Nouns / phrases: (High) quantity, (over)abundance, wealth, profit, accumulations, gainings. Greed or parsimony, inability to share. Something of value, something of great worth - not necessarily financially or materially! Finances. Quantity over quality. Inability to appreciate what one has because it doesn't seem enoough. "Don't let X slip through your fingers!" Business, job, livelihood. Self-employment.
To profit, accumulate, gain. To grab, to be greedy for something. To value. To put quantity over quality. To work. To run a business. To work for something, to get a job done; to work too much and care too little about (emotional) health or family etc.
(Too) many,(too) much lots, fulfilled; enough. Wealthy, expensive, greedy, tight-fisted. Valuable; cherished, esteemed. Financial. Work-related, labour-intensive; (self)employed.

As a person:
A (possibly well-established) business person, greedy or closefisted person. Wealthy person. Self-employed person. Someone who uses others for personal profit. Workaholic.

As advice:
Value it more! Get the job done! Or, negatively: Don't be so greedy! Money is not everything!

Time factor *) : In the work hours; during working life. When it's profitable.
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