Please note that the examples below are meant to be just that: examples. They are not in any sense exhaustive. Furthermore,they are constructed of individual meanings I myself use. If you use different keywords than I do your own combined meanings will look quite different. Also, what I did not take into account in these examples is the order of the paired cards (which card is left and which right). Lastly, if you want to learn more about how to combine two cards' meanings >> here is an explanation of what works for me.

Romantic advances. A new love interest; to be asked out on a date; news about a lover. Someone or something has managed or might manage to soften you. To look at someone or something intrusive with (too much?) compassion or leniency. Someone has pushed their way into your heart. To have a soft spot for rascals. To break the news gently. A soft approach. Someone pushy vs. someone who won't push back. Love changes things.

An untroubled loving relationship; loving relationship in which the participants haven't faced hard times yet. A little bit of lovin'. To find new love. To not take a loving relationship seriously. To not take someone's soft feelings (your own?) seriously. An opportunity for reconciliation. When your heart says yes, jump at the opportunity! To play with someone's feelings. Someone who cares vs. someone who can't be bothered. Looking at the world with a less cynic eye would make many wonderful opportunities and all the little joys of life more visible!

(The idea that) absence makes the heart grow fonder. To explore a new romantic relationship or to tread new paths in the one we already have. Romance feels like an adventure. To leave something behind that is dear to us. A loved one leaves. We leave a loved one. Long-distance relationship. The feelings are there but commitment is not. To look for love. To miss someone. The heart of an explorer. Our heart tells us to leave. In our heart of hearts we know we should change something. Change of heart. To change something for a loved one. Infatuation with someone who won't stay. Forgiveness for someone who left.

Loving family; to give compassion and understanding within the family. Quality time with family; to look after a family member who needs special care. Reconciliation with a family member. Traditional ways of showing affection. Try to see the positive sides of family / rules/ tradition. To keep one's love private. The attempt to plan (ahead) romantic love. Traditional view on love. Lovers who are so busy with each other that everything/everyone else is shut out. Unchanging love. Attempts to preserve love the way it is now. To be used to being loved / cared for. To dearly love that which we are familiar with. Or: Love will come once familiarity is there.

A very strong, healthy, stable, loving relationship. A thriving romance; growing love. To love and accept one's own body. To care for one's body. To wear rose-coloured glasses in regard to one's own body. To appreciate nature, to care for nature (e.g. gardening, caring for animals, long nature walks etc.). A compassionate view on the body and its needs; to be gentle with one's body - or: to mollycoddle it to the point where it becomes weak. Healthy compassion. Deeply-rooted love. The feeling that we belong with someone. Pragmatic view of romance. To have set one's heart on something - now there is an inability (or unwillingness?) to rethink.

Confused love. Insecurities in our love life. Being in love has made us unable to see clearly. Blind love. We can't see love / compassion although it's there. A clouded mind is hindering us to soften up emotionally. Someone doesn't know how to love, show affection, be tender, or do something compassionate. Misunderstanding between lovers. To mistakenly assume love. To conceal one's love. Affectionate actions as smoke screen. No hope for love. Hopeless love. Boring love life. Dulled love. Deadheartedness.

To crave love; to seek reconciliation; to strive for doing compassionate deeds. A charity worker. To have skills in showing love / compassion etc. Conflict between wanting to achieve one's own goals and wanting to care for others. A selfish, ruthless person vs. a person who cares for other people's well-being (too much). To exploit other people's affection to get what we want. To calculate with other people's softness. Manipulation of affection. Motivated by love. To be persistent - in a loving way, or, because we care. To not give up out of love. When our heart is in it we won't give up. Seduction - not in a secret fashion but openly, making the loved one feel loved and wanted.

Lovesickness. End of love. The loss of romantic love or loving friendship. The natural end of the romantic part of a loving relationship. (Unhealthy) infatuation has ended - now there is grief over the loss of the ideal. Comfort; to comfort somebody in their grief. To bury one's loving emotions; or to not allow oneself to be soft and caring. Love conquers all. To be emotionally very attached to something or someone ended/gone/dead. To care for someone who is dying; hospice. Or: To feel drawn towards death.

A very loving, very affectionate, friendship. The love for one's friends. A kind gesture, a compassionate act. To humbly ask someone's forgiveness, or to generously offer someone forgiveness. To flatter someone, to be nice to someone, in order to win their love or forgiveness. To have one's heart in social life. Infatuation with someone because of their beauty; to give our heart to someone just because they are nice to us. "Love" which is conditional on the other person giving presents (or time, or admiration). Flirtatiousness. To dress up for a lover (or, to attract someone new).

Heartache. Sudden end of a romantic relationship; divorce. To cut oneself off from one's own tender feelings. To take stock of one's feelings for someone - are they appropriate, justified, or should they be discontinued? Act now, or it'll be too late for love / reconciliation! to reap love / tenderness / forgiveness. To come clean about one's loving feelings. To discontinue something in a kind, compassionate way. To react with compassion to hurt / injury. To care for someone who is (physically or emotionally) wounded. Your softness might get you hurt! A dangerous infatuation. Divorcee.

To hurt someone's feelings. Conflicts of the heart. Loving, gentle feedback - to have compassion while we criticise someone. To scold very gently. Or: constant switch between criticising and accepting. To fight about where a loving relationship is going or should be going. Lover's quarrel. Reconciliation after an argument. To reconcile oneself with an inner conflict, or with bad experiences in the past. To react to expressions of love with cynicism. To forgive harsh words / insults. (Very likely inappropriate) compassion for an aggressor; love of someone although they are abusive. To be too soft when justice is demanding some kind of retribution. Broken heart. Looking at oneself with a loving gaze makes it possible to forgive oneself, to let go of guilt and shame.

Butterflies in the stomach. Unstable affection (on/off; or one's affection keeps jumping from one person to the next). To worry about love, or a lover. An unstable, unsettled, or distracted lover (or to be that way oneself, as a lover). Romantic text messages. Someone's romantic attentions are bothering us. Someone expresses their love in annoying ways. Distraction from love. To care for many things at the same time - which is stressful. The attempt to give love and comfort to someone who is very nervous and unstable. Gossip about a romance; to overshare one's feelings of love. The idea of following our heart's desires makes us nervous.

Love for a child; a child's love; naive love. A new love. To be inexperienced in matters of romance. Inexperience with caring for others. To treat a child tenderly, with love and understanding. To love children. A child needs more love, comfort, or should be forgiven. To begin to soften up. To reconcile oneself with what happened in one's childhood. The beginning of love. To make the first step towards reconciliation. Love makes us vulnerable. Friendly feelings are fragile yet. A little love only. To think little of love (or more specifically of romance). A child at heart. Very sweet, innocent temper.

Self love; self-care. To have compassion with oneself. To forgive oneself. Love is vital. A lot of love is good for you now! Selfish love. To act affectionately out of self-interest. To be deeply distrustful when being shown affection. To give someone the care which is absolutely necessary - but not more. Inner conflict between staying on guard and softening up and letting people in. The attempt to draw out a suspicious, cautious person with love. To adapt to a new relationship. To work hard on a loving relationship; to do what needs to be done to care for our loved ones. An identity built around being a loving person. To completely identify with a loved one - infatuation in which the parties concerned seemingly melt into each other.

The power of love / forgiveness. Acts of love / compassion that have a great impact on someone. The love for someone is a dominant factor in one's life. A very loving, affectionate, compassionate parent(al figure) / leader / teacher / boss. To seek reconciliation with parent / teacher / boss. Parental love; or to show affection to a parent. Romantic feelings for boss or teacher (or the other way around). Someone teaches us about love. To tend a (sick? sad?) parent. To take the leading role in a loving relationship. To make provisions so a loving relationship can work well even in hard times. Something has a major influence (positive or negative) on a loving relationship.

A very spiritual view of (romantic) love, maybe too much so. The idea that "Everything is love!" or "God is love!". To dare to reach out for love and forgiveness. The (possibly passive, inactive) hope to find love. To see romance where there is none. Romantic daydreaming. To aspire to be more tender and forgiving. Loving connection; to be connected through love. Imaginary love. Future love. To trust in love; faith in a lover. Idealisation of an existing loving relationship, or of romance in general.

The transformative power of love and compassion. A transformation of love from one type to another. A major change of heart. The natural cycles of affection. A loving person by nature; someone is too soft by nature. A lover returns. Love returns. To rekindle an old love. To yearn for love, or for forgiveness. To be so infatuated with someone that we convince ourselves they will change for us. To give someone comfort and love in a time of transition. To love someone even though they are changing. To follow the promptings of one's heart. A slow process towards reconciliation. Falling in love /learning to love someone is inevitable; we can only go with the flow. The conviction that this one person is our one true love.

A loving friend; a very affectionate friendship; to receive emotional support from a friend or give it to a friend. Reconciliation with a friend; to forgive a friend, or a friend forgives us. To actually be too friendly. Or: to offer too much help and understanding - it's not actually helpful anymore. To be too soft and thus in danger of being led. Total, utter devotion - inability to see any flaws anymore. To be dependent on the love from (or for) someone. To allow oneself be bossed around in order to get affection. To fall in love with a friend. Friend is in love with us. Someone in a caring profession; someone with helper's syndrome.

To try to shut affections out. Someone who is aloof vs. someone who is very warm-hearted. To look at romantic feelings with a very clear mind. To make oneself believe one doesn't need love. To give love no chance. Someone's loneliness/emotional distance is disrupted by love. Love rules. Love has top priority. An expert on matters of the heart.

To find love and understanding in social networks. Public display of affection. To announce one's love. Proposal in public. Publicly accepted forms of showing affection. To organise a charity event, fundraiser etc. to help people in need. To go out in order to find romance. A culture of love. Loving, compassionate communities. The attempt to show kindness to everybody. To present as caring, compassionate.

A difficult relationship. Hurdles to jump, obstacles to overcome, before one can find love. A relationship suffers from the silence from one or both partners. A cold heart. Love grown cold. No more tenderness. To refuse compassion. To be unable or unwilling to forgive. Rigid views on love or on how to properly show affection. Person who cannot show affection, who won't soften up. To try to get through to someone with love. To stubbornly love no matter what.

To give love freely. To be ambivalent about a romantic issues; to not know where to take a relationship from now. To make a decision based on love. To not know where or to whom or in which way to give/show one's affection. A decision is pending concerning a loving relationship. Love of freedom.

Constant doubts whether we're truly loved. To feel too little love, or feel loved too little. Jealousy. To distrust loved ones. Betrayed love. To be an easy victim for being short-changed or used because of being too soft. Dwindling love. Unhealthy romance; unhealthy compassion (pity). Stolen heart. To destroy kind feelings. Secret love - not in a good way. To betray someone's love.

True love; great romance. To forgive a lover; tenderness for a loved one. To look too softly on loved ones. Empathy helps us to forgive.

Loving relationship; romantic relationship. Shared love. United in love. Group cohesion based on love, understanding, compassion, care for each other etc. To promise someone your heart. Someone promises you their heart. Commitment to a loving relationship. Love-marriage. To be very committed to becoming a more loving person. To be bound together by love. A promise of loving support.

A conflict between thinking and feeling. To have (or collect) facts or theoretical information about love, compassion, a loving relationship etc. To keep one's affections/tenderness to oneself. A good understanding of someone's positive affections. Loving understanding; to accept something/someone because or even when one knows them intimately, including their faults. To know someone (or something) "by heart".

Love letter; affectionate communication in general. To communicate with empathy and understanding, to communicate with the aim of making the other person feel accepted or even loved. Expressions of love or compassion. To communicate with a loved one. To let someone know one loves them (or the other way around).

Heart-Man (a)
Man who is: romantic, in love, infatuated. Man who is loving, affectionate, tender, gentle, sweet-tempered, soft-hearted. Man who is mollycoddled. Man who is good at heart, compassionate, caring, altruistic, charitable, magnanimous, merciful, selfless. Man who is forgiving. Man who is involved with all his heart. Male lover. Man who the querent is in love with. To love a man; to care for a man, to give solace to a man. To forgive a man. To mollycoddle a man.

Heart-Woman (a)
Woman who is: a romantic, in love, infatuated. Woman who is loving, affectionate, tender, gentle, sweet-tempered, soft-hearted. Woman who mollycoddles others. Woman who is good at heart, compassionate, caring, altruistic, charitable, magnanimous, merciful, selfless. Woman who is forgiving. Woman who is involved with all her heart. Female lover. Woman who the querent is in love with. To love a woman; to care for a woman, to give solace to a woman. To forgive a woman. To mollycoddle a woman.

Heart-Man (b)
Man who is: romantic, in love, infatuated. Man who is loving, affectionate, tender, gentle, sweet-tempered, soft-hearted. Man who is mollycoddled. Man who is good at heart, compassionate, caring, altruistic, charitable, magnanimous, merciful, selfless. Man who is forgiving. Man who is involved with all his heart. Male lover. Man who the querent is in love with. To love a man; to care for a man, to give solace to a man. To forgive a man. To mollycoddle a man.

Heart-Woman (b)
Woman who is: a romantic, in love, infatuated. Woman who is loving, affectionate, tender, gentle, sweet-tempered, soft-hearted. Woman who mollycoddles others. Woman who is good at heart, compassionate, caring, altruistic, charitable, magnanimous, merciful, selfless. Woman who is forgiving. Woman who is involved with all her heart. Female lover. Woman who the querent is in love with. To love a woman; to care for a woman, to give solace to a woman. To forgive a woman. To mollycoddle a woman.

A very passionate, loving relationship. To enjoy sensual pleasures full-heartedly, without holding back emotionally. Total (emotional and sensual) abandonment, indulgence, surrender. A very skilful and caring lover. Intense love or compassion. To spend quality time with a loved one. To give one's emotional relationships time to mature. Love songs, love poetry, paintings of a loved one etc. To express one's (positive) feelings creatively. Experience with romantic relationships. A loving relationship which has matured over the years.

Emotional dispositions which are considered virtues: loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness, clemency. A very pure heart; no negative feelings or dishonest intentions. Deep but platonic love. To love what is pure. To find peace in a loving relationship.

Celebration of love. Happiness in a relationship; an easy-going, loving relationship (which might) lack depth. Stop worrying about things - just soften up, open up, let yourself melt with the experience! Confident love. To broadcast one's love. Obvious love. Love makes things (seem) brighter. Forgiveness makes true happiness possible.

Soulful lover. To need love/tenderness/compassion. To fear love/tender feelings. Romanticisation of darkness/sadness. Romantic night. To spend a night with a loved one. To comfort someone who is sad. Very profound love that might also be mixed with sadness. Strong tender affections in general. Profound love. Empathy. Love helps us to quieten down. To help a loved one rest. Lover's grief.

To open up emotionally; to let someone or something become very close to you emotionally. To say yes to a relationship. Learning to love; learning to react more gently. They key to success is a loving approach. A loving approach opens doors. To accept an offer of reconciliation. To set a person free out of love. Loving understanding; loving acceptance. To be too soft on someone who is crossing our boundaries. Reconciliation is imminent. Romantic or loving behaviour as a means to an end. Loving care for someone who is in the process of delivering themselves.

To put high value in love or in affectionate behaviour. To have a very materialistic view on loving relationships. To pay for love (not talking prostitution here, more things like "To try to buy someone's affections" by giving them presents.)Or: the give-and-take side of loving relationships. Balance between giving and taking in a loving relationship. To find emotional support at at work. To love your job. A lot of love; too much love (total infatuation?); someone falls in love all the time, with many people, very easily but not profoundly (also works with non-romantic infatuation, or infatuation with ideas or hobbies etc).

Stable affection. Long term love relationship. To hold on to a relationship or to a loved one. A very clingy lover. To feel safe with someone. Love is an important foothold. To feel confined/held back by a loved one. Focus on love/compassion/forgiveness. Infatuation so big we can't focus on anything else. To take love for granted. Routine has entered a romantic relationship.

The love and care for someone has become a burden - or someone's love for us is burdensome. Love and compassion help carrying our burdens. To soothe someone's pain. To feel a duty to act lovingly and understandingly although we don't want to. Love that hurts. Stroke of fate which concerns a loved one. The believe in the one true love; to believe we are destined to be with a specific partner. Falling in love can't be forced.

Heart - Wild Card
To wonder about (someone's) love, or, more negatively, to question it. Someone loves us but we don't know it yet. There could be love for us but we haven't realised it yet. To love a person exactly for what they are. To have a soft spot for the oddball. Compassion or care from someone we don't expect it from. To fall in love with someone who is genderqueer. Loving (possibly romantic) relationships which don't fit into readily available relationship categories. A (possibly genderqueer) person with the attributes of the Heart (see the Heart's keywords).

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