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Note: Conventional Lenormand decks do not contain a Wild Card! If you want to keep your readings traditional, you might want to remove mine from your copy of the deck!


Nouns / phrases: Wild Card, joker, wildcard character. Also see paragraph >> "as a person"! Something or someone which/who is indeterminable, doesn't fit into readily available categories, can't be pigeonholed or allocated. Question mark, open question, unknown factor. Whatever you feel it means; whatever you need it to mean!  
To wonder at/about something. To play hard to read; to put on a poker face. Activities for which there exist no categories; activities are going on but we're not sure yet what they are. Activities we could perform but haven't yet, or things we do without realising it. To do something with a person who has the attributes described below.
Genderqueer, transgender, intersex etc. Something yet indeterminate, indefinite, unknown. In combination with another card: the attributes of this other card are "yet un-/in-". Regarding a person with the attributes above.

As a person:
The querent. A person with non-binary gender identity. Somebody everything hinges upon; somebody yet unknown to the querent. Somebody who has (relevant) characteristics, abilities, or is important regarding the querent's concern, in a way the querent isn't aware of yet. Oddball. Someone who is hard to read. Someone whose exact characteristics, abilities, or motivations, we wonder about.

As advice:
If Wild Card represents querent: "It's about you!" If it represents someone/something else: "Although you don't know it yet this person / this issue is very relevant for your concern!" Or: "There is something you should realise!"

Time factor *) : Unknown or unknowable point of time or time scale. Not quite yet but it will happen - probably. It could happen anytime. When or if it happens is in the hand of the person the Wild Card represents - or depends on the issue it represents.

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