When you read the cards you can do this either with or without the use of a certain spread. If you use a spread, the meaning of a card applys only in a specific respect, depending on its position in the spread. If you draw a card for the position in the spread which desribes "the cause" the card should really be read in this respect only. Following are the links to some of my favourite spreads - you can do online readings with all of them:

1) THE CELTIC CROSS is helpful if you need a clear outline of a certain problem (causes, current
situation, hopes, possible future developments).

2) THE ESSENCE CARD can give you insights in your own nature and help in any situation to find back to your inner centre.

3) THE FOOL'S GAME shows the past and future developments of certain subject matters.

4) THE DAY CARD can be drawn every day and suggests a topic to you with which you should concern yourself for the duration of that day.

5) MY RELATIONSHIP will give you a good description of what your partner/your relationship means to you at present.