Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

Something or someone forces a decision. Clash of wills. Change brings choice. Changed options. Overwhelming freedom. Someone tries to interfere with our decision. The choice to act. To pursue an alternative. Obtrusive deliberations or speculations. Someone imposes their choices on others or pushes them to make a choice (even when they aren't ready). A new perspective. To be in two minds about someone who has just entered our life.

Total freedom - no limits to what is a possibility for you. To take a decision lightly. Take the chance now to make a good choice! Hesitation about an opportunity. Several different opportunities. What's luck is relative. Half-hearted dabbling in things - to never truly follow through; to never reach the maximum potential.

To explore alternatives. Try out different directions and see where they lead! The adventure of being free to go wherever we feel drawn to. A change of direction. To be undecided in which direction we should go. The decision to leave. Free to go. Ambivalence about a departure; to not be sure whether we should leave. To contemplate the pros and cons for leaving. Procrastination of a necessary departure or of a necessary change. Speculations about an absent person's whereabouts.

A conflict between the safety traditional living grants and wanting to be free to do things in our individual way. Alternatives to traditions/habits. Optional rules. Plans B and C. Deliberations or decisions concerning our home or family life. Family support in a time of indecision. To be used to indecision. To have a habit of hesitating a long time before making a choice. To feel ambivalent about (starting a) family. To choose the low-risk option.

To rest and replenish one's energies before actually making a choice. A decision concerning our body, or health. It's our own decision where we put down roots. Deliberations about our health/body. Physical alternatives (e.g. concerning objects). Physical freedom. Pragmatic choice. Physical potentials; our body's potentials.

Indecision, hesitance; alternatives are not clear or confusing. To be unable to deal constructively with our freedom. Choosing is difficult because there is something about the options which isn't yet clear. To not care either way. Total indifference. Ambiguity causes misunderstandings. Someone delays something because of insecurity. Unclear deliberations.

Self-empowerment; to allow yourself freedom of choice and/or independence. To make decisions based on a strong sense of direction; to go where you really want to go. Or: cravings all over the place. Difficulties making a decision because there are so many things you want. Or: to enjoy changing direction whenever the mood strikes - to change direction for the sake of the experience.

To not allow oneself to be free. To suppress the knowledge that we do have a choice. To rule out alternatives. Loss of choice - only one path is left open. The end of a certain path. Road's end. Or: No way out. The choice of ending something. End of tolerance. This is where our freedom ends. Ambiguity concerning an ending; ambivalence concerning a loss. Different ways of grieving. Facets of grief. Multiple losses.

To choose that which is more pleasant. To receive appreciation or praise for a choice we make. To think about the reward of a certain (difficult) decision. Difficulties to choose because all the options are similarly nice.

Hurt caused by a choice. Very fast decision making. Unexpected choice; sudden and maybe dangerous freedom. Interruption of decision making process or deliberations in general. To take stock of what one's alternatives are. To eliminate one or several alternatives. Urgency: Don't wait any longer with making a decision! Free will /freedom of choice is taken away.

A clash of wills; conflict of interests. Contradictory options, conflicting alternatives. All the different ways we could react to threats/aggression. Destructive hesitation; destructive inability to decide. To beat oneself up about a choice. Regret about a decision we made. Discussion of alternatives; argument about what the options are; argument about a choice already made. To be criticised for indecision. We can just walk away (e.g. from abuse). Alternatives to violence.

Nervous indecision; to jump back and forward between alternatives. Nervousness about our freedom. Constant worries and unconstructive brooding about a choice. Unstructured, chaotic alternatives. The attempt to walk down too many (possibly conflicting) roads at the same time. Inability to stick with a choice. Excitement about a new possibility. Altogether too much chaotic thinking. Ambiguity stresses us. The ability to switch perspectives easily.

Decision concerning a child. Inexperience with decision making. To be inexperienced with having a lot of freedom. To be totally open-minded, possibly naively so. To be curious about / ready to try alternative options. Immature deliberations. To be unequipped (yet) to make a good choice. To minimize alternatives. To belittle the importance of a choice. Little choice.

Caution in regard to a decision. To be suspicious of certain potentials or alternatives. To adapt to an ambiguous situation. To be very cautious as long as things aren't clearly black or white. To weigh the risks of each alternative there is. To choose what's best for oneself; possibly: selfish choice. Decisions without consideration of the wishes of others. To do what is right for oneself even if others don't like it. Divergent self-interests. To go one's own way. Possibly: Divorce.

Something or someone that is (trying to?) influence your decision. Confidence about a decision. To lead the way; to dictate the direction. To protect freedom (especially freedom of choice). Undecided leader/boss/parent. Manifold personal strengths that could be drawn upon. The insistence to go one's own way.

To go where our hopes and dreams lead us. A meaningful choice; or, to assign to much meaning to a decision. Alternative belief systems. A decision what we should aspire to. To envision (possibly unrealistically or idealistically) all possible alternatives. To be in awe of a choice. Ambivalence concerning a spiritual experience. Ambivalent meaning. Something could mean different things. As a warning: it might be unrealistic that a certain path will lead to the end we'd like it to.

A transformative process in the course of which there are many decisions to make, many new paths to tread. Transformative process in which we re-discover our freedom. The longing to be free. To face the same choices again and again. To have come back to the same crossroad we've already faced before. To make a different choice next time we are at a crossroad. A free spirit. Many different longings. Eventually we'll have to make a choice - that's inevitable. To take some time to reorient oneself, to look at all the options. A decision which takes a very long time. Ambivalence about a transition; to think about the pros and cons of a relocation.

"Oh crap: I am supposed to make up my own mind, but I don't want to!" Someone who follows wherever someone else goes. Someone agrees to whatever someone else says. To wait for permission / approval; to ask for other people's opinion before we decide something. Ambivalent loyalty. Support with making a choice. Someone who helps when we hesitate.

To feel left alone with a difficult decision. Freedom feels lonely. Clarity about a choice. Rational choice. To say no to an alternative. To decide against it. Rational deliberations. Someone or something directs our decisions. Choice about a position of authority. To retreat for a while in order to think things over / before making a choice. To make a decision by oneself, without consulting others. Hesitant ruler/boss. To give someone no choice.

Multiculturalism. To move freely within society. Many different paths open up when we network/teamwork successfully. Sub/counter cultures. Alternative culture. To chose a community. Choice between different communities. Public indecision; to leave the impression on others that we're indecisive, hesitant. To present as tolerant. Ambivalence concerning the society we're part of. Think first before you announce something to everybody!

Problematic choice, difficult decision; inability to choose. Manifold difficulties; multi-faceted problem. A choice as a stumbling block. That which hinders a decision. To tread water for an extremely long time. To feel so overwhelmed by the number of alternatives that are open to us that we can't move anymore at all. Something or someone is between us and freedom. To choose our challenges. To take the challenging road.

To choose an alternative route. To tolerate ambiguity. To defer a decision; to procrastinate because of indecision or ambivalent feelings. Making a decision is optional. Free to choose. Alternative direction. To deliberate about all the options - to weigh the pros and cons of each alternative. It's all optional. Maybe.

Something is limiting our freedom. Unwholesome freedom. Few alternatives; alternatives are dwindling. Nagging doubts about a decision; inability to make peace with a choice we have made. Someone's choice is taken away from them. To poison someone's decisions/will. Manipulation; coercion. Bad choice; unwholesome paths. Exhausting indecision. To exhaust all options.

To give love freely. To be ambivalent about a romantic issues; to not know where to take a relationship from now. To make a decision based on love. To not know where or to whom or in which way to give/show one's affection. A decision is pending concerning a loving relationship. Love of freedom.

Deliberations about a relationship; to ponder on a connection. Commitment to a choice, to a path. The promise to make a decision. Alternative connections; multiple links; multiple causes (and/or effects!). To make different - possibly contradictory - promises. Different links lead in different directions. To delay making (good on) a promise; to delay commitment.

Knowledge and education open up new paths; give us more options. Intellectual potential. To tread water in regard to our education. Knowledge of the facts is necessary for making a good choice. A choice or decision about one's education. To be knowledgeable about many different things. That part of the truth which is relative, subjective. Relativism. Ambiguous facts. To be ambivalent about the truth. A different perspective on the truth; to look at the facts from a different angle. To diverge from the truth.

Communication about a choice; to inform others of a decision / to be informed about a decision or a choice. To decide to communicate about something / to express something. "It's your choice what you share with others." The choice whether to communicate something or not - or a choice about what to communicate. Expressions of freedom. Expressions of indecision.

Crossroads-Man (a)
Man who is: one of two or more potential partners / male friends / fathers etc. Man who is confronted with an important decision. Man who is hesitant, indecisive, in two minds, tarrying, ambivalent about something, tolerant. To deliberate or speculate about a man. Decision about a man. Man who is difficult to assess because he keeps changing directions. Man with many faces.

Crossroads-Woman (a)
Woman who is: one of two or more potential partners / female friends / mothers etc. Woman who is confronted with an important decision. Woman who is hesitant, indecisive, in two minds, tarrying, ambivalent about something, tolerant. To deliberate or speculate about a woman. Decision about a woman. Woman who is difficult to assess because she keeps changing directions. Woman with many faces.

Crossroads-Man (b)
Man who is: one of two or more potential partners / male friends / fathers etc. Man who is confronted with an important decision. Man who is hesitant, indecisive, in two minds, tarrying, ambivalent about something, tolerant. To deliberate or speculate about a man. Decision about a man. Man who is difficult to assess because he keeps changing directions. Man with many faces.

Crossroads-Woman (b)
Woman who is: one of two or more potential partners / female friends / mothers etc. Woman who is confronted with an important decision. Woman who is hesitant, indecisive, in two minds, tarrying, ambivalent about something, tolerant. To deliberate or speculate about a woman. Decision about a woman. Woman who is difficult to assess because she keeps changing directions. Woman with many faces.

A potential affair. To enjoy having several sexual relationships at the same time. Half-hearted or ambivalent sexual relationship. Ambivalent view of sexual/sensual pleasure. To be very picky who one becomes intimate with. To enjoy varied types of food, music, art etc. To freely enjoy sensual pleasures whenever they present themselves. A decision concerning sex or the sensual world in general. A very slow decision process. A situation of choice which is experienced with a lot of intensity. Tolerance of other people's sexual choices.

Moral relativism. A morally relevant choice. Wise choice. To choose virtue/purity/abstinence/peace etc. (possibly over something else). To go one's own moral way. To act according to moral virtues. Virtues we need in order to make (good) choices, e.g. wisdom, diligence, resolve. Virtues to do with being able to understand and evaluate different standpoints realistically, e.g. impartiality, reason. The Virtue of tolerance; accepting differences.

To enjoy one's freedom, to be happy about a decision. Celebration of a choice. Good choice. To choose whatever is more pleasant, easier. An obvious choice; the alternatives are obvious. Awareness of alternatives. All kinds of enjoyments. Spend a day thinking about it! Ambiguous joy; relative happiness. Being more tolerant will make life easier for us. A different perspective on what we need to be happy.

Emotional choice. Emotional ambivalence. To deliberate on one's emotions (e.g. a fear, or need). Manifold fears, manifold needs. To fear making a decision. The emotional impact of having to make a decision. The emotional results of Choosing different options. Half-hearted (half-baked) intuition. A respite from complicated deliberations, or from a decision making process.

To be open to alternatives. The key to making the right choice, or to overcome hesitation. To allow oneself to be free. Total freedom. Access to different things. An alternative to opening up. Opening up is optional. Ambivalence about a liberation. To be relieved of having to decide. Decide immediately! An ambivalent welcome. Acceptance of ambiguities, of shades of grey. To tolerate someone's coming in. To be so open to everything that Choosing becomes very difficult.

A decision concerning financial or material issues. To value differences, to value diversity, or freedom of choice. Finances influence our decision. Too many alternatives; too much freedom. Different ways we can profit from something; facets of wealth. A different perspective on money, or on values. A job with many facets. To walk down a different path in one's job.

Everything revolves around a decision or a choice. To just circle around the same thing - to always come back to the same crossroads. You have the freedom to leave / change - you just aren't using it! To stick with a choice. To hold on to freedom (to keep the options open). A decision makes one pause - hesitation. To pause before making a decision. Avoiding a decision has made us stuck, unable to move.

Conflict between relativism and absolutism, tolerance and intolerance. Freedom vs. responsibility. We chose our own life-task. Too much freedom is a burden. Painful choice; painful indecision. To deliberate our principles/convictions/responsibilities. Varying convictions. No strong pull anywhere - everything feels optional.

Crossroads - Wild Card
Extremely ambivalent; exceptionally undecided and/or indeterminate. The options can't yet be determined. An unknown factor influences someone's decision. Hesitation because of an unknown factor; to procrastinate an important decision because things aren't clear-cut (yet). Potentials yet unfulfilled. Multiple question marks; several issues are not clear-cut. Tolerance for questions unanswered yet. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Crossroads (see the Crossroads' keywords).

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