Nouns / phrases: Death, dying, funeral, loss. An end(ing). Grief, mourning, mourning ritual. Reacting sadness or emotional numbness. Something which is gone/buried/suppressed. Possibly: a negative view of life, pessimism.  
To die, to end. To let go, to give (something) up. To lose, to grieve, to mourn. To bury, repress, or suppress. To not allow something to live (hopes, feelings etc.).
Dead. Over, past, gone, ended/ending. Terminal. Grieving/grieved, sad, weepy, numb. Buried, suppressed, repressed. Negative, pessimistic.

As a person:
A person who is repressing a lot. A person one has let go of painfully. Someone who is grieving over a loss, e.g. a widow(er). A loved one who has died.

As advice:
Let go! Stop suppressing things!

Time factor *) : Standstill, cessation. No time anymore; it's over.
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