The Sun as personal essence card:

If the cross sum of your birthday is 19 (the Sun) you can form two more cross sums: 1+9=10 (the Wheel of Fortune) und 1+0=1 (the Magician). So there are three cards that you could consider as your essence cards. I usually read this in the following way:
The Sun is the aim, the climax that follows out of the development indicated by the Magician and the Wheel of Fortune. Which is: At first you learn to actively master your own life (Magician). Then you learn to accept that still there are many things you cannot influence (Wheel of Fortune). The Sun follows if the latter does not make you despair but makes you realise that despite all blows of fate you can still be active: you'll always be active and self-determined in the way you deal with them. You are not afraid of blows of fate (Wheel of fortune) anymore because in dealing with them you still experience yourself as active (Magician). If you have managed to see your life this way, you will meet it with profound joy and gratitude (the Sun). A beautiful (and the only) triad of essence cards.
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