Apart from teaching and practising yoga I keep busy painting, knitting, singing and playing the guitar (amateurishly but wholeheartedly), and, I confess: reading Janet Evanovich fanfiction and binge watching TV series. I practise riding my Kawasaki Z650 (in winter, with a hot-water bottle strapped under my jacket), and, most recently, lockpicking (only my own). I deeply enjoy both eating and cooking and baking bread and experimenting with the fermentation of Kefir to make lemonade and cream cheese, and I revel in gossiping and philosophising with my friends. I love the autumn, the observing of people (especially their faces) and nature. I indulge in laziness, and single-minded industriousness, and black humour. Most important to me are authenticity and veracity. I try my best to accept everything as it comes, and live it with all my heart: the sad and the merry, the ugly and the beautiful.


• 1984 born in Hallwang, Austria

• 1995-2003
secondary school specialised in fine arts in Salzburg

first encounter with Tarot; since then regular theoretical and practical engagement with it

• from 2000
first sketches for Tarot cards

• 2003 scholarship at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts with Michele Lemieux

• from 2003
study of Philosophy at the Catholic Faculty of Salzburg University (Member of the Department Counsel and of the Curricular Commission, Students' Spokeswoman)

• from 2004
study of Sociology at the Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences of Salzburg University (tutor for Statistics and for Scientific Research)

• 2004
completion of the Anna.K Tarot deck but until 2008 revision or even complete redisign of many of the cards.

• from 2004
futile search for a publisher for the Tarot deck.

• March 2007 - October 2007 volunteer work for the
>> Holy Isle Project in Scotland

• December 2008 self-publishing of the first edition of the Anna.K Tarot Set (Cards and Guidebook)

• Spring 2009 graduation in Sociology (BA) and Philosophy (Mag phil)

August 2009
Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) intensive training

• September 2009
certification as Sivananda Yoga Teacher

• January 2010
sellout of the first edition of the Anna.K Tarot

• June 2010
self-publishing of the second edition of the Anna.K
Tarot (cards and guidebook)

• also in June 2010 certification for Yoga of the Heart® (Yogatherapy for heart and cancer patients) by Nischala Joy Devi

• Nobember 2010
- certification as Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

• Spring 2013: The
US-publisher Llewellyn publishes its own version of my Anna.K Tarot!

• September 2013: I paint
the first card of the Anna.K Lenormand, the Snake.

• December 2017:
Self-publishing of the Anna.K Lenormand Set (cards and guidebook).

• At the moment:
- I earn my living teaching Yoga, selling my Tarot and Lenormand, and doing some artwork and graphic design odd jobs.
- I'm in the process of writing a fantasy novel and a fairy tale, and planning to illustrate both.

My yoga-website:
>> www.yogajetztundhier.at
(German only)

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