The Tower stands for upheavals, sudden and violent changes and revolutions, breakdowns. Old securities collapse, the whole world outlook is destroyed. Nothing can be the same afterwards. Such experiences are always extremely frightening, they are percieved to be a threat to existence. Still: there is so much potential in them also. Many mystics of all faiths tell that before their experience of oneness or before the experience of meeting God they went through a total breakdown. Only this breakdown of everything they had though true and secure opened the door to reality as it really is. Often, the Tower stands for a wall of defence which does not safeguard us as we intended when building it but which cuts us off from life. Only if this defending wall breaks down completely can we be truly alive again. And sometimes we build our world outlook on false and rotten fundaments. It is not enough then to just remove a few bricks from the pinnacles and build a new roof. The only chance to start something truly new on safe, strong fundaments is a total collapse right to the fundaments itself.

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