Nouns / phrases: Facts, truth. Knowledge, learning, education, study. Education, advanced training, educational institutions - school, college, university, academics, science. Intelligence in the sense of knowledgeableness, book learning, erudition. Intellect, intellectualism. Category, class. Categorisation, classification, filing. Stereotyped thinking, pigeonholing, inability to think outside the box. Something known or yet unknown but waiting to be known. Esoteric teachings/knowledge.
According to some: secret.
To know. To tell the truth. To learn, study, educate (oneself), teach. To categorise, class(ify), pigeonhole. To think inside the box, to think in a stereotyped way, to pigeonhole.
Factual, true. Intelligent, knowledgeable, educated. Academic, scientific. In the know; known. Intellectual. Classified in the sense of filed (away) into a category; categorical - in the sense of stereotypical, pigeonholed. Esoteric, as-yet-unknown, yet-to-be-learned/understood.

As a person:
Well-educated, intellectual person; person who is wont to pigeonhole, to think inside the box. Depending on the question asked and on surrounding cards: teacher, professor, student.

As advice:
Study! Educate yourself! Find out the truth, accept the facts! Negatively: Don't forget about your phyiscal/emotional needs! Don't be a know-it-all! Think outside the box for a change!

Time factor *) : When we have learned the relevant facts. You('ll) know when!
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