Nouns / phrases: Ideology (productive or harmful). (Unquestioned) beliefs, convictions. Dogmata, dogmatic thinking and acting, absolutism, intolerance. Indoctrination. Principles; adherence to principles. Life's work, one's calling, a task or quest. Fate/destiny, predetermination. Strokes of fate. Duties, responsibilities, burden. Hardship, exertion, travail, struggle, exhaustion, pain, suffering. Exhaustion.
Traditionally also: religion, religiosity.
To believe something "religiously" - very strongly, without questioning it. To convince, or be convinced. To indoctrinate, or proselytize. To make absolute / render something in terms of absolutes. To not tolerate. To adhere to something firmly. To predetermine. To follow one's calling, or work hard. To fulfil a task, or follow a quest. To do one's duty. To take on responsibilities. To be responsible. To carry a burden, or burden someone. To shoulder something. To exert, travail, struggle, hurt, suffer.
Ideological. Convinced, dogmatic, absolutist, intolerant. Uncritical, unquestioned. Fateful, predestined. Dutiful, responsible. Burdensome. Laborious, exhausting, painful. Also: religious.

As a person:
Strong adherent of an ideology/religion. Someone who is on a quest. Person with a lot of responsibilities. Dutiful person, burdened person. Someone who is working (too) hard, or suffering. Someone who is a burden for the querent, or who they feel fatefully connected with. Also: minister, monk/nun.

As advice:
No excuses; no ifs or buts! Do your duty! Pull yourself together! Negatively: Don't be so dogmatic! Don't be so hard on yourself!

Time factor *) : Always or never; when it's supposed to happen; inevitable.
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