Note: This version of my Lily represents sensuality. For the other version which represents virtuousness click >> here!


Nouns / phrases: Sensuality; hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, seeing. Sensual pleasures, regalement. Physical touch, caress. Sexuality, sex, sex drive, sexual passion, sexual relationship. Good sex. The arts, creativity; visual and performance arts, music, dance, poetry etc. Slowness. Intensity, poignancy. Maturity, experience, (old) age. High quality. Talent. Contentedness, peacefulness, harmony. Overindulgence, laziness, lack of intellectual depth and emotional shallowness, debauch, gluttony, excess.  
To sensually experience; to hear, smell, touch, see, taste. To eat and/or drink. To pleasure. To enjoy, regale, relish, savor. To caress, to massage, to have sex. To create (art); to make music, to paint, to dance, to write poetry etc. To express one's passions through art work. To take one's time; to go slowly, to slow down. To intensify. To satisfy. To overindulge, to laze around.
Sensual, sexual, passionate, enticing. Pleasurable, luxurious, lush, saturated, yummy. Artistic, talented, creative. Musical, poetic. Slow, intense. Contented, comfortable, peaceful (especially in the sense of harmonious). Mature, ripe, high-quality, top-grade, excellent, exquisite. Self-indulgent, lazy, gluttonous, drunk, high, excessive.

As a person:
(Potential or actual) lover, probably experienced and skilled. An artist. Mature person. Experienced or gifted person; sensual person; slow person. Someone who lets themselves go, e.g. sluggard, couch-potato, someone who eats/drinks too much.

As advice:
Enjoy it! Take it slow! Negatively: Don't overindulge!  

Time factor *) : Something is taking time; a slow process. Winter. The infinite present moment.
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