Nouns / phrases: Stop(up)s, pause, (long-term) residence, abidance. Difficulties with letting go. Confinement, detention. (Metaphorical) fetters; physical restraint. Stability, foothold, safety, security, firmness. Focus; someone or something the querent's life is revolving around. Normality, routines, everyday life, workday life.  
To stop, pause, make a break. To abide, reside. To stick with something or someone. To stay put. To hold on or cling to or restrain something or someone. To feel stuck, confined or held back. To stabilise. To focus, to revolve around.
Abiding, halted, stopped. Long-term, residing. Held up or held back, caught, stuck, confined, restrained. Stable, firm, secure, safe, "solid as rock". Focused. Daily, routine, mundane, normal, ordinary, bland, boring.

As a person:
Someone stable, solid as rock. Someone who the querent centres their life around. Person who can't let go, who clings to others. A stalker.

As advice:
Focus! Hold on...! Don't let go! Negatively: Don't be clingy! Don't get stuck in routines!

Time factor *) : Daily. When it's fixed.
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