Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

Something good happens. A chance, a very happy coincidence we should take advantage of. Something interrupts unburdened ease. Life-changing opportunity. Unexpected sense of ease; to be surprised by how easy something is. Don't take these news too seriously! Irrelevant change. Jokes that overstep boundaries.

To make light of irresponsible behaviour. Risk-taking with no consideration of the consequences. Something nice which unfortunately is totally irrelevant. To not take a lucky chance too seriously! To make jokes with ease.

Nice, pleasant journey. You can change it, yes, but is it really that important? A chance to change something - jump at it! To be on the lookout for an opportunity. To let ourselves be blown around this way and that, wherever fancy takes us. To act as a vagabond. Risky foolhardiness. To venture something with no thought about the risks (which might be a good thing though!). To change one's luck. Total irresponsibility: Unwillingness to commit and to take on responsibilities. To not commit to a responsibility. To go looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow.

To have no or few family responsibilities. To consider family matters unimportant. To take rules or tradition not very seriously; to be unburdened by considerations of what's proper. To be happy enough to settle down with the small joys of life (to not need anything big or grand). Familiar humour. Family member who is happy-go-lucky - has gambling issues - doesn't do their bit. To not follow a plan conscientiously. Rules which apply to gambling/risk taking. Conservative approach to anything which looks even faintly like a gamble.

Irresponsible handling of health-relevant issues(to gamble with one's health). To take health-issues not seriously. Risky physical undertakings. Untroubled relationship with one's body. A very steady and well-grounded sense of ease. Comfort and ease is number one priority. Long lasting lucky streak.

Bad luck. Concealed opportunity; to overlook a chance. Confusion/despair which doesn't last long, or which isn't that big of a deal. To make light of mental illness; to joke about (other people's?) confusion, lack of understanding. To have fun pulling the wool over people's eyes. To not understand the seriousness of it. To mistake happy-go-lucky behaviour for "I don't care" (or the other way around!). To drift aimlessly (possibly harmfully) because of a lack of purpose.

A desire which isn't that strong/important. To gamble/to take risks because you want something so desperately. To use a playful approach to get what you want. A wonderful chance to get what you want. A strong craving is not taken seriously; an inner calling is not followed as much as it maybe should be. To make light of an addiction, of ruthlessness, or selfishness. Someone's attempts at manipulation are met with light-hearted humour. Or: to be unable to move towards a goal constantly and with concentration; more generally: lack of strength of purpose.

The end of ease; something pleasant ends. To grief the loss of ease, or of a time of unburdened freedom. The end of a lucky streak. An ending, or some grief, is not that deep or won't last long. One's happy-go-lucky nature, one's usually easygoing nature, is buried by something (by grief, if it's the Coffin itself that defines it, or by something else). The chance to end something, finally. A chance that lies in an ending. Gallows humour. During times of grief, looking at the small joys of life might be what helps.

A chance to visit / be visited / be more sociable. Circle of friends in which nothing serious is ever spoken about. Don't take compliments you are getting too seriously. To have some fun with decorating / a makeover. To dabble in interior or fashion design. Light-hearted flattery or flirts. To not take the cultivation of friendships serious(ly enough). A welcome opportunity.

Make a grab at it quickly, before it's too late! To take a real risk (negative outcome would be painful!). To count one's blessings. Something totally unexpected but nice. The hurt is not that deep, don't take it too seriously! Well-deserved luck. Well-deserved period of untroubled ease after dealing with something rigorously. To take something urgent not seriously enough.

Minor aggressions; micro aggressions. Sarcastic humour; hurtful jokes. To not take abuse/aggression seriously. To refuse taking responsibility for something one has done, to make light of a misdemeanour. A chance to retaliate. To take every chance to abase others. Opportunity to make amends. Opportunity to try and resolve a conflict.

Great excitement about a lucky coincidence or about an opportunity. You need to react quickly - jump at it or you'll miss it! Worries about whether one'll get lucky. Worries which one shouldn't take that seriously. An irresponsibly unstable way of living. Inability to settle because of a constant alertness for new opportunities. Quick witted humour. Worries about a happy-go-lucky person. Opportunity for gossip.

Untroubled childhood. An unburdened child; to allow someone to be not responsible, like a child. To treat someone like a child by not giving them any responsibilities. To feel (or actually be!) too young or inexperienced to take on responsibilities. Growing luck, new chance; chance to do something new. Curiosity makes it more likely one will be able to recognise opportunities when they present themselves. To be open to doing something new. A very playful approach. An opportunity which has to be handled delicately in order to play out.

To be deeply suspicious instead of just happy whenever something nice happens, when an opportunity presents itself. To not trust one's luck. Conflict between caution and wanting to take a risk. A hint that one is too cautious. To take an opportunity out of self-interest; to grab any chance one can in order to survive/live a better life. To be good at adapting to changing luck.

A very important chance. To create your own luck. Leader who is quite easy-going. To be (too) lenient with children, students, or employees. To leave responsibilities to someone else; to let someone else deal with things. To be so untroubled that you don't take any precautions. Untroubled or irresponsible boss, parent, teacher. To be unburdened because you have a strong protector. To protect someone so they can be untroubled. To make light of someone's attempts at dominating.

An imperturbable belief that everything will turn out right. To hope one'll just be lucky and get what one wants without having to do anything for it. To gamble, to risk something because you hope (or have faith) that things will work out in your favour. To feel at ease and unburdened because of a deep trust that whatever happens serves a purpose.

The chance to transform. A slow transition from a burdened to an unburdened state or way of thinking or feeling. The longing to be free (from something, e.g. responsibilities). A happy-go-lucky, easygoing inner nature. A transforming stroke of luck. The transformative power of being free of burden. What one considers "lucky" is slowly changing. To not take a transition seriously. Conflict between a process which would bring profound results but only after a long time, and taking an opportunity right now which would bring nice results quickly but they wouldn't last long or be not very significant. To make light of someone's inner nature or deepest longing.

Happy-go-lucky friend; unburdened friend, irresponsible friend or employee who needs a leader. To take a friend(ship) for granted. Opportunity to make a friend. To become friends because it just happens to be convenient. Superficial friendship. Don't reinforce someone's strong loyalty - it's not healthy. Someone seems really devoted and loyal but really it doesn't go very deep. Irresponsibility towards a friend or employee. To not take it too badly that at the moment one is the underdog - it might soon pass.

Being emotionally indifferent makes one feel untroubled but maybe also lonely and disconnected. To find a feeling of unburdened ease in solitude. Don't let loneliness get to you! Conflict between having a position of authority and wanting to have fewer responsibilities. The chance for a position of power. To not take an opportunity; to say "no" to a chance.

A little bit of fame or popularity (don't take it too seriously). Opportunity in the social sphere. To move in social circles with ease; untroubled meetings and social contacts. To act irresponsibly within society. Risky social behaviour. To present as an easygoing person. Public entertainment venues. To dabble in networking/internet/publishing etc. To be totally okay with something being made public. Newspaper ads which offer what one is looking for.

To not take difficulties too seriously; to just go ahead and give something a try. Difficulties with being at ease. To remain untroubled by challenges. To be unmoved by the small joys of life. No luck, no ease. The elephant in the room is that you or somebody else doesn't actually care that much. To be unwilling to just give something a try. Enduring, lasting good luck.

Total freedom - no limits to what is a possibility for you. To take a decision lightly. Take the chance now to make a good choice! Hesitation about an opportunity. Several different opportunities. What's luck is relative. Half-hearted dabbling in things - to never truly follow through; to never reach the maximum potential.

Luck is running out. Dwindling opportunities. Life used to be easy and untroubled, but something has started to corrode that ease. Growing suspicion that things aren't as easy as one thought. To be unhealthily easygoing. To be unbothered by dirt, corruption. To keep one's ability to see the small joys of life even in times of sickness or other unhealthy goings-on.

An untroubled loving relationship; loving relationship in which the participants haven't faced hard times yet. A little bit of lovin'. To find new love. To not take a loving relationship seriously. To not take someone's soft feelings (your own?) seriously. An opportunity for reconciliation. When your heart says yes, jump at the opportunity! To play with someone's feelings. Someone who cares vs. someone who can't be bothered. Looking at the world with a less cynic eye would make many wonderful opportunities and all the little joys of life more visible!

To not take commitment seriously. A connection or relationship is taken (too?) lightly. To pounce at the chance to make a binding agreement. To be unburdened because one has no commitments. Refusal to make a promise. To not take a promise seriously. A promise given carelessly. A link which is rather weak. Not very reliable. Loose coherence, loose ties, loose affiliation.

Light fiction; literature of little relevance. "Nice to know, but needn't remember" type of knowledge. To study something just for fun, with little seriousness . To not take education (or studying) very seriously. To gamble at an exam. To be easygoing with telling the truth.

Some light, untroubled, and/or unimportant conversation. The opportunity to talk about something. To take a risk with a certain communication. Communicating more will open up opportunities. To communicate about an opportunity. To communicate one's wish to have fewer responsibilities. To take communication (in a relationship?) not seriously enough. A communication that is short-lived.

Clover-Man (b)
Man who is: a lucky devil; happy-go-lucky, easygoing, not-serious; joking, humorous, playful, unimportant, irrelevant. Irresponsible, unburdened, has no responsibilities, doesn't do his bit; a gambler or risk-taker. To chance something regarding a man; to take a man (or men in general) not seriously. To toy with a man / man who toys with us. To joke/fool around with a man. To keep it light with a man.

Clover-Woman (a)
Woman who is: a lucky devil; happy-go-lucky, easygoing, not-serious; joking, humorous, playful, unimportant, irrelevant. Irresponsible, unburdened, has no responsibilities, doesn't do her bit; a gambler or risk-taker. To chance something regarding a woman; to take a woman (or women in general) not seriously. To toy with a woman / woman who toys with us. To joke/fool around with a woman. To keep it light with a woman.

Clover-Man (b)
Man who is: a lucky devil; happy-go-lucky, easygoing, not-serious; joking, humorous, playful, unimportant, irrelevant. Irresponsible, unburdened, has no responsibilities, doesn't do his bit; a gambler or risk-taker. To chance something regarding a man; to take a man (or men in general) not seriously. To toy with a man / man who toys with us. To joke/fool around with a man. To keep it light with a man.

Clover-Woman (b)
Woman who is: a lucky devil; happy-go-lucky, easygoing, not-serious; joking, humorous, playful, unimportant, irrelevant. Irresponsible, unburdened, has no responsibilities, doesn't do her bit; a gambler or risk-taker. To chance something regarding a woman; to take a woman (or women in general) not seriously. To toy with a woman / woman who toys with us. To joke/fool around with a woman. To keep it light with a woman.

Sexual relationship without responsibilities. Untroubled sexual relationship. To enjoy sensual pleasures happily, without feelings of shame or guilt. Easygoing approach to sex and sensuality. Maybe: too little awareness of the risks of enjoying the physical world without limiting yourself. Risky sexual behaviour. An opportunity to experience sensual pleasure. The opportunity to be creative. Intense luck. Some small pleasure.

To be content with very little, to find enough contentment in small joys. A little bit of wisdom, a little bit of virtuousness. To not take cleanliness seriously. To not try very hard to be a moral person. To not take virtues in general or specific virtues seriously (which could be a good thing if the querent is too uptight). To make light of someone's moral standards - e.g. to mock someone for their voluntary celibacy. Someone who might behave immorally any moment because they don't take morality seriously. An opportunity to become a better person. To be lucky and find a righteous person. To briefly experience peace in the absence of a craving. To wait for the opportunity to do the right thing. The intention to be abstinent or celibate or more self-disciplined in general is thrown to the wind at the first opportunity.

To experience a little bit of joy and ease. Short-lived happiness. Being happy is easy. Total avoidance of anything uncomfortable. Being free of responsibilities, or getting rid of burdens, makes one happy. To be able be happy about one's luck. To celebrate an opportunity. An obvious opportunity. Something that really, really is NOT important at all, something completely trivial.

Untroubled by fears or needs. To make light of one's emotions. Advice: don't take this specific fear or need too seriously; don't give it too much importance. A little bit of depth. An opportunity to get in touch with one's emotions. "Nice" feelings only. Stroke of luck which is rather important. A lucky guess. To play with someone's emotions. Pleasant nights. To take the opportunity for a nap; an opportunity to rest. To take the necessity of rest/sleep not seriously enough.

To say yes to an opportunity. To allow oneself to just enjoy life. To give oneself permission not to feel responsible. To open up emotionally or mentally with ease, maybe too easily, without thinking about possible risks. A solution which is rather easy. The easy way out. To take an opportunity to get access - or to snoop around. Take the chance now! A very good (but probably not overwhelmingly great) idea.

A happy-go-lucky-approach to values - one's own values don't burden, don't pressure (or: they do, but they shouldn't). The untroubled life a stable income brings with it. To not take financial issues very seriously, or to think they aren't that important. To spend money on something that offers easy enjoyment; or to spend money freely without thought for the future. An opportunity to profit (not necessarily financially).

To be quite comfortable with the status quo; to not feel responsible for changing an unpleasant status quo. Advice: Hold on to that bit of luck/chance! To hold on in vain to something which is fleeting. A little bit of stability which is enjoyable but probably won't last. To not take safety seriously(enough?). The opportunity to get a firm(er) foothold. To be very focused on looking out for opportunities.

To shy away from responsibilities, to neglect one's duties. A welcome break from hardship. Advice: don't take your responsibilities so seriously/ lighten up about your opinions/morality and allow yourself (or others) more lenience! A small burden; a responsibility one is actually happy to accept. An opportunity to grow through suffering, or through taking on more responsibilities.

Clover - Wild Card
A lucky opportunity not seized yet. To not take it too seriously that there is no answer (yet). Irresponsible handling of a major question mark; unwillingness to deal with a major questionmark. Not a relevant or not a very important questionmark. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Clover (see the Clover's keywords).

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