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>> FAQ regarding buying the deck
>> FAQ regarding the images
>> FAQ regarding the interpretations

FAQ regarding buying the deck

a) Where can I buy your deck?

You can buy the Anna.K Lenormand deck only from me, the artist, personally! I haven't yet received the decks from the printing shop, but the delivery should take place around the 10th of December.
If you wish you can >> pre-order now!

b) What are the costs of one deck including shipping?

One Anna.K Lenormand deck costs 25 Euros, shipping and handling is 6 Euros, no matter what the destination is.

c) What is the shipping time?

Please see >> shipping information!

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FAQ regarding the images

a) Can I use your images to illustrate my blog/readings for clients (etc.)?

Please >> contact me about this! I can only decide this on an individual basis! If you're planning to use the images in a non-commercial context I will be likely to give you permission. But still: you need to contact me first!

b) Why did you paint card X the way you did?

I explain each card's image in the last paragraph of its interpretation! >> Here is an example.

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FAQ regarding the cards' interpretations

a) Your cards' interpretations differ from the ones I'm used to / are all wrong :-( Why is that?

I'm an individualist card reader. I don't believe that there is one right interpretation that is the same for every individual, so I I felt free to interpret the cards in whatever way seemed most productive to me personally. I write more about the difference between traditional and individualist approaches to card reading >> here.

b) Your cards' interpretations differ from the ones I'm used to - so what should I do with them?

In short, you can either use them for inspiration, or ignore them. They are not meant as absolute rules, but only as suggestions you're welcome to take on board or reject. I write a bit more about this >> here.

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