Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

To be wide open for anything that happens; to welcome change. To say yes to someone's offer to make a change. To allow someone to come close to you, or to unwisely let someone intrude too much. To open one's doors to attack. Unguardedness regarding intruders. In order for it to work you need to act swiftly! To be pressured to say yes. To push very hard to open something / get a yes / understand something. An understanding approach. To go where one is welcome. Unexpected relief. It's happening now!

To say yes to an opportunity. To allow oneself to just enjoy life. To give oneself permission not to feel responsible. To open up emotionally or mentally with ease, maybe too easily, without thinking about possible risks. A solution which is rather easy. The easy way out. To take an opportunity to get access - or to snoop around. Take the chance now! A very good (but probably not overwhelmingly great) idea.

An openness to doing things differently, to making a change. Unrestricted exploration. Discoveries. To allow oneself to leave - or: to flee a place. To explore an idea. The solution lies in doing things differently, or in leaving. To be ready for adventure. To give someone permission to leave. Leave of absence. To look for acceptance. To look for relief. Experiments and brainstorming - to look for new ways of doing things. The permission to just experiment, to try something, to look into something.

To open one's home to someone or something new. To let traditions slide and try new ways of doing things. It's time for new rules. To find new (probably emotional) access to one's family. To find out about a family secret. We are already familiar with the solution. Rules concerning accepting something. To plan (how) to say yes. To open up when it's safe. A risk-free acceptance/opening up. Understanding within the family. To release a family member, or family member releases us. To break free from confining traditions, or from a restrictive family.

Actual, physical keys; actual open doors. To open something physically. Physical relief or release. Physical means. Natural means. Natural remedies. To understand one's body; to understand nature. To allow one's body to do what it needs to do. Access to someone's body. To enter someone's body. To uncover something about one's roots. Or: there's great strength and peace of mind to be found if we can be open about something or let someone in. To succeed we need to listen to our body. That which we need to be healthy.

To find clarity; a solution. To dare to look closely at one's confusion and despair. To finally be open about something one has been trying to hide. To figure out a misunderstanding. Deliverance from despair, or from a seemingly hopeless situation. Confusion blocks understanding; disinterest blocks inspiration. Disinterest in (other people's?) ideas. Things are about to get confused. To have opened up to something new and now everything is confusing.

To seek a way in. To see relief; or liberation. To work towards finding a solution persistently. In order to succeed we need to pursue our goal single-mindedly. To use something or someone as a means for one's own, selfish end. To strive for understanding. To have an important experience, an eye-opener in the area of sexuality, education, or power. Or: to naively open one's door to someone who might be pursuing their own selfish agenda. To coerce someone to say yes.

To accept that something is over. To allow oneself to grieve. To finally dare to go dig up something one had suppressed - a dream, a fear, hope etc. To be vulnerable to lose something (because we are unguarded). To have such weak boundaries that depression sets in quickly when confronted with other people's suffering. To close the door - to stop saying yes. The ending of something is imminent. To understand why or that someone is grieving, or what has been lost. That which makes it possible to let go.

To open one's door to others. To accept compliments and praise. Welcome attention; a welcome visitor. To let beauty into one's life. Means to appear beautiful to others. Exaggerated welcome. Inclusive standards of beauty. The key to a healthy social life. To think that if you want to succeed you have to flatter others. Someone gets what they want by flattery or bribery - or, by being nice to others, in an honest way. An imminent visit or social situation.

To leave oneself open to injury. Cleaning up (metaphorically speaking) will lead to relief. To accept the consequences. to reap acceptance. To withdraw one's consent. Willing interruptions; to be open for putting an end to something. An efficient means; efficient problem solving. An accident or injury is imminent. To close the door in someone's face. To suddenly lose the thread. An opening is suddenly shut again.

To welcome discussion or feedback. To unwittingly leave ourselves open to abuse or to be treated undeservedly harshly. Violation of boundaries. To feel guilty for saying yes. To say yes out of guilt. To be blamed for opening up. To be accused of saying yes. Liberation from an abusive situation. A discussion which leads to the solution. To discuss a solution. The belief that violence solves problems. To think that the solution is found but to discover only contradictions. Instant justice or punishment.

To say something openly which used to be (and maybe should still be?) secret. To open up for communication. To say yes to too much so there's too much stress, too many demands on our time and energy. Inability to say no to anything. To be so open-minded that we accept conflicting ideas (inconsistency, or chaos, is the result). Relief from a stressful situation. To understand that which seemed chaotic. Excitement about gaining access. Exciting inspiration. If we open up, things will start to move very quickly.

To open oneself up to new experiences. Very strong curiosity and openness. Beginner's mind (in the Buddhist sense). High vulnerability because we are both very open and naive. To open up to the idea of starting a family. To understand a child (or an inexperienced person); or, a child or inexperienced person understands something. The solution lies in keeping open mind! Beginning of understanding. The first step is to open up. To allow one's inner child something. Naive openness; guileless trust. A very weak means; a means which can actually accomplish little. To use cuteness to get somewhere or something. The first step to liberation.

To put distrust aside and instead allow trust. To figure out how something works by patient hard work / creative cunning. To include someone or something into what we consider part of our identity, or part of that which is vital to us. Caution about what or who we let in. A very cautious, maybe not entirely wholehearted or sure "yes". To allow something but only with misgivings. It's in our self-interest to procure access. To enter cautiously. An essential means. The solution lies in adapting. Suspicious openness.

To be unguarded against being influenced or bossed around. Liberation from a dominant influence. Someone who helps us understand. To open up to a parent/teacher/boss (e.g. in the way that we let them know things about ourselves, or that we let them partake in our life more etc.). Permission from parent, teacher, or boss. Lack of boundaries in relationship with parent, teacher, or boss. Someone dominant forces their way in. The solution can be found in gaining practical knowledge or in gaining more strength, in being more assertive. To use one's charisma to get someone / something. To say "yes" being a teacher or parent. To bully someone into saying yes. To provide access.

To understand one's own hopes and dreams. To find access to spirituality, transcendence. To say "yes" to reaching for the stars fearlessly. To be susceptible to esoteric woo, to idealisation, to daydreaming. The spiritual experience of enlightenment, or moments of satori. To open one's mind to the sublime. Envisioning what we want will lead to solving the problem. To open up to making a meaningful connection. To hope for relief. To reach out for something or to someone immediately, as soon as the wish arises. To be under the illusion that someone accepts us, welcomes us. To aspire to understanding something (better). Idealisation of open-heartedness or open-mindedness (when in truth it is sometimes better to not let ideas or other people in).

To positively accept / welcome that which can't be stayed. To welcome change. To open up to a transforming experience. The starting point of a transforming inner journey. To open up to a new world view. Some new idea or experience has opened our hearts and now we're full of longing for more of it. Longing for freedom, for being accepted. Long, ongoing process of gaining understanding. Impending transition. Something inevitable is also impending. The solution lies in following your inner nature / following your instinct.

Someone wants to be our friend. A friend wants to be closer to us - or the other way around. To welcome a friend, to include a friend. To relief a friend, to free a friend. To give ourselves permission. To allow someone to follow us, be devoted to us - which might be a good thing, or not. To be allowed; to get permission. To use someone's loyalty as a means for an end. Acceptance brings relief. Someone who helps us understand. Support in our efforts to free ourselves. Liberation from dependence.

A conflict between wanting to distance oneself and wanting to open up. Conflict between saying no, and saying yes. Access denied. Someone who regulates access. Walls of defence are crumbling. To change one's leading style or self-representation from cool, aloof and strict to a more open-minded approach. Authoritarian vs. laissez-faire. The solution lies in thinking about it rationally, or distancing oneself from the situation. Solitude brings relief. To break out of one's lonely prison.

To reveal something to the public; coming out. The attempt to become more outgoing. The relief we feel when the cat is out of the bag. A group is released from something or relieved about something. A solution for everybody. A very mainstream solution. Insights into group dynamics or societal structures. To deliver insights to the public. To publish one's findings. To accept something publicly.

Solution to a problem; the key to mastering a challenge. To break through silence, to start opening up. Attempts to get someone to open up, to let them in, or to be let in, are met with stubborn, silent resistance. To refuse to open up. To refuse to accept something, or to even entertain a new idea. To try hard but it's not working. To accept a challenge. To accept that things are difficult. To be willing and able to learn from difficulties. An obstacle to learning. Being too open and accepting is problematic.

To be open to alternatives. The key to making the right choice, or to overcome hesitation. To allow oneself to be free. Total freedom. Access to different things. An alternative to opening up. Opening up is optional. Ambivalence about a liberation. To be relieved of having to decide. Decide immediately! An ambivalent welcome. Acceptance of ambiguities, of shades of grey. To tolerate someone's coming in. To be so open to everything that Choosing becomes very difficult.

To be too open and thus vulnerable to theft, bullying, or being cheated on etc. No defences against the violation of boundaries. Someone sneaks in secretly; secret intruder. To find out about what's been going on in secret. To understand what has been bothering us. Insight into what is unhealthy. Lack of understanding or inspiration. Dwindling ingenuity; dwindling understanding. Polluted understanding (e.g. by biases). Bad idea. No solution seems possible; loss of hope in salvation. Something increasingly limits our freedom.

To open up emotionally; to let someone or something become very close to you emotionally. To say yes to a relationship. Learning to love; learning to react more gently. They key to success is a loving approach. A loving approach opens doors. To accept an offer of reconciliation. To set a person free out of love. Loving understanding; loving acceptance. To be too soft on someone who is crossing our boundaries. Reconciliation is imminent. Romantic or loving behaviour as a means to an end. Loving care for someone who is in the process of delivering themselves.

To say yes to someone - e.g. to get engaged or to marry. To make new connections, to build bridges. To commit to something full-heartedly. To enter into a relationship, an association, a contract. To welcome a new member into a network of connected people. Commitment to understanding. That which causes us to open up. That which makes a connection possible; that which is the "glue" of a relationship. To be released from a bond, or a promise.

To figure out the truth; to find access to knowledge (or education). Education or understanding something opens up new ways of seeing things. The key to understanding. The solution lies in educating yourself. Open-mindedness helps seeing the truth. To be open to learn. To actually understand - not just learn it by heart so you can parrot it. To integrate (new) facts into one's knowledge. Unrestricted facts. Learning aid.

Communication is the key. To open up conversation. An open conversation. To not hold anything back. To allow yourself to say something out loud. To share information; or someone lets you in on a secret. The solution can be found through discussing things openly. Brainstorming with others. Information about a solution. To receive a "yes" from someone or to tell someone "yes". To agree to have a conversation. Open-minded communication. Willingness to accept what others say. To understand what someone is trying to say - or to be understood.

Key-Man (a)
Man who is: Open-minded, open-hearted, unguarded, prying (not respecting your boundaries), accessible, accepting, welcoming, liberated, relieved, inspired, inspiring, inventive, understanding, insightful. A man who is our key to success, or who we view as a means to an end. To welcome or say yes to a man. To free or relieve a man; to understand a man or men in general. That which gives us access (to the heart or mind) of a man.

Key-Woman (a)
Woman who is: Open-minded, open-hearted, unguarded, prying (not respecting your boundaries), accessible, accepting, welcoming, liberated, relieved, inspired, inspiring, inventive, understanding, insightful. A woman who is our key to success, or who we view as a means to an end. To welcome or say yes to a woman. To free or relieve a woman; to understand a woman or women in general. That which gives us access (to the heart or mind) of a woman.

Key-Man (b)
Man who is: Open-minded, open-hearted, unguarded, prying (not respecting your boundaries), accessible, accepting, welcoming, liberated, relieved, inspired, inspiring, inventive, understanding, insightful. A man who is our key to success, or who we view as a means to an end. To welcome or say yes to a man. To free or relieve a man; to understand a man or men in general. That which gives us access (to the heart or mind) of a man.

Key-Woman (b)
Woman who is: Open-minded, open-hearted, unguarded, prying (not respecting your boundaries), accessible, accepting, welcoming, liberated, relieved, inspired, inspiring, inventive, understanding, insightful. A woman who is our key to success, or who we view as a means to an end. To welcome or say yes to a woman. To free or relieve a woman; to understand a woman or women in general. That which gives us access (to the heart or mind) of a woman.

To open up to sensual experiences. To agree to have sex with someone. To drop barriers in regard to sex or sensual pleasure in general. To bee too open (no barriers, no limits) to pleasure (results: addictive behaviour; harmful "too much"; getting hurt emotionally). A creative break-through; a sensual/sexual aha-moment. A very intense experience of understanding. A high quality / harmonious solution. An slow opening-up-process which takes a long time.

Moral revelation; a moral aha-moment. To let virtuousness into one's life. The virtue of acceptance, of "letting in" (helping) strangers in need. The solution lies in virtuous behaviour. Virtues open doors. To be wise about what you allow. Someone with a very pure and open heart. Someone is so pure and well-meaning themselves that they let everything/everyone in (because of a lack of understanding of the evils of the world). Moral behaviour as a means to an end.

To let light and happiness into one's. To find out what is enjoyable, where happiness lies. An obvious solution. A superficial solution. Relief which is only a seeming, superficial, relief. To spend a day trying to find a solution. A day off, or a vacation, might open one's heart and mind to new things! Happy ease brings inspiration. To move on from what's obvious to whatever else is really there, below the surface.

Access to something that was hidden in the subconscious. Something which was not conscious comes into our awareness. An understanding of emotions, especially fears, needs, and sadness. To let others come close emotionally. An expert for the psyche. Finding something out has confronted us with something profound. An emotional discovery. A feeling of relief. Profound relief. Complete surrender/abandon.

An insight which solves the problem / answers the question. Right now! The key lies in opening up. The means for unlocking something, for getting access. If you open up, inspiration will strike. Welcome relief. The key to freedom.

The key to profit. To profit from openness. To use someone or something only as means to profit. To gain understanding. To discover great wealth or value in something. To stop being stingy with money and spend more. To give presents to others; donations. To share something of value. Don't let this opportunity to break free / gain access / welcome somebody / understand something slip through your fingers! If you're open to too much, nothing gets truly close to you. To highly value the present moment.

To say "yes" to taking up residence. To allow someone to hold on to us; to allow ourselves to hold on to something. To understand what confines us, or why. Conflict between wanting to break free and being tied down by something. A life centred around understanding, acceptance. The solution lies in sticking with something / taking a break. Liberation from boring routine. To step out of daily life and enter into something new.

To accept responsibility, to take on a burden willingly. To understand an ideology and its implications. Openness (vulnerability) for indoctrination. Understanding of suffering. To open one's door to suffering. Pain relief; deliverance from hardship, relief of a duty. The light at the end of the tunnel. To view it as one's duty to welcome others. If you want to succeed you'll have to work extremely hard. Dogmatic thinking vs. open-mindedness.

Key - Wild Card
A solution not reached yet; understanding that we don't yet have; liberation yet to happen; access that is yet being denied to us. To welcome someone's questions; to accept ambivalences, to accept when things aren't clear-cut. To be open for whatever is out there wanting to come in. Inclusiveness (in the social justice sense). The solution lies in something yet unknown to you. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Key (see the Key's keywords).

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