Nouns / phrases: Craving, demand, desire, attraction. Thirst for knowledge, lust for power, sexual desire (sex drive). High sex drive. Addiction. Seduction, affair. Willingness to use one's power. Abuse of power, coercion. The search for knowledge in order to do good. Espionage. Career, ambition, motivation. Single-mindedness, purposefulness, no distractions. Strong sense of direction, goal-oriented acting or thinking, single-mindedness, determination, perseverance, make detours if that's necessary! Ruthlessness; egotistical, inconsiderate behaviour. Self-will, tenacity, obstinacy, indomitability, (self)empowerment. Selfishness; no regard for the well-being of others. Cunning - practical skill, shrewdness, and (especially traditionally) deception. Diplomacy, tact. Ability to steer people in a certain direction. Manipulation.  
To desire, crave, demand. To seduce, have an affair. To use one's power vs. abuse one's power (e.g. to coerce). To strive for knowledge - possibly illegitimately. To strive or aim for something, follow a career. To motivate (oneself). To keep a goal in mind, persevere, to not allow distractions. To act ruthlessly, inconsiderately, selfishly. To sell one's own grandmother. To empower (oneself), stubbornly strive for what one wants, persist; to disregard the well-being of others. To use one's wits. To use diplomacy; to steer others. To manipulate.
Eager, covetous, avid, attracted to. Power-hungry, thirsty for knowledge (inquisitive), horny. Addicted. Seductive. Coercive. Ambitious, single-minded, goal-oriented, focused, purposeful, motivated, driven. Ruthless, calculating, egotistical, inconsiderate. Strong-willed, headstrong, tenacious. Selfish. Cunning, shrewd. Traditionally: deceptive. Skilful (smart), diplomatic. Manipulative.

As a person:
Traditionally very definitely female. I'd rather say any person, be they female or male, with the above attributes. For example: someone who is power-hungry, ambitious, goal-oriented, headstrong. People who need cunning for their job, e.g. lawyer, politician, diplomat. An affair.

As advice:
Go for it! Pursue your goal persistently! You can do it! Use your wits! But don't disregard the needs/feelings/rights of others!

Time factor *) : Only if we persist. Only if we set ourselves at it. Or: someone else is the puppet master who controls when or if it will happen.
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