better. To travel/commute in morally good ways (where one doesn't exploit others, or pollute the environment etc.) To make peace with the absence of someone or something. Wise ways of handling changes. To be honest to others about changes you're going to make or if you are planning to leave. Lack of commitment to moral principles, or to modesty or abstinence.

A holiday trip; an outing; to go out; to be out and about a lot. To go where there's a lot of warmth and sun. To look for happiness. To change things only on the surface. Joyful exploration; fun experiments. New experiences bring joy! Awareness that it's time to leave. To keep up appearances although we're very close to just leaving. Someone is strongly broadcasting that they won't commit. Joyful departure. Farewell party. Absence of joy.

Explorations or changes or departures that leave a deep mark on the psyche. To explore the unconscious. To explore something intuitively, without a conscious plan. Sadness because of a departure. Melancholic good-bye. Fear of the unexplored, fear of the unfamiliar. To explore something in depth. A restful journey. To leave so we can find rest. To meet our fears with courage. Strange emotions. Very profound need for a change of environment. To look into something in depth.

An openness to doing things differently, to making a change. Unrestricted exploration. Discoveries. To allow oneself to leave - or: to flee a place. To explore an idea. The solution lies in doing things differently, or in leaving. To be ready for adventure. To give someone permission to leave. Leave of absence. To look for acceptance. To look for relief. Experiments and brainstorming - to look for new ways of doing things. The permission to just experiment, to try something, to look into something.

A change or journey that costs or brings in money. To discover new values. Valuable discovery. To value adventure. To busily collect new experiences - but to be unwilling or unable to really relish them. To not let to opportunity to make a valuable, special new experience go by unheeded. Adventurous or foolhardy business decisions. International business dealings. International job. A commuter; to commute. Job description that entails travelling a lot. Work-related changes (e.g. to quite you job, or to take a different career path). Journeys of the type "See all of Europe in 10 days!"

A journey finally comes to an end. To reach one's final destination. Conflict between wanting to leave and wanting to stay. To cling to someone who wants to leave. Something is holding us back from leaving (or from changing something). To change one's routines. To stick with a journey, with exploring something. Everyday life contains a lot of mobility, a lot of exploration, adventure (positive or negative). A safe journey. The feeling that our daily life, life's necessities, make it impossible for us to go exploring, have adventures. A focus on a search, on an exploration, on changes we want to make. Everything revolves around a departure.

Making a change/exploration brings a lot of hardship with it. To explore an ideology. To go where fate leads. To go a away on a quest. To explore suffering. Foreign/strange ideologies or convictions. To depart from one's dogmata; to leave an ideology behind. Painful departure. The responsibility on/for a journey. Fateful journey. Commuting/travelling is a burden. Little commitment to principles, or to one's duties. To change one's principles. To leave behind that which is painful. It's our duty to go looking for something or someone, to go try and find out about something. It's our responsibility to change. The making of difficult changes.

Ship - Wild Card
Journey not taken yet; journey with an open route or open end. "I want to change but don't know how or in which direction yet!" Very definitely uncharted waters! To go explore although there is no clear idea what. To go where there is question marks; to go in search for an answer. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Ship (see the Ship's keywords).

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