Nouns / phrases: Visitation, invitation, social life, conviviality, cultivation of friendship(s). Gifts, treats, generosity, give-and-take situations. Regalement. Affability, pleasantness, pleasantries, cordiality. Etiquette, good manners, politeness. Meaningless pleasantries, polite platitudes. Appreciation, recognition, thankfulness, thanks. Congratulation, reward, award. Compliments, admiration, flirt. Flattery, honeyed words, adulation, bootlicking. Decoration, (interior) design. Perfume, nice cloths, jewellery, make-up, new hair style etc. Prettiness, (conventional) beauty. Embellishment, elaboration, hyperbole, exaggeration. Window dressing, euphemism, glorification.
Traditionally also: happiness, creativity and art, sex.
To visit, invite, socialise. To cultivate friendship(s). To make a gift, treat someone to something, regale. To act courteously (according to etiquette). To show appreciation, congratulate, reward, award. To thank someone. To pay compliments, admire, flirt. To flatter, suck up to someone. To decorate, design. To make oneself look/smell nice (to dress up; style one's hair etc.). To embellish, elaborate, exaggerate. To glorify, sugarcoat.
Invited; on a visit. Convivial, sociable; socially active. Given as a present. Generous. Pleased, delighted, thankful. Affable, pleasant, cordial. Well-mannered, according to etiquette, courteous. Appreciative. Admirable, commendable, praiseworthy. Flattering. Flirtatious. Ingratiating. Decorated, designed. Pretty (also: pleasing to the eyes, or ears, or nose, e.g. fragrant, melodious), well-dressed, tarted up. Elaborate, embellished, exaggerated, hyperbolic. Glorified, euphemistic.

As a person:
Person with the above attributes. A welcome visitor, a good hostess or host. Peacock. Interior designer, hairdresser, stylist, plastic surgeon etc. Bootlicker.

As advice:
Be nice / more sociable! Visit / invite! Watch your manners! Show your appreciation! Say thank you! Tend to your appearance! Negatively: Don't exaggerate / stop sugarcoating! Don't be vain!

Time factor *) : When etiquette allows; or when it pleases others. While on a visit.
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