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Shipping costs:

No matter where you live, and no matter how many of my decks you order, shipping costs for economy (= slow!!!) mail are 7 €. These 7 € are added to your order automatically by PayPal. If you prefer faster shipping, you yourself can add "priority mail" to your cart. Priority mail costs another 3 €, bringing the total shipping costs for faster shippings to 10 €. If you buy several decks in one order, you only pay the shipping costs for one deck.

Shipping method:

I use the Austrian postal service, and I send my decks as "maximum sized letters", not as a registered parcels. This means that there are no tracking numbers, but shipping costs are a WHOLE LOT lower than they would be for registered parcels. Also, especially with intercontinental shippings, it can take weeks to find out what has happened to a deck even with a tracking number. It is usually faster and less stressful for everyone if I just send out a replacment in those rare cases in which a deck doesn't turn up. But if you would like me to post your deck in a different manner (e.g. with a tracking number, which would be possible but cost extra) please >>contact me about it before you order.

When I will ship your order:

I usually go to the post office 2-3 times a week. So it should not take me longer than 3 work days to post your order. In the rare instances that it does (because of holidays, or illness), I will let you know.

Expected shipping times:

The expected shipping time for your order depends on the distance to Austria, on whether you chose economy mail or added priority mail to your order, and on the efficiency of the different carriers the deck passes through on its way to you. It depends on whether the package is held up in costums. And it depends on the time of year - e.g. before Christmas or Easter, services tend to be much slower. Just to give you a rough estimate of what to expect:

Economy mail:
Europe: 5-10 work days.
Australia/North America: 10-20 work days.
Africa, Asia, South America: 10-25 work days.

Priority mail:
Europe: 3-6 work days.
Australia/North America: 5-10 work days.
Africa, Asia, South America: 6-14 work days.