To clarify and deepen my understanding of the Rider, I pondered the following comparisons with similar and/or opposing cards. Maybe my comparisons will inspire you to make your own!

Rider: Change is brought to us; changes that happen without our doing. Sudden or enforced changes.
Ship: Changes we set in motion. A change of environment. Changes which take some work.
Stork:Change in the form of a transformation. Inner change; e.g. change of heart. Changes dictated by the inner nature of things. Changes which happen gradually.
Birds: Constant change; nothing ever sticks - fickleness. Erratic changes.
Anchor: The opposite of change: stability or stagnation. Everything stays the way it is because we are able to maintain, are holding on to, or are restrained from changing, the status quo.
House: The opposite of change: regularity. Everything stays the way it is because we always act according to tradition or our personal habits, and/or don't allow innovation.
Mountain: The opposite of change: permanence. Everything stays the way it is because we won't budge.

Rider: Hurry, rush - especially in the sense of pressing someone or pressing for something, or of taking action quickly.
Birds: Bustle, hecticness. Superficial, quick acts which are quickly over.
Lily: The opposite of haste - to take one's time. Slowness. Very intense experiences.
Tree: The opposite of haste: very slow kind of person or way of acting - because of a great deal of physical and mental calm - or an unwillingness or inability to move quickly.
Mountain: The opposite of haste: the refusal to move at all, ever.

Rider: Quick in the sense of "hurried"; suddenness which overwhelms us because we were caught by surprise.
Scythe: Quick in the sense of sharp, efficient, "cutting". Suddenness which hurts us because we didn't have time to prepare.
Birds: Quick to react; quick-wittedness. Quick reactions to sudden occurrences.

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