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What's this about?

Both my website annak-tarot, and my Lenormand-only blog annakblogs, are being constantly changed, re-written, updated (by me!). Sometimes I only correct spelling mistakes or change colours or images. But sometimes there are changes in regard to content, e.g. significant re-writings, completely new texts, new example readings etc. If you haven't visited my website for quite a while you needn't dig through the whole of it to find out if there is anything new - just have a look at the list below.

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My latest writings

Example reading of a 3-card String: "Why do compliments make me feel sad and anxious?", February 2, 2018. An actual reading from my blog; demonstrates that String readings can be quite short and simple.

Example reading: A Small Tableau as situation analysis, January 27, 2018. This is one of two example readings for this spread I've been preparing to upload to my website. The second one will hopefully soon follow.

Reading technique: affirmative readings, January 19, 2018. For affirmative readings you deliberately pick those cards that affirm an answer you already have put into words, and know to be true, in order to visualise this already known answer through the cards.

The Light & Shadow Series is an ongoing project, and updated very regularly (often weekly). It consists of a growing number of blog articles about the light and shadow aspects of the individual cards and demonstrates that card reading is never a black-and-white issue. For even cards that seem exclusively positive at first glance can have negative implications, and seemingly negative cards, positive implications. And we need to look at the context of a reading to determine if a card's light aspects or its shadow aspects should prevail in our interpretation.

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