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To clarify and deepen my understanding of the Wild Card, I pondered the following comparisons with similar and/or opposing cards. Maybe my comparisons will inspire you to make your own!


Wild Card: Genderqueer, non-binary. Androgenous. Anyone who prefers not to be labeled with their gender.
The Men: Male. Masculine. A man or boy (cis or non-cis) who identifies strongly with his gender.
The Women: Female. Feminine. A woman or girl (cis or non-cis) who identifies strongly with her gender.

As persons

Wild Card: A specific genderqueer person. A person the querent doesn't yet know (is relevant for their concern). Wild card, oddball, the odd one out.
The Men: Specific men or boys.
The Women:Specific women or girls.

Wondering, not understanding, confusion
Wild Card: To wonder about something. To not understand something in the sense that there are no categories we could sort it into, so it's impossible to talk about it with precision - but we can actually see it clearly. To not understand something yet.
Clouds: To be confused about something. To not understand something because we lack clarity of mind, or because it conceils itself from us on purpose. Misunderstandings.
Key: The act (or experience) of understanding. The moment in which we transition from wondering about something to knowing the answer.
Book: To (intellectually) understand; to be able to explain something, sort it into categories. To be in possession of all the facts, so there's no more wondering.

Ambivalence / ambiguity
Wild Card: Something or someone is ambivalent or ambiguous in the sense that they don't fit into one category exclusively - they might fit into one category in some respects, into another in other respects, (etc.), but not fully in either. Something actually is ambiguous by nature.
Crossroads: Someone has ambivalent feelings about something - for in their view, this something has both good and bad aspects, pleasant and unpleasant aspects, so they can't give a black-and-white judgement on the issue, or find it difficult to make a clear decision for or against it. Something looks ambiguous to us.

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