Nouns / phrases: Traditionally, written communication (letters, documents etc.) or at least non-face-to-face communication only!
For me: Communication in general; in all its forms: face-to-face or through a medium; written, verbal, non-verbal. Document, letter, email, a speech; facial expressions and gestures. Conversations, especially ones that take time and effort. Information. Expression. Something which is or should be expressed.

To communicate. To write, talk, gesture, converse. To inform, to share information, to report. To relate or express something.
Written, spoken, communicated. Communicative, talkative, expressive, eloquent, telling, informative.

As a person:
Someone who is communicative or who you communicate with a lot. Pen pal. Someone whose profession contains a lot of communication, such as the host of a radio show, a mediator, a speaker. Informant, whistle blower. Letter carrier.

As advice:
Don't keep it to yourself! Communicate about it! Inform others!

Time factor *) : Someone else will inform you when.
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