Tarot FAQs

>> FAQ regarding buying the deck
>> FAQ regarding the different editions (self-published vs. mass market edition)
>> FAQ regarding the images

Is your Tarot deck still available, and if yes, where can I buy it?
Yes, my deck - the second edition of my self-published, original version - is still available! But you won't find it in book stores or in online shops, it is only available through me personally. You can buy it right now, >> here.

How big (or heavy) are your cards (and are they laminated etc...)?
Please look up the product details >> here

What's the price of one deck in my own currency?
Since currency exchange rates are always fluctuating I don't state the price in other currencies on my website. After all, it's only the price in Euros which remains stable. One Deck costs 28 Euros, shipping costs are 7 Euros (economy mail) or 10 Euros (priority mail). If you want to know how much this is in your own currency, please look online for a currency converter (e.g. >> xe.com; it will give you the most up-to-date exchange rates for your own currency.

What are the shipping costs?
No matter where you live, the shipping costs are 7 Euros (standard mail) or 10 Euros (priority mail).

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What is the difference between your original version and the publisher's?
The images themselves are the same but the publisher made some of them quite a bit lighter. This means that in the publisher's version in some cards the night isn't as dark as I personally intended it to be but on the other hand some more detail is visible. Depending on your personal taste you'll prefer one or the other! My cards have very slim frames of different colours, and the titles are written within the images. The publisher's cards have all black frames which are a bit wider than mine. This is especially the case in the bottom because the bottom part of the frame also contains the titles.
My cards are a few mm smaller than the publisher's; the card stock is quite a bit sturdier. The publisher's box is very colourful and bigger but also less stabile - mine is a black and white sturdy slip lid box. The publisher's booklet, on the other hand, is a proper little book, very sturdy (not just clamped like mine)! But it only looks as it it contained more info - it doesn't.
This is what the cards in my self-published edition look like: >> view all

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Can I use your images to illustrate my blog?
If you mean the images of my own edition, the ones you can see on this website, then please >> contact me, I can only decide this individually. If you mean the images of the publisher's version it is the publisher you need to ask - your contact person at Llewellyn is Kathy, .

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