I know it probably sounds strange, but: Death is one of my favourite cards. For if you have learned to let go, to not try to hold on to that which is already passing, then you will realise that the painful process of something's ending can be a great relief and also the begin of something new and beautiful. The card does not mean that you or a loved one will die. Of course: if your question was about the mortal illness of someone you know, the card can indicate that you should look into the subject of death and dying. But the main meaning of Death is the natural end of something. This can be the end of a life; but mostly it will be the end of a long-cherished but wrong conviction, the end of a way of life or of a phase of life, the end of a friendship or a relationship, or even the end of an addiction. The important thing is that this end is a natural end - there is no way to avoid it. You could probably try to avoid it, but then you'd soon begin to feel not-alive and numbed. If you want to be reborn you have to die first. This is of course a painful and frightening process. But only those who go through it all the way will be able to begin something which is truly new.

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