SUN 31


Nouns / phrases: Sun, summer. Warmth, heat. Light, shine, glow. Brightness. The visible, clear, and obvious. Lack of depth; shallowness. Appearance. Day and daylight, waking state. Awareness, consciousness. Happiness, joy, celebration, vacation. Emission, transmission, a strong broadcaster, charisma. Popularity, fame, success. Extroversion, enterprising spirit, confidence.
Also: the Sun might lessen the depth/significance of neighbouring "negative" cards.
To heat, warm (up). To shine, glow. To light/brighten (up). To show clearly that X - possibly: to proof X. To spend a day with something/someone. To wake (up). To be aware or make aware, to be conscious of. To enjoy, have fun, celebrate. Possibly: to go on a vacation. To emanate, radiate, broadcast. To succeed, to be confident that X. To not hide one's light under a bushel. To keep up appearances.
Sunny, summery. Warm, hot. Bright, light, brilliant. Shiny, glowing. Visible, clear, obvious, superficial, apparent. Awake, aware, conscious. Easy, happy, joyful, merry, celebratory. Charismatic, popular, famous, successful. Confident, extroverted.

As a person:
Person with the above qualities, especially: a happy person. Person who is your sunshine. Sunny person. Someone who broadcasts something very strongly.

As advice:
Be happy (about it)! Always look on the bright sides of life! Don't hide your light under a bushel! Take a day off! Negatively: Don't ignore the dark sides of life!

Time factor *) : Day(time), and more specifically noon. Summer.
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